23 November, 2015

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As a lot of you might know, I’m from Sweden – the land of IKEA, cinnamon buns and naked people. And growing up there, talking about gender and sex was encouraged, and of course helped shape my own ideas about feminism and sex.

Films like I Am Curious (1967) marked Sweden as a place where the sexual revolution had a place in cinema as well as in people’s beds. In an interview with David Frost, the famous (and later assassinated) politician Olof Palme said that of course pornography could be done in good taste, just like everything else. Years later, in 2009, came Dirty Diaries Mia Engberg, the series of feminist porn films that were even funded by the Swedish Government (to the horror of some foreign observers!), a triumph for the feminist porn genre.

But then, it got quiet again. From my home in Barcelona, I had the feeling that Sweden was now too scared to talk about explicit films. I was starting to worry that the conversation had stagnated for good, leaving little room for progress of the genre in Sweden.

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That’s why I’m so happy to see that young women are fighting the fight back home, questioning the state of mainstream pornography and actively making the kind of films they would like to see themselves! Alicia Hansen and Zara Kjellner are making waves with their project New Level of Pornography. They’ve made their own film, “Female Fantasy” and they have gathered a bunch of sex-positive female led adult films for a screening tonight at Kulturhuset in Stockholm. They’re also showing my film “Eat With…Me“.


A still from “Female Fantasy”

This screening at Kulturhuset marks an exciting shift of attitudes in Sweden. Discussions are opening up and most importantly women are creating their own films and speaking up against the tired representations offered by the porn norm.  I can’t wait to see what these bright young women will do in the future. Below, see what the girls have to say about the project.


Alicia Hansen and Zara Kjellner

      • Alicia and Zara, can you tell the readers a bit about the project?
It all began with weekly dinners with our female friends. We discussed sex and gender and soon realized that female sexuality is a topic that we wanted to work with artistically, so we created New Level Of Pornography and invited other female artists to create own works, in terms of porn. We wrote a manifest to work from. Our main hope is that the project will inspire other women to work with porn and eventually change the male-dominated business.
        • And what about your film, Female Fantasy?
 Female Fantasy is a magical morning meeting, two people meet in a bus shelter, the sun is rising, the birds scream, they are tired, but still, who wants to be lonely when the morning comes? The film is feministic because the perspective lies with the female, this is her fantasy and her dream.
          • I think your screening tonight is a great sign that women’s efforts to create their own sexual narratives porn are being taken more seriously – what do you think?
It is amazing how many people, especially women, have showed a great interest in the project. To us it’s important to change something from the inside, we wanted to contribute the porn-business with our idea of what porn can be. We hope that this movement will continue and grow stronger, because you have to be many to change something.



20 November, 2015

Yep, they’re here!

The DVDs of XConfessions Vol. 5 arrived to the offices this morning, and we’re so happy! It’s always so exciting to have our beautiful hard copies in our hands. Somehow, it makes our work to feel even more real. We know many people prefer to enjoy their visual content online, but I guess in that sense we’re all a bit fetishists… We like to see them in our desks and in our shelves, use them as home decor and take them with us to show all our friends! Of course, having them looking so good, who wouldn’t?


It happened, we’re in love.

19 November, 2015

There’s nothing like a man who dares to do a little dancing in order to spice things up, like a bird showing off his colorful feathers. Am I right, ladies? This week’s release at XConfessions is a film that brings you that and more: dancing, real passionate sex… and some glorious assless chaps in suede!

The film is based on a confession about a couple stuck in a sexual rut, and in the story the man decides to surprise his lady with a bit of erotic dancing à la Magic Mike… And here he is, everyone! Our very own Magic Magnus!

This shoot had such a buzzing positive energy throughout, and I think you will love watching it too! There was music on set, a strobe machine for fake thunder and lightning, and two wonderful actors who clicked instantly.

Magic Magnus is played by Californian world-traveller, skaterboy, surfer and snowboarder (!) Tyler Nixon (watch his interview here), and this was his first time working with us. He was just perfect. His laid-back attitude and charisma is contagious, and he did an amazing job at dancing and having fun with the role (and the suede chaps).


With the dancing, choreographer Riikka Laakso helped him achieve the perfect mix of funny and cheesy. Also new to working with us was Lina Bembe from Mexico – her sex-positive and warm, bubbly energy made everyone on set fall in love with her. And the spark between Tyler and Lina – oh my. Let’s just say that they kept going even when the cameras weren’t rolling! A true, lustfilled connection, a day on set filled with laughter and joy, and a great film to show for it: Magic Magnus.

Magic Magnus will be available in Lust Cinema tomorrow.

16 November, 2015

Noel on set: very promising eyes in new gay erotic cinema!

Noel is our Post Production Director and he’s been an essential part of the team for years. He’s an immensely talented young man whose hard work and artistic eye has helped shape XConfessions to what it is today (you can read more about how he became a key player at Lust Films here!) But that’s not all – Noel is also an accomplished film maker in his own right, making stunning gay adult films as Noel Alejandro. And he has just released his new film: Roomies, a film about sex when it happens between people who together, in all it’s complicated glory.

