30 July, 2014

In an interview last week with Nerve, hardcore actress Sinn Sage addresses the “myth” of scissoring: a sexual position performed by two women that is scoffed at by popular lesbian culture (as in a recent joke in Orange Is the New Black) as impractical and unpleasant.

The author of the piece admits that she doesn’t like it when heterosexual filmmakers or artists interpret queer sex based on their own fantasies, but neither does she feel that something like scissoring should be denied in order to prove the existence of a different kind of sex.

When she discovers tribbing, which is much more intimate and face-to-face than scissoring positions, she naturally talk to Sage, the queen of trib. In relaying her experience performing in this kind of porn with the likes of Ela Darling or Lily Labeau, she says this little gem – your Wednesday Wisdom for this week – attesting to her authentic, passionate performances:

sinn sage tribbing wednesday wisdom2

28 July, 2014

What is it about taboo fantasies that drives people crazy? Especially in these hot months, they seem to crop up more and more in the confessions I read: intricate BDSM fantasies, the urge to be a voyeur, wild desires to fuck someone you really shouldn’t …

In their own way, the XCONFESSIONS releases this August are taboo, because they bring to life two very common sex stories that not everyone has the courage or energy to pursue. So if you’re looking for a little inspiration from real XCONFESSIONS members who live their lust to the fullest, join now for access to these new releases and our entire catalog of erotic short films!

xc august releasesThe August 14th release of Motherfucker marks the debut of the lovely Samantha Bentley from the UK. This talented new starlet is a wonderful actress who, along with equally gorgeous costar Franck Franco, really brought to life this Spanish confession by a couple. Married with children, they lament the scarcity of time alone and intimacy … but being dedicated and inventive lovers – with a gift for quickies – they make the most of it!

Be sure to check out the new performers page to learn more about your favorite onscreen heartthrobs, to watch all their films, and follow them on social media!

xc august motherfucker

Charming, real-life performing couple Alexa and Joel Tomas return for a funny twist on the office romance in Meet Me in the Stockroom. The only guy in an office full of women gets an anonymous note on his birthday saying that she will take his virginity:

“She texted me, saying she had a “special surprise” for me. I had no idea what I was getting. On my birthday, she met me after work. Then she started undressing us both, kissing my neck and telling me extremely naughty things about what she wanted to do with me. I was still a virgin, so it thrilled me even more.”

xc august stockroom

I’ll be picking new anonymous posts to film soon, so make sure to sign up and submit your kinky sex confession!

25 July, 2014

The end is near. We only have 6 months to revel in what is left of life as we know it, before Valentines Day 2015… aka the release of the 50 Shades of Grey movie/catastrophe.

Considering this trailer has already been played 6 million times in under 24 hours, I’m sure you’ve already seen it (and consequently vomited). If not, here you go:

You know my opinion of the Fifty-Shades-of-Male-Fantasy story … which, as I’m sure you know, was originally Twilight fan fiction (which explains the f*cked up relationship of the main characters) … but I’m curious, what’s yours? Does it look like a decent film to you? Would you see it? Is it a disappointment that such a novel about (bad) sex is not an X film?

24 July, 2014


Critique My Dick Pic is just way too good. So good, that you will probably waste an entire morning reading every single entry like I did when I first found it.

This tumblr site’s mission is to improve the quality of dick pics as well as promote their consensual delivery. A lawyer from New Zealand moonlights as the blog’s highly-qualified, straight-shooting, hilarious author and critic. Everything about it is refreshing – from the no size or body shaming attitude to the devastatingly honest cases where she must inform the sender that their efforts were just no good at all.

And let’s be honest, the vast majority of dick pics sent (often unsolicited unfortunately) are awful. So if your lover, tindr flirt, bootie call, or secret office hookup could use a few pointers to master the art of the erotic and arousing dick pic, send them critiquemydickpic.tumblr.com !



22 July, 2014

Last week, Australian model, DJ and VJ Ruby Rose released this video about gender identity and fluidity… and I would argue about traditional beauty standards as well.

