27 April, 2015

A few weeks ago LUST engineer Hugo turned three years with us! So it’s time for you to meet him. He’s our go to person for all technological/Internet requirements and doubts. He is also XConfessions.com Lord Master a.k.a XC Project Manager. His trajectory here at LUST has been amazing, so let’s here from his words his ongoing experience at LUST.


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24 April, 2015

You know me… I never stop thinking about new and fun ideas to promote healthy, enjoyable, fun sex. That’s why I’ve created my very own LUST CLUB. A dynamic place where my friend Anastasia will show you different movies, toys, tools and gadgets that will increase your pleasure. We’ll drink cava while we have a blast talking about sex! 

But who is Anastasia? Here is a little insight about the Spaghetti Monster.


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23 April, 2015

Erotic fan fiction is a huge part of the internet, with confessors expressing their deepest fantasies with their favorite character from films and TV shows. Now, with TV shows becoming more, popular, gripping and realistic, especially when it comes to sex, it is about time it got a little more explicit!

This was exactly the inspiration for this weeks XConfessions release MAD MEN PORN. I find it so frustrating when a great sex scene will cut to the next morning, leaving you fantasising about all the naughty details! This confessions had some hilarious remarks. I now also wonder what Don Draper´s cock looks like!


So for this short films I created two characters: the gorgeous Poppy Cox debuts in the series playing a girl obsessed with Joan Harris, whilst Alexei Jackson is an classical guy triggering a very glamorous 60s hookup. Poppy Cox´s style was perfect for the film, wearing her own attire  and showing off her naturally cheeky flair. She´s super sex-positive and a true role-model for female-led erotica.

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23 April, 2015

Feliç Diada de Sant Jordi! Happy Saint George’s day! April 23rd in Barcelona is a festival of roses, romance and books! It commemorates the death of Saint George, patron of Catalonia, who slayed a dragon to save a princess, whom he later gave a rose from the same rosebush where the dragon had spilled his blood… So romantic! 


Over the years the tradition has been that men give the ladies a rose and the women give the gentlemen a book. The whole city becomes a huge market, with hundreds of stalls can be seen all over the city selling roses and books, especially in city center at Plaza Cataluña and Las Ramblas.


For this very special day, I’ve decided to give my personal and sexy touch and give you a free e-book. My Sant Jordi present for you to spice up your night!

You can chose from Porno Para Mujeres (spanish) and Let’s Make a Porno: A Practical Guide to Filming Sex (english and spanish), or both!

Captura de pantalla 2015-04-23 a la(s) 11.52.06

If you want to purchase more of my books, please take a look at my publications: La Biblia Erótica de Europa, Good Porn: A Woman’s Guide, La Canción de Nora, Let’s Make a Porno and Love Me Like You Hate Me.

And for other special Sant Jordi’s offers please visit my store. Just for today there’s a 30% off on ALL store products with this promotional code: SEXYGEORGE

And don’t forget to visit XConfessions to confess your sexy stories from St. George’s.


Erika Store-1466



22 April, 2015

With XConfessions.com growing every day thanks to my loyal fans and followers, people are often curious about who makes up those numbers. But also those who don´t, with the project having viewers from all over the world, except the Sahara! So for yours and my own curiosity (and a little inspiration from Pornhub), I wanted to give you a little insight into the world of XConfessions and its sex-positive porn loving users.


Zazel Paradise and Kendo Ortiz in I FOUND YOUR MOTHER ON TINDER

As some of you might be thinking, I make female-led porn, which means my work is probably viewed more by women, right? Wrong! I actually have an almost 50/50 ratio of men and women who visit the site every month. Goes to show men want something different in their porn too!

When it comes to the popularity of XConfessions releases, there seems to be a lot of love to mothers and chefs. With EAT WITH…ME being one of my most successful releases to date with the most views on it´s day of release. MILFS rejoice as I FOUND YOUR MOTHER ON TINDER has remained a firm favorite since it´s release at the beginning of the year. I guess Mrs Robinson was hidden away in a lot of boys minds, which isn´t surprising!

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19 April, 2015

I’m coming back to Barcelona with two prizes from the lovely Feminist Porn Awards. Both are for Xconfessions.com, Best Website and Best short film series. I’m really happy to have been in Toronto to celebrate 10 years of this great festival, and it has been an exciting and fun trip.


First I want to thanks my team: Hugo, Almudena, Pablo, Noel, Aleix, Cristina, Samantha, Rocio, Gerard, Andrea, Maria, Laura, Gala, Ivan, Serena and of course my super professional crew for making Xconfessions.com  the best indie adult website in the world.

Carlyle Jansen and Erika Lust

 Carlyle Jansen, founder of the awards.

I also want to thanks Carlyle Jansen, friend and founder of the awards, for her constant support to my work, and her great team leaded  by Jennifer & Lorraine.


Ovidie is great director! Watch her awarded movie PULSION on store.erikalust.comIMG_1838

Celebrating with Mikey Singer and Mercedes Jones, from Dickandjane.ca


My partner Pablo took good care of my schedule and media interviews during the trip

IMG_1846 IMG_1845

I hope that the next 10 years of this festival will show a great evolution in this new genre, which I’m proud to be part of.


And by the way, I’ve been featured during the days of the Festival in DAZED!!! And Canadian huge newspaper Globe and Mail.


17 April, 2015

If you read my post about the first installment of Madison Young´s Perversions of Lesbian Lust, you will already know how much I love her as a director and performer. She´s a true pioneer for sex-positive female erotica, especially for those who like it a little kinkier and more experimental.

With a cast of new performers including the infamous Sasha Grey, along with Dia Zerva and Princess Donna, Perversions of Lesbian Lust Volume 2 continues Madison´s story into her darkest sexual perversions. But this time with her mistress and lover Princess Donna.

Following their loving lesbian relationship, Madison finds herself lost in an imagination filled with rope suspensions, caning, whippings and hot orgasms. Inspired by the demands of her lover, who she devours in the luxury seats at the symphony.


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16 April, 2015

Last night’s event: A Night of Indie Erotica by Erika Lust and XConfessions was a huge success and so much fun! Here is a