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You know Doctor isn’t gendered in English, right?

Exterminate!! Exterminate!! 

Doctor who is one of the biggest British exports EVER. It is one of the longest, if not the longest running TV show in history. Much like the other popular series from the UK James Bond, the lead character has been gracing our screens decade after decade – with new actors being brought in to bring new life to the role every so often. In Doctor Who however, they have worked this into the DNA of the character. If the Doctor is ever killed or dies, he regenerates into someone new. They essentially evolve every time they regenerate. And what is the next logical, evolutionary step for the character and for mankind? Becoming a woman, obviously.

Welcome the 13th Doctor Who!

Of course, as there always is, there has been a huge amount of backlash. The response to women taking on roles that have historically been played by men (think Ghostbusters) is always one of intense anger. Why is this? Is it because being a woman is shameful, and therefore when your hero, your idol, switches gender, it makes you feel shameful? Is it because everything associated with being a woman is negative, and fans feel so protective of their heroes that they feel that the character is being violated by being portrayed as a woman? Or is it simply upfront sexism, where fans think a woman just won’t be as good in the role as a man? Whatever it is, it’s absurd and you really can go back into your internet hole now, because we simply don’t care.

Our hero, The Doctor, is a Time Lord, an extraterrestrial being from the planet Gallifrey. An alien who can regenerate and travel in time. But it’s a woman playing this character that “lacks credibility”.

There’s even been a Twitter trend of men who are so shocked and abhorred by the idea that a WOMAN can be a DOCTOR that they’ve started to refer to her as #NurseWho. Yeah.

How can a woman use a Sonic Screwdriver you ask?

Well I may not have one that can magically fix things all the time (totally credible and not at all ridiculous) but I can work a real one just fine, thank you.

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