If you don’t know much about Ruby Rose, the transformation is startling. From the barbie dol at the beginning to the smoldering James Drean at the end, she is stunning. But the power of this video is that it speaks about authenticity and being true to yourself … even if that means telling society to go f*ck itself.

21 July, 2014

It’s no secret that the adult industry is rampantly sexist. Porn is a form of entertainment traditionally made by and for men. This is why I wasn’t really surprised at my chilly reception upon making my first xxx film in 2004. According to fellow (male) directors and producers, all of my ideas were ridiculous:

“It’s a waste of money to shoot in high quality.”
“This isn’t the 70s – who watches porn with a story?”
“Women’s pleasure is irrelevant in a sex film, since it’s all about the men.”
And, the most obvious of all, “women don’t watch porn.”

The Good Girl Set(Looking a bit overwhelmed at my first shoot in 2004)

Looking back on it, I’m sure they were threatened and a bit insulted, because I made no secret of my distaste for the mainstream films, nor of my passion to show the industry something better. In short, I was telling them to evolve or get out of the way for the next generation. Their hostility to women and game-changers infiltrating their ‘boys club’ was at least understandable, if moronic.

XC set May(Way more relaxed 10 years later!)

But when I see those same sexist tropes in the fashion industry… Now that is more confusing.

It’s art and business that’s primarily aimed at women: how could it be as chauvinist and hostile to women as porn? Now I’m not just talking about the design aspect of the industry, where designers are lauded for creating impractical garments that only fit super skinny models and wouldn’t be appropriate or affordable for the average modern woman. No, I’m talking about the most obvious part that we are bombarded with on a daily basis. The advertising.

dolce_gabbana_ad(The highly controversial, gang-rape style ad of Dolce and Gabbana)

It’s also no secret that sex sells… and don’t I know this better than anybody? But what I am selling is actually directly related to sex, not trying to confuse our lust for sex with lust for products. Several brands have been highlighted recently for their blatant use of sex in advertising their increasingly risqué clothing … and for their apparent financial decline. Some – like American Apparel – may have multiple factors at play, while others – like Bebe – just aren’t finding traction with their sleazy image.

sisley_brand(A Sisley advertizement gets crass)

So what changed? Abercrombie & Fitch has been peddling billboards of apparently-naked men for decades and it seemed to work okay. American Apparel shocked and titillated with its early campaigns: using sex appeal to sell such sundry basics as t-shirts and socks. My theory? BAD sex doesn’t sell. And this is one similarity between the porn and fashion industries.

american apparel 1(Am I the only one who is seeing more playboy than fashion here?)

What do I mean by ‘bad sex’? It is a stale stereotype, a male gaze, where women are receptacles for men’s lust, violence and predation. Women have no autonomy over their sexuality, because their sexuality only exists such as men have defined it. And this is crap of course. This is not how savvy, modern women express themselves. This does not sell. Creativity sells, ingenuity sells, fresh perspective sells.

american apparel 2(Now, if I could only figure out what was being sold here …)

I think this is what made American Apparel’s strategy so genius when I first discovered it in the early 2000s. Young people saw their pornographic ads (or mannequins with pubic hair, nowadays) and identified with this kind of explicit imagery to which they were more and more easily accustomed. It was bringing the taboo mainstream, which is always attractive. But when it gets to the point where the majority of your advertising relies solely on this kind of imagery, and becomes more and more like chauvinist porn, the strategy becomes stale. We, the public, lose interest.

fashion-or-porn-game(Play the game! See if you can beat my record of 7)

Have you ever played the game Fashion or Porn? Try it, and see how many of your wrong answers were due to American Apparel advertizements featuring only a close-up of a derriere. Truly, their variety of tacky sexual poses knows no bounds.

good_porn_good_sex(Some examples of classy sex on Tumblr and in advertizements)

Mainstream porn is in decline because it is this same bad sex stereotype recycled over and over again. And it looks like fashion may be experiencing the same thing now. I only wonder whether parallel change will take place in the industries, where independent and forward-thinking companies who show sex in a different light earn more, while the boring powerhouses remain in decline.