13 November, 2015


Ever wondered what it’s like at a swinger’s party? A bit curious about group sex? What would happen if you would let go of your sexual inhibitions? And what if you would start having feelings for one of your playmates?

So many questions -and potential new lovers- and so little time! Today’s release at Lust Cinema is a deliciously dramatic and sexy flick by New Sensations, that will invite you to discover the wonders of the swingers world. So let me tell you about Friends With Benefits!

11 November, 2015

Some pretty fun headphones I’ve found online

I’m not really sure of when I became a sex geek, but that certainly happened somewhere in the 90s. I remember watching, reading and hearing everything that’d show up my way and that had anything to do with sex. I just felt that there was so much to learn! And if you think that this has gone away after so many years of working with sex, get ready to be let down. For as much as we talk about it, the sex world continues to be one of the most mysterious and fascinating things…

Thinking of those who are like me, constantly in the mood for some smart talks about sex, I came up with a list of podcasts -you can listen anywhere and anytime, and is a great option for when TV just won’t do- that’ll keep you in the loop. So straight to the point: here’s a list of 5 sex-positive podcasts to entertain you, educate you and make you laugh whether you’re walking home from a bakery, driving uptown or just relaxing in bed.

She writes about sex-positive feminism, she makes beautiful erotic movies and she explores every bit of sexuality in her podcast, online since 2012 and live every Friday. Not to be missed!

  • GUYS WE FUCKED, by stand-up comedians Corinne Fisher and Krystyna Hutchinson

If you’re in the mood for some comedy, this is the podcast for you. These girls have the potential of making fun of themselves in a very healthy way, at the same time as they discuss taboos and explore new subjects with their fresh feeling of who is willing to learn.

Sex-ed, science and culture. She’s hosted porn actors and Phd’s and has no trouble in getting into any sort of conversation.

Tina describes her podcast as indie and promises to have a non-judgmentally approach to all subjects and questions. I still haven’t listened to her podcasts (if you have, tell me what you think!) but you know how much I like a good thought-provoking peek.

Every week someone new is interviewed by burlesque Legs Malone – and she’s careful enough to pick her guests from the sex-positive community. Don’t be surprised if some of the conversations end up being completely unrelated to sex at all – that’s one of the best things about this podcast!

9 November, 2015

Maria Beatty’s “Postapocalyptic Cowgirls”

Enter the world of film maker Maria Beatty, whose highly personal approach achieves an authentic sensuality not often seen in adult cinema. She takes viewers into an exciting universe of fetishism: stilettos, spanking, rope bondage, latex, hot wax, breast play, foot worship and much more… As she says herself, “my films delight in the playful relationship between pleasure and pain.” And if you are not familiar with the work of Beatty, you’re in for a treat!

Beatty grew up in New York, where her mother introduced her to French surrealism and expressionist German cinema. Her first film was a documentary about the Beat poets, but her passion for BDSM and fetishism made her take the step into erotic films. Since her debut fetish film “The Black Glove” she’s established herself as a true independent, an uncompromising and fearless talent whose passion and curiosity shines through in every scene. Beatty shoots her films beautifully and elegantly, often with striking extreme close-ups and macro shots giving you the sense of actually touching, smelling and tasting the flesh.

6 November, 2015


With this simple, icebreaking question, Amanda de Cadenet opened the door to a pretty interesting research about the modern relationship between women & pornography. She worked on a very open approach and asked more than 3.000 women what were their feelings towards porn. She asked what made them feel insecure about porn, what was the positive and negative influence of pornography in their lives and what is the role of their partners in their relationship with porn. She then left a big open space for women to express their personal thoughts, feelings or fears, to generate an honest debate.

My girlfriends frequently found themselves in a conundrum after discovering husbands and lovers watching it on the sly. Then I began to hear from younger women that their first sexual experiences were often when boys asked them to copy sex acts from images stored on their iPhones. (Amanda de Cadenet)

Why is this project important? First, because it is lead by a woman – not a porn platform – and this makes a huge difference.  Second, because it is important to ask. It is important to approach women from a more sensitive perspective – far distant from the surveys done by porn platforms or mainstream producers – and ask them about their feelings instead of their consumption habits. Ask why they feel insecure, what the porn world has brought to them so far, what would they would like to change, what their opinions on having other women taking the role as producers or film directors are. I believe that in order to change what’s offensive in the porn industry we don’t need to find out how to sell it more, but how to make it better. And the only way of doing that is taking it from the darkness and bringing it to the light.

That’s why I am really honoured that Amanda have decided to include me in the project, giving such importance to my figure and my work. Thank you Amanda!

“The Porn Project” counted on Marie Claire’s help and you can read the whole report here. Check it out!

5 November, 2015

Her boyfriend was SO good at eating her that she just couldn’t keep it to herself. It wasn’t fair! But just telling the world about it wouldn’t be enough, her boyfriends skills deserved way more than that. It was a matter of justice, after all. The world had to feel it just like she did, it had to come just like she did!

So, her call was: hey friends, you should Try My Boyfriend!

This week at XConfessions you will have a blast: colors, games and plenty of smart irony to tell the story of a man who really knows how to lick a clit. Oh, if at least more men could do what he does…

But wait! What if there are? How can we find them? Naughty girls will make sure to find a way…