26 January, 2015

2014 has been a glorious year for the representation of transgender people in the media, seeing issues dealt with head on. We are finally seeing positive portrayals on TV with back stories, context and developed characters.

Amazon’s series Transparent, which tells the story of a father coming out as a trans woman to her family, received two Golden Globe awards. The films creator, Jill Soloway, also made sure the entire production crew was trans-inclusive. This is especially in tune with my own philosophy – using an all-female crew to create female-centric erotica. People must have a voice to tell their own stories and the power to take part in a discourse that concerns them.

2014 also saw Orange is the New Black feature trans female inmate Sophia Burset played by Emmy-nominated actress Laverne Cox, whilst Orphan Black introduced transgender clone Tony, played by Tatiana Maslany. 

Now, Drag Queens are being given a voice. photographer/filmmaker James Hoskings photographic and mini-documentary series, Beautiful by Night, looks into the lives of three senior drag queens Donna Personna, Collette LeGrande and Olivia Hart in San Francisco’s very last gay bar in the Tenderloin District, Aunt Charlie’s Lounge.

Photo: Donna, jameshosking.com/

Photo: Donna, jameshosking.com/

Each portrait is incredibly intimate and beautiful. I couldn’t help but feel absolute respect and admiration for these men who have dedicated their whole lives to a profession that enables them to explore and express a female persona’s of themselves.

Photo: Collette, jameshosking.com/

Photo: Collette, jameshosking.com/

Photo: Olivia, jameshosking.com/

Photo: Olivia, jameshosking.com/

The mini-documentary is even more revealing, as you listen to the reflections of three drag foremothers as they go through their hypnotic performances and beauty rituals.

Beautiful By Night from James Hosking on Vimeo.

I love what Hoskings has done, having given such colour and life to these three complex and dedicated men. It’s another step forward for transgender and drag queens alike. View more of the project on Hoskings website.

23 January, 2015

Inspired by a simple idea “the world needs better pornography” Ninja started the NymphoNinjas site in 2009. His blog has since grown worldwide with an audience of over 130000 followers and a loyal community of people that help spread body positivity and sexual confidence. Since joining forces with his partner Trouble, they both now work in front of and behind the camera sharing their own sexuality with the world. And this week, we bring you Trouble’s House

This 30 minute movie depicts three tantalizing and varied erotic scenes in which the real life couple try out different sexual endeavors: spanking, shaving and bondage. The scenes have everything you’d desire and expect from watching real life couples; the intimacy, romantic lighting, electric chemistry! But Ninja and Trouble bring something so new to their work. There’s a young, fresh, fashionable aesthetic to their shots.

Trouble and Ninja are super sexy together! I love the atmosphere of trying new things and experimenting that comes across in the spanking scene and the pure lust on Trouble’s face while she’s tied up in the bondage scene. In contrast, there is something deeply intimate and trusting in the shaving scenario, which is why couple porn is so alluring! The pair portray body confidence and positive sexuality so well through their obviously strong and intimate relationship, it’s truly thrilling! Watch it now at lustcinema.com… and enjoy!

Captura de pantalla 2015-01-12 a la(s) 14.05.21 Captura de pantalla 2015-01-12 a la(s) 14.06.26



21 January, 2015

Actress and mother of two from New York Susan Copich has done what many mothers which they could express so clearly. In her set of darkly humorous images entitled “Domestic Bliss“, she reflects all the emotions, the good, the bad and the ambiguous, that she felt throughout her time as a mother and wife.

She began the project after realising that having spent years taking photos of her family, she was missing from almost every photo. So she created her own to challenge the usual perception of family happiness and attitudes towards women.

WITCHING HOUR - susancopich.com/

WITCHING HOUR – susancopich.com/

“If you’ve met me, I have a very seemingly sunny disposition, but I have a whole interior world where at different times I’ve felt depression and angst. For many years, I put it in a little ball, and I decided to just explore it this time. It’s been so fun to bring those feelings out and give them light,” she told Bored Panda.

MOMMY TIME - susancopich.com/

MOMMY TIME – susancopich.com/

As a mother of two girls myself, I can relate to many of these, but Copich has done them in such a darkly satirical way, it’s hard to not smile at her wonderful depiction of real family life. I also love, that despite everything, her children and husband are her accomplices, having a lot of fun making the project with her! View her fabulous project in its entirety over on her website.

