21 November, 2014

Being anonymous can be a great thing – it can lower your inhibitions, make you take that step out of your comfort zone, confess your deepest, dirtiest secrets… I get submissions to my XConfessions site every day, from people who want to live out their fantasy without really having to open up or do it in the ‘real world’! But recent research has shown me that anonymity can also be a bad thing if not used for the right purpose… You may have heard of the Instagram account Bye Felipe, set up my Alexandra Tweten to display and shame the men who abuse or harass women on social media like Tinder.

Screen shot 2014-11-19 at 18.35.19

I understand that uncertainty and rejection can hurt, but can you imagine a man speaking to you like that in person? Would they be so quick to hurl abuse and turn on the ego? Or is it easier for them to act this way when they’re hidden behind a social media persona? On the other hand, would most women find it so easy to reject a guy if it was in real life and not via text?? Its become apparent recently that the same type of behaviour in men occurs in revenge porn.


Image by Nate Walton zmftw.tumblr.com

 We’re seeing more and more instances of men sharing and shaming images of ex-girlfriends over the internet and social media sites. In extreme cases, this leads to women losing jobs, changing their names and relocating in order to escape harassment. And if you’re not a celebrity like Jennifer Lawrence, good luck getting your pictures taken off Reddit! Sites like End Revenge Porn aim to offer support and legal advice to victims and educate the public. Their ambition as they put it, is to gather much more data on revenge porn, create school programs to educate our youth on the issue of revenge porn and cyber harassment, and work with law enforcement to come up with training programs that can help officers handle revenge porn cases.” As we see in this recent article in the Guardian, more education needs to happen to create widespread change when it comes to sexism and harassment, rather than a focus on outing individuals who perpetrate a much larger problem. 




20 November, 2014

This week welcomes the latest offering from XConfessions: BOAT BUDDIES (WITH BENEFITS)! I just had to shoot this having had a sailor past myself and I was so inspired to film in the middle of the open sea! This confession is based on the story of two business partners who decide to buy a boat to fix up and rent to tourists. But, after spending many long hours together, sexual tensions built and before long things became much closer than business.

It was by far one of the most fun short films to create, albeit the most challenging, filming atop a boat from the 70s in the gorgeous open waters of the Mediterranean! But it was worth every moment, with two of the most fabulous and charming performers, Pau Pappel and Clarke Kent. Plus the day ended with a swim which was the best reward I can assure you! So take a dip into the scorching Mediterranean heat and experience erotica in the open ocean!

19 November, 2014

I recently came across news of the new “plus size” Calvin Klein model. There seems to be a huge debate happening about whether a UK size 10 is really plus size, but it really got me thinking about body image again and how women are viewed and shamed in the media generally. And for someone who spends a lot of time looking at women’s bodies, it still baffles me! I mean, when I cast actors there are certain things I look for – something unique in their personality, mannerisms or something new they can bring to my movies. But I can tell you right now that you’ll never come across the same type of body twice. So, in 2014, why is it still news that women come in all shapes and sizes?


It seemed like we’d reached a point where women were celebrating each other. Curvy, skinner, whatever! It’s all great, right? Apparently not! In the wake of Kim Kardashian’s rear end appearing in Paper Magazine, those women with smaller behinds were being chastised! For example, male music producer Diplo claiming that, the effortlessly beautiful, Taylor Swift could do with putting on a few pounds (not without backlash from other women in the industry)! I think I agree with the wise words of Tina Fey from her book Bossypants (which came out three years ago!).


She describes how under the disguise of a liberal and proud new community of women, there seems to be a new rule on how to look and what size to be. These days, the list of ideal body parts is longer than ever and almost impossible to find in one women. Why is it that these opinions are still thrown in our faces every time we go online or open a magazine? Is it all just marketing? Or are people still as superficial as ever? This is still a huge problem in mainstream porn as well as any other media. And it’s something that needs to change.



18 November, 2014

With one of the most common fantasies on XConfessions.com being to have sex with 2 other people, it’s no wonder that an app for threesomes has appeared.

3nder is the new app for couples and singles to pursue each other and create their ultimate fantasy, on their own terms. It already has around 60,000 users to swipe through which goes to show just how sexually mischievous we all are! The creator, 23-year-old Dimo Trifonov, says the app “is about being open and sharing who you are, what’s your desire and who you want to be.” Being such a sex-positive feminist like myself, I don’t see the harm in this. However there have been a few problems with profile verification so always be cautious when using these apps as well!

But I can totally understand why this app would be so popular. I even filmed a threesome for XConfessions called We Know You Are Watching about a couple who invite over their neighbour after they watched them fuck through their window!

Sex, relationships and technology seem to be the way to do it nowadays with the excitement of the next sexual encounter just a click away. Surely it won’t be long until we just have robots doing everything for us!? Oh what a tech-dependent life we lead!

17 November, 2014

I’ve just arrived to my sunny Barcelona from a rainy Paris! Despite the weather, Paris was amazing. I was invited to give a conference in Happy Happening, an amazing and female empowering event organized by Aufeminin.com.

IMG_0179This is me rehearsing :)

The event was organized during a whole weekend at Le Carreau du Temple, a beautiful space where they had an interactive exhibition with stands and conferences. Everything was around women: careers, beauty, health, sex…


You can see my talk called “It’s Time For Porn To Change” during the HAPPY BRAIN conference here.

