18 August, 2014

When I came across the link to the Autoblow 2 IndieGoGo campaign, I didn’t think too much about it. In terms of men’s pleasure, it didn’t seem like a game-changing piece of technology or something liable to bring around a sex revolution the way the rabbit vibrator did. Besides, the men’s toy market is already dominated by the fashionable, sleek and innovative Tenga line.

Little did I know that it would prove to be an overnight sensation: raising about 6 times the amount of requested money through the crowd funding site, then – once pre sales began on their website – there were so many orders that their website crashed entirely. This got my attention. Why was this toy selling like crazy?  I mean, come on, it looks like “R2D2 with the mona lisa smile” as one reviewer so aptly observed. Are guys really that starved for blowjobs? Is manual masturbation a chore in today’s world?


Then it dawned on me: it’s the sheer novelty. There’s no automatic men’s masturbation toy like the Autoblow 2 out there, and demand is high. How is it that there are thousands of different types of vibrators and other toys for women, even for couples to use during sex, but men are for the most part left with a bottle of lotion and their favorite porn site? Could it be possible that in today’s world it is more taboo for men to own sex toys than for women?

In an informal survey by one writer at Betabeat - as well as one heated argument between some of my friends one night over drinks – this was certainly the case. Both women and women seemed to regard toys for men at somehow pathetic or more degrading than masturbation. Guys wouldn’t admit to their friends if they owned one. It was seen as a failure to attract and hook up with a girl. Women said it seemed lazy, or even that they would be angry if they found it in the house.autoblow_erika lust1

What’s the big deal?! Women’s masturbation is far from de-stigmatized, but I’m starting to wonder if there isn’t a strange double standard for men as well. For all my men readers – do you have sex toys? Do you have an Autoblow? What’s your opinion on this – is it really so taboo??

15 August, 2014

For anyone who has read my chapter in The Good Mother Myth, you know my stance on ‘date night’ as a couple with children. In my relationship it’s pretty sacred: we aim for one date a week, and one weekend away from home and kids each month. Early after our first daughter was born, even though I really didn’t want to leave her even for one night, we discovered this formula was really vital to maintaining our relationship, our desire, our identities (as individuals, not just mommy and daddy), and of course our sanity.

Some people think dating should be left in the courtship stage of a relationship, when “dates were just as likely to be filled with nauseating nervousness and pressure as they were with lust and passion.” But I think that if date nights aren’t enjoyable – whether you’re married, with or without kids, or even going on a date for the first time – then it’s a problem with the date, not necessarily your relationship! In the article linked above, the guy kept referencing “romantic” dinner dates, movies and weekends away … I presume in cozy b&bs with aromatherapy for couples and bottles of cava waiting in the room.

date night

Romance and passion are fabulous, but they aren’t the only thing to bring back the lust, or remind you how awesome your partner is. Trying something new together and throwing routine out the window is – in my experience – the very best aphrodisiac…

So ditch the fancy restaurant and head to a food cart or out for a picnic. Instead of the movie, head to a comedy show or concert.
Forget the small talk and 15 euro cocktails and have a blast at your local pub quiz instead. Forget the club scene, too (what are you, in college?) … unless they are having an 80s night, anti-karaoke, or Great Gatsby revival complete with mandatory flapper outfits.
Don’t just walk in the park – run, hike, bike, rollerskate!
Get wet: whether you’re swimming, kayaking, paddle boarding or surfing.
Make a fool of yourself at a dance class or get messy at a cooking class.
Reveal your competitive side at an arcade for adults or with a friendly game of padel or beach volleyball.
If you haven’t been to a single play, opera, or museum in your life, do it.
And don’t forget to check out local festivals (like Holi, Festes de Gracia, or wine & beer festivals).
If you’re feeling ballsy, you can even head to a sex club like the infamous Bagdad.

I hope you try some of these things this weekend! And if you’re already a dating pro, what was the best date you’ve ever been on?

13 August, 2014

Fashion films can be pretty pretentious. But the effort put into good music, cinematography, styling and locations makes some of them worthwhile to watch.

What I love about this one, which I came across recently though it’s a few years old, is that sensuality overtakes all of the other qualities.

Are the clothes gorgeous? Of course. Is the charming, derelict mansion amazing? Without a doubt. But the minute that model reaches out to caress, smell, and bury his face into a bunch of very-suggestive flowers … I was sold on this fashion film.

Happy humpday – take a minute out of your day to enjoy this beautiful, sexy short!

12 August, 2014


Can’t get enough XCONFESSIONS? Well then, I have a very special gift for you!


I’ve just launched a BitTorrent bundle full of exclusive material from my groundbreaking erotic film series: including pictures, an explicit short, trailers, making-ofs, and my awesome eBook guide for aspiring directors and home video aficionados “Let’s Make a Porno”! I have even included an exclusive voucher to join the site at an incredible discount, so you can become a part of this movement to make beautiful, authentic, crowd sourced adult film.



Never used BitTorrent? Simply click ‘download’ and then provide an email address to access all this exclusive material. Make sure you have a program installed (like uTorrent) in order to open the files.

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11 August, 2014

The Hostelbookers blog surveyed over 11,000 men and women this year about their holiday sexscapades, and the results are … well, to me a little surprising … but to the young backpackers in the Lust office, pretty standard actually! If you haven’t booked your summer holiday yet, let this be your inspiration ;)

What do you think? Does this infographic show any of your conquests, misdeeds or xconfessions-worthy nights while abroad? If so, be sure to SUBMIT AN XCONFESSION because I would love to film one – especially in an exciting hookup spot like the ones below!


8 August, 2014

Oh, AND it’s Friday! As if you needed another reason to have sex (with yourself or someone else) today … It’s International Female Orgasm Day. Though most of us have been celebrating this on a regular basis for much of our lives, the holiday was only recently formally recognized - by frisky and forward thinking Brazilians, of course - in order to promote women’s intimate exploration and to encourage honest, open conversations about sex.

In honor of this momentous occasion, I’m counting down the…




#10 I AMA VERRY BADX SECVRETARY: okay, so technically the orgasm here is implied, but I couldn’t resist adding it to the list for the way this confessor decided to record the sex she was having in real time.

“He has teo fingers in my cunty righjt now he’s whispring in my ear
I am twitching ohhhhfgodf
I wAnt to take grab hus cock but i jave tp type
I ama very badx secvretary”


#9 4th FLOOR, SHORT SKIRT, WAIT FOR HIM: an exciting rendezvous in a public parking lot.

“I hear the clicking of his belt, while he rubs my clit. So slow and so soft. I feel my juices flowing. I bend forward, feel his hard cock on my naked skin, feel him playing with it up and down my pussy, penetrating me, just a little, and a little again.”

orgasm day 2

#8 MY FIRST TIME IN LATEX: written about a fetish shoot last year by the very Queen of Silver Screen Orgasms, and Xconfessions starlet, Amarna Miller.

“I dug my fingers into her, feeling how wet she was and moving them with force until she reached what it would be the first of all the orgasms that awaited us that night.”


#7 THANK YOU, NOW YOU CAN GO: when the husband is away, the wife will play … but sometimes the husband is actually hiding to watch.

“He grabbed her ass firmly with both hands as she rode him with increasing speed. My view was from behind and I could see her juices slithering down the shaft of his cock until she came – her entire body jolting and shivering for what seemed to be forever.”

orgasm day1

#6 ROMANCE BULLSHIT: one woman is driven wild by crappy romance paperbacks.

“I masturbated, then vacuumed. I made lunch, then masturbated. I masturbated in the kitchen, over the couch, in my bedroom. I’m in my late forties, and I was behaving like a teenager! Was I crazy?”


#5 YOU CAN MAKE MY CUM BY TOUCHING MY TITS: I’d heard of this phenomenon, and was amazed to read about it firsthand … probably as amazed as the man recounting it.

“The rollercoaster starts. I suck her tits. She is riding, all the way. She puts down her face and is screaming in the pillow. I would love to be able to read her mind. At this moment I think I can.”


#4 A SAN ANTONIO HOTEL ROOM WITH A VIEW: an illicit affair through two hotel windows is the stuff of erotic legends.

“My blouse hits the floor next as I watch Jake grasp his cock and slowly begin to stroke it… I place a foot up on either side of the window and slip my fingers under my panties and into my wetness just as Jake explodes. My fingers find my clit and I explode as well…”

orgasm day 3

#3 SOMETHING YOU HAVE LONG DESERVED: a very generous husband gives his wife a dildo for their 19th anniversary.

“I just lay there with that huge black dildo in me and waited for my husband to come back. When he pulled the sheet back and found the dildo deep in my kitty he got so turned on and kissed me like never before. As we were kissing, he started to fuck me with the dildo and it was heaven.”


#2 I FUCKED A HAIRBRUSH: this confessor gets top points for being the MacGyver of sex toys, and for inspiring us all to be so innovative in times of crisis.

“It’s funny, because it started out as a need to feel my pussy wrapped around something hard and imagining my boyfriend’s cock. But instead, all I could visualize was my boyfriends face buried between my legs, licking me relentlessly.”


#1 MANUAL DEL PLACER: a Spanish confession turned into a film, one woman lists each erotic step in achieving her ultimate pleasure. It’s included in XCONFESSIONS VOL. 2 and features Amarna Miller and Kris Kudjoe – check out glimpses in the trailer below!


As a special treat, I’m offering 50% OFF ALL DIGITAL DOWNLOADS in Lust Store! So you can treat yourself to XCONFESSIONS VOL. 2 and more of the best erotic films on this day that’s all about you, Ladies. Enjoy!

orgasm day