BATH TIME- susancopich.com/

BATH TIME- susancopich.com/

HAPPY DAYS - susancopich.com/

HAPPY DAYS – susancopich.com/

19 January, 2015

Now known as one of the best products for those dreaded 7 days a month, it’s my pleasure to tell you all that the Mooncup is now available at the Lust Store!

The Mooncup is the modern day answer to sanitary protection: made of silicone, it doesn’t mess with your pH levels, so it makes sex more comfortable during and after your period. You can wear it for up to 8 hours, so don’t worry about leaving it in overnight, for sports or traveling, and it’s eco-friendly with one cup lasting up to 10 years!


How does it work I hear you say, well it’s designed to be folded and inserted about half an inch inside the vagina, creating a light vacuum seal with your vaginal walls to prevent any leakage or odor. The seal can then be released for removal. To empty the contents, rise clean and reinsert for another 8 hours. Simple, right?


If that wasn’t enough reason to get your hands on one, the menstrual cup is comfy, has no risk of giving you TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome) and they hold more liquid and costs less than tampons or sanitary towels. They have even given women in East Africa less to worry about, allowing them to spend more time on their education than worrying about leakage!

The cup also comes in two different sizes – one before childbirth and one after, so they accommodate to your natural body changes. As a mother that is a joy to my ears!

So come on ladies, what are you waiting for? Give your lady bits a treat and get your hands on a Mooncup at the Lust Store now!

16 January, 2015

Alexander Wang has recently found time between his various projects to design a denim collection in the style of slouchy, models-day-off, ‘boyfriend’ jeans. The collection looks great, but its fame lies predominantly in the advertising campaign. It’s no secret that sex sells! But, as I’ve mentioned before, there’s a difference between GOOD sex and BAD sex! Just like television and cinema, fashion advertising follows similar fluctuations to the porn industry. More and more, just like American Apparel in the past, brands are using erotic and provoking images to engage with their audiences, create taboo and hype. And just like the porn industry, theres bad, chauvinist, sexist advertising and then theres good, arousing, erotic art.

Screen shot 2015-01-15 at 21.48.31

via www.elmundo.es

I like to always keep an open mind, be critical and evaluate my own interpretation. Of course, it’s controversial. Any time someones uses sex to sell, there is controversy. But when you take a subjective look at the images, there’s something encapsulating about them. The concept is simple – skin and denim. The use of these two textures works amazingly well! But the photographer has done something quite beautiful with shadows and contours, accentuating the shape of the female body. The use of oil on the body is textbook sexy! It’s dark, it’s eerie, it’s full of passion. To me, it’s concise, feminine and alluring. I see a real, powerful woman and real arousal in this image! Likewise, I like to see real people and real pleasure in porn.

via www.elmundo.es

via www.elmundo.es

via www.elmundo.es

via www.elmundo.es

15 January, 2015

It’s a fantasy most men have or have thought about at one time or another: the elusive Mrs Robinson. The mum of your best friend that seemed to have a hidden sexiness that you always wished you could have explored. I had the pleasure to make the dreams of many come true with the first release from XConfessions Volume 4: I FOUND YOUR MOTHER ON TINDER.

For this short I was finally able to cast a skillful, confident, sexual and 100% natural mature woman. Veteran adult entertainer Zazel Paradise was perfect for this part. Newcomer Kendo Ortiz from Madrid had the pleasure of indulging in her beauty, and both performers were great to film having such natural chemistry. By the way, diversity is one of the biggest goals for my upcoming films! You will see a lot of different ideas on beauty in XC4…


I hope many of you will enjoy this explicit and modern take on Mrs Robinson for the grand opening short for XConfessions Volume 4. Plus you can watch interviews with both Zazel Paradise and Kendo Ortiz on working with me below!



14 January, 2015

Many of you may already be familiar with Beate Uhse, a Germany company that, for over 60 years, has brought us adult sex toys and entertainment. Beate Uhse opened the world’s first sex shop in West Germany in 1962 and since then has become the most successful company in the German sex industry, selling not only toys, but lingerie, clothing, pornography and entertainment, with over 30 shops and 25 cinemas! But the really exciting story of the company lies with it’s founder, Beate Uhse-Rotermund!



