25 May, 2015

It’s been a year since we moved to Lust Films new offices in one of the most charming neighborhoods in Barcelona, el Born. We are right in front of the exuberant Ciutadella Park, and the archaeological ruins of the Mercat del Born museum and their ghosts are our neighbors. Literally: I could even jump into the museum from our windows.

We also have a lot of creative studios nearby, tiny shops of local design furniture and clothing, charming wine cellars, antiquities stores and… tons, tons, TONS of tourists! Especially at this time of the year. Despite everything I don’t blame them: this is the best city in the world!

I’ve been introducing my team to you, so today I want to show you our space, the place we work from, thanks to some photos taken by Rocio Lunaire.

First, the magnificent staircase. You might recognize it from the opening scene of Take Me Drunk, I’m Home



22 May, 2015

Every detail of the XConfessions series as well as every site of Erika Lust is carefully thought out and has a creative process and proposal behind it. Credits, colors, fonts, distribution of space, photos…  everything goes through our wonderful Art Director: Cristina! She’s tough and extremely talented and makes sure our aesthetic lives up to the amazing concept we have. So let’s hear it from her…


20 May, 2015

During the past weeks I’ve been working in some new short films for XConfessions vol. 5. A bunch of real confessions carefully handpicked to be transformed into powerful, original and polished erotic devices. Take a look at the first video sneak peaks here:

We’ve given a twist to the solo genre through My Roomie’s Toy, a confession I’ve been wanting to adapt for a while and the first release of these new series. By the way, I am still trying to locate FRANCA, the confessor! You out there, Franca…?

La Reine des Culottes is a French confession and an ode to fine lingerie, and the comeback of one of the audience’s favorite performers: Julia Roca! I’ve accepted the challenge of shooting the most beautiful blowjob ever with the most beautiful couple. I’ve even dared to seriously delve into BDSM for the first time in the series, thanks to two experimented performers: Mickey Mod as the master – new acquisition from San Francisco to XConfessions – and Amarna Miller as his playful submissive.

Can’t wait for you to watch these! Coming very very soon to the XConfessions catalogue


Lana Sue, new performer, starring in My Roomie’s Toy


19 May, 2015

So the legend says that back in the times of Babel Tower, humans were punished because of their overweening pride, condemned to talk so many different languages that understanding each other would be impossible. But then the humans invented INTERNET!

I am overwhelmed by the number of languages into which my TED Talk “It’s Time for Porn to Change” has been translated and subtitled: English, German, traditional Chinese, Korean, Spanish, French, Italian and even Hebrew!

If you are fluent in other languages and want to contribute, you can do it through the platform Amara, prior notice to the official TED translation team. Let’s keep spreading the word! :)


18 May, 2015

Expanding our collection of wonderful films from our friends at Joybear Pictures, I can now welcome the sequel to Pleasure Professionals to Lust Cinema with the second installment.

Pleasure Professionals 2 follows on from the first story which saw a group discreet professionals known as ‘Executive Relief Consultants´relieve their customers. But this time the setting shifts, from the city to the English Countryside, seeing the charismatic seductress Mrs ERC unwinding at a hotel hidden in the wilderness. As other guests feel her sexual presence they quickly begin to feed off her arousing persona.


What unwinds are some very erotic and fun scenes in a pool with two sexy British performers who also appeared in XConfessions, Samantha Bentley and Alexei Jackson. French actress Tiffany Doll and her seductive full lips return to the screen as well with a kinky lesbian sequence. I can´t get enough of her natural beauty!

15 May, 2015

Things are in full swing with the filming of the new short films for XConfessions Vol.5 here at Lust Films. We have some fantastic new stories to tell with some fresh new faces and I can´t wait to share them with all soon. It´s already been a lot of fun with the rest of the team so here are a few sneak peak behind the scenes so far…

xc5 3

Lana Sue and Bel Gris.

Bel Gris returns to XConfessions in Leiber Schwager (Dear Brother in Law) with gorgeous new performer Lana Sue. They make a gorgeous couple don´t you think? Playing a wife and her brother-in-law indulging in some sneaky and very hot extra-marital sex! You can also watch Gris previous performances in SADISTIC TRAINER and I CAN´T STOP THIS AFFAIR originally from Life Love Lust.

13 May, 2015

As an independent director I am always interested in working out my “filmmaking muscle”. Finding new ways to turn people on through film. But what I recently discovered is the power of audio. In particular audio porn.

Captura de pantalla 2015-05-11 a les 17.11.13

XConfessions: Dean Van Damme and Poppy Cox for A TALK TOO DIRTY.

It´s fascinating how much just the sound of voices, grunts, moans and breaths can drive your mind wild with fantasy. In my latest upcoming confession A TALK TOO DIRTY, it´s all about the power of words. But, how much more powerful porn could be with just the sounds, no imagery, leaving you to make the people and situation look exactly how you would imagine it. Way hotter right?

12 May, 2015

Remember LUST CLUB? Well, we had an opening party and it was a success! It was a night of fun and relaxation that together with a didactic and carefree atmosphere resulted in a lot of laughs and good vibes. So check out some photos of this amazing night!