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XConfessions at Sexhibition UK 2016!

One of the best things of the erotic world is definitely the people in it. There’s always a mold breaker around to have a fabulous idea, or show you something you something new. Like Cheryl Smith, who contacted me a few weeks ago to invite me to screen XConfessions‘ short films in Sexhibition 2016, an amazing erotic festival that took place last weekend in the Victoria Warehouse, in Manchester, and where she’s the Creative Director. Of course I happily said yes!

Sexhibition is a young successful project – their first event was in 2015 and counted with more than 10.000 people. Cheryl describes it as a”female company, with focus of female sexuality and empowerment firmly at the heart of the event”. Loving every word in this discourse, aren’t we? Their phrase is “the largest celebration of sex and sexuality in UK”, and that’s exactly what they are.



I wasn’t lucky enough to attend to the festival (Barcelona is keeping me busy! Check out the films I’ve been working on), but I’ve heard that Sexhibition 2016 was a blast! The program had everything sex positive, from alternative films screenings and fashion shows to talks with the legend Stoya. Plus a ton of performances of amazing artists that I’m dying to see. A potpourri of cool sex stuff well put together, just how we like it.

Unfortunately I have no good pictures of the screenings but I know if was full! So if you were there and have some nice pictures of the event, please send them to me! I’m a very proud mama who’s happy to see our lil XC creatures being screened in important screens around the globe.

Cheryl, thank you so much for the invitation. Long life #Sexhibition!

You can know more about Sexhibition by following them on Twitter or Facebook Page.




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