Born in Germany in 1919, Beate grew up to be the only female stunt pilot in the country during the 1930′s and later flew with a transport squadron for the German Air Force in World War II! Her life during the war was heroic! After the death of husband in 1945, Beate was left alone to look after her one year old son, while stationed in Berlin as a Captain. After the city was surrounded and partly destroyed, she is said to have rescued her son, his nanny and two other wounded people, by commandeering a small unmanned plane and flying them to safety in the North. What a woman!



When the war ended, unable to continue as a pilot, Beate became a door-to-door saleswoman. Meeting and speaking with the many housewives in her neighbourhood, Beate decided she wanted to educate women about contraception and family planning (a lack of education that caused the baby boom!). She came from a family who talked about sexuality and contraception openly and used this to benefit others. Pretty soon Beate was giving marriage advice and answering questions about eroticism! Despite efforts from the community and police, Beate opened her first sex shop in Flensburg in 1962. Twenty years later, after surviving stomach cancer and obtaining a diving license, Beate went on to open the Beate Uhse Erotic Museum in Berlin!

In 1999, her company Beate Uhse AG became registered on the German Stock Market, making it the most highly profiting company in the German sex industry at the time. Beate is considered to be a pioneer of sexuality and women’s rights to education and contraception in Germany! Today, the company has grown monumentally, upholding the trusting relationship with it’s customers that Beate built upon originally. If it weren’t for Beate, who knows if Germany would be as sexually liberated and open! I have to give thanks to the women who paved the way for future generations as entrepreneurs and pioneers themselves! I want to see more women like her changing the business world as well as creating conversations about female sexuality and welfare that will truly be taken seriously! Cheers to you, Beate!



12 January, 2015

The start of a new year brings with it sad and unfortunate news for the Russian LGBT community who, on the 29th of December, were faced with new rules concerning road safety. A decree signed by Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev could mean that those considered to be afflicted with certain “mental health disorders” could face having their driving licences revoked, in an effort to reduce the number of road accidents. Unfortunately, these disorders, stipulated by the World Health Organisation’s classification of illnesses (or ICD-10), include “gender identity disorders” such as “transsexualism” and “dual-role transvestism” and “disorders of sexual preference” i.e. “fetishism” and “exhibitionism.”



The Russian government seems to have been at war with the LGBT community for a long time, especially since 2013, when “promoting non-traditional lifestyles” became illegal in the country. Over the past few days I’ve read and heard so many opinions about this from my peers, mostly condemning the new rules. But I also see a lot of people defending Russia and it’s traditions, picking holes in the new decree and attempting to detract from the actual affects these will have. It’s no secret that rules like these, in countries with a fairly strong political opposition to the LGBT community, will use them to create more oppression and target minorities. Over the past year alone, we have made huge global strides forward in regards to acknowledging and accepting all types of gender and sexual orientation. But despite that, this isn’t the first instance of governments continuing to try and restrain sexual freedom and identity. One step forward, a million steps back! These new rules are completely inhumane and unjustified. It’s 2015! It’s time to stop discriminating, and time to start embracing who we are and exploring what it means to be a human being! A human being with rights!


9 January, 2015

The newest installment, from the much acclaimed French female director Ovidie, brings Pulsion to Lust Cinema. Exploring the concept of sexual addiction, we follow the story of one woman and her attempt to cure her condition. Set in a beautiful French country house, Ovidie combines her taste for arthouse sensibility with explicit and erotic sexual content, whilst always remaining true to her feminist voice.

PULSION 21 bis

What I love most about this film is the undertone of satire with the cheekiness of the other patients to get away for a naughty relapse into ecstasy. Watching a cheeky threesome unfold as one girl grabs two guys to sneak off outside with a pair of torches, which are used to ultimate effect, highlighting the best parts of each sex act.

As a great admirer of Ovidie’s work, this film does not fail to showcase her real talent for ‘intellectual’ adult film. She explores interesting and engaging themes whilst remaining true to the female perspective within her real and arousing erotica.