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The long weekend couldn´t have come at a better time after two weeks filming Volume 4 for XConfessions.com!

This shooting was the most eventful and elaborately themed yet, with incredible performances for new and already loved actors as well as the hard work from all the team here at Lust Films.


The confessions for this volume were a pleasure to film as each one was unique and imaginative. I was able to explore different moods and genres with darker themed sets, such as SPECTROPHILIA: a lesbian ghost encounter in the style of The Ring, to POWER PUSSY: a From Dusk Til´ Dawn inspired set, where a man enjoys the domination of two powerful and sexual dancers. Then there´s the lustful robbers in the vintage themed CARNIVAL HUSTLERS and a rendezvous with an older women in I MET YOUR MOTHER ON TINDER.



Other aspects to look forward to in Volume 4 include my first foursome, an erotic food based confession and some great new performers. Highlights include appearances from Britain´s man of muscle, beards and tattoos, Dean Van Damme and America’s gorgeously curvaceous and lusty PoppyCox.

Each confessions pushed every aspect of production with a number of technical challenges. The most notable was trying to create rain effects on a typically sunny day in Barcelona as I filmed a couple fucking in the back of my Jeep! But this was also a farewell to a loyal companion. This car was what I used when I was working as a runner for other people´s productions at the beginning of my career. Now it appears in a sex scene in a car under the rain, directed by me more than a decade later! But after this, the poor Jeep went to the junkyard. It was a true reminder of how far I´ve come as a female erotic director.

IMG_0587IMG_0672It´s been a hell of a journey so far and I am hugely grateful to all the team involved in production, direction and performance, as well as the caterers that kept us going with delicious food each day.

So keep your eyes open in 2015 for Volume 4, coming soon to XConfessions.com!


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