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XConfessions screens at Guarrantinas

It’s been a busy month for XConfessions!

While I was in Berlin, XConfessions went Polyamorous! One of my favourite films Sweet But Psycho was screened at the fab venue Guarrantinas for an evening of discussion, performance and film around the subject of “Polyamory vs. Polygamy“. Plus my Talent Manager in the office, and favourite performer Kali Sudhra was performing in a scene directed by Nico Bertrand!

Kali performs in my latest release Spit It Up which you can watch now!

Plus I have licensed Nico Bertrand’s movies on my Netflix-style streaming platform Erotic Films! You can find all of them >>here<<

From what I’ve heard from the girls in the office, the space looked super kinky and cool. Lots of the guests turned up in fetish gear (or naked!) and the vibe was one of total acceptance and freedom. I wish I’d been there!

The night also featured:

  • A discussion by Noemí Casquet on Polyamory
  • Two performances directed by Nico Bertrand: Clamor Popular & PoliAnexos
  • An exhibition of polaroids: Pollas Instantáneas by Diego Sotelo
  • Dinner by Mil Fleurs
  • and film projections of “Perdidos en Verano” by Sebastián Gomez Ruiz and Francesca Rauchi

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