I also attended the first “Bourdel Poetique” in Paris, where I met my old good friend Tennessee Pink. He started the Poetry Brothel together with The Madame in New York a few years ago, an event that now has branches all over the world. By the way he also performs in my film Cabaret Desire. That night I totally fell in love with Louise De Ville, MY NEW FAVE burlesque performer.

Crazy night with Louise De Ville, La Madame and Tennessee Pink.



17 November, 2014

As you may know, I’m a lover of sex toys and all things sex toy related (my online store might have given it away!).  I’m also a big fan of talking about them – and how to use them! I even have educational and instructional videos for a lot of the products in my store. So it’s no surprise that I love this online weekly comic Oh Joy, Sex Toy. A colourful, relaxed and honest online comic with sex toy reviews!

300_250_ojst_nsfw_2014 300_250_ojst

Its creators Erika Moen and Matthew Nolan share their vast knowledge of sex toys for men and women, illustrated with naughty, hilarious and relatable images that give it such a personal touch! If that wasn’t enough, Erika and Matthew run a blog alongside the comic, where they share opinions on more serious issues, events and new stores to try! Moen gets down to the nitty gritty, honest reviews by discussing their pros and cons, the fears and worries we all have and isn’t afraid to speak honestly about what really turns us on (and what makes us grimace)! For a lot of people sex toys are still a bit of a taboo, but here’s a site where you can find out everything you need to know in a safe and friendly place!  

14 November, 2014

November is proving an exciting month for releases! As not only did XConfessions Vol.3 hit the store last week, but now the second film, Giulia, made by the incredibly artistic Roy Stuart has been welcomed into my glorious collection on LustCinema!


Set in Paris, we follow Giulia, a young and ambitious girl who’s dance class is preparing to go to Rome, but she excluded from the trip without reason. So with other dreams of becoming an actress, but faced the perils of an over-bearing mother and sister, she rebels. But on taking herself to audition, she only finds a seedy casting couch. So her taste for rebellion leads her to pursue her true love: dancing and going to Rome.

My favourite moment was discovering Giulia moonlights as a live-sex-act performer in a Parisian strip club. Que a lengthy and incredibly erotic scene before she invites her sleazy casting director on-stage. The ensuing action made me melt as a blue hue and pounding music created moody atmospherics as you watch the director become overwhelmed with jealousy, loosing his nerve and scurrying out of the club. Another one bites the dust!

The entire movie is shot with such expressionistic precision and beautifully composed music by Stuart himself, that everything is as if it was shot with no acting involved. Everything was filmed as it happened on the streets of Paris. The sex, the passion, the jealousy, it has everything you would want to get you hot under the collar. So let Giulia seduce you, persuade you to go to Paris immediately and sweep her off her feet!

Head over to LustCinema to watch Giulia now!

13 November, 2014

I’ve just discovered Hum, “The world’s first robotic, artificial intelligence vibrator”. The teaser site shows a mischievous little bowling-pin shaped object with a moustache. Whats interesting though is that Hum reacts to how you move and how much pressure you apply to create a rhythm which is completely unique and personal! The creator, Driscoll, wanted an alternative to the normal dildo which “made me think of a crappy lover…You know, totally self-absorbed, with not a care in the world about how it’s affecting the other person”. What woman can’t relate to that?!

Captura de pantalla 2014-11-13 a la(s) 16.42.41

My girlfriends seem always to be searching for that particular sex toy – something thats discreet, intimate and, most importantly, responsive! And a little novelty costume only adds to the fun… After all, do women really want something thats huge an intimidating, bright pink and whizzing about like its on steroids? I think women these days like a modern sex toy, like this beautiful Iroha Vibrator by Tenga! Or the Soraya Rabbit by Lelo. Something that girls want to put on their coffee tables and display for everyones aesthetic pleasures!

Iroha Sakura Vibrator

Iroha Sakura Vibrator

Soraya Rabbit

Soraya Rabbit

Maybe now that women are taking back their own sexuality more and more, and paying attention to their real desires, we’re looking for something more beautiful and respectful in a toy too. Beautiful toy, beautiful sex! I especially love these BS Is Nice Silicone dildos. Hand made with care and attention by my wonderful friends in Madrid. You can see how well they work in I Wish I Was A Lesbian! And available in my very own online store.





11 November, 2014

Across the web numerous numbers of reports of the latest statistics detailing what are the most ‘normal’ sexual fantasies of the general public are popping up. And the results are interesting given what I read on the XConfessions website on a daily basis.

One such study published in The Independents’s  i100  found that the most common fantasies for women included; ‘feeling romantic emotions’ during sex, atmosphere and location, oral sex, masturbation, having sex with someone who isn’t their partner and being dominated. Whilst the least common included being naked publicly, urinating, having sex with a prostitute or stripper and having sex with a woman with small breasts. (That last one seems a little shallow if you ask me!)

Men also shared some of these fantasies. For example, feeling romantic emotions, oral sex and having sex with someone who isn’t their partner. But along with the most popular included having sex with two women and watching two women having sex. Whilst the least common featured urinating as well as watching men have sex, having homosexual sex and having sex with more than three men.

It seems these statistics are a ‘normal’ hetrosexualy speaking and give little indication to the whole population. So as much as these numbers shed some light on the subject, (albeit stating some of the most common fantasies known to man) it’s not a real show of the creativity of the sexual minds we all have. (Side note: why was there a need for the categories to include beistiality and sex with children?)

XConfessions on the other hand definitely sees a lot more steamier fantasies than the ones listed with a lot more variations! So keep on writing and never stop your imaginations running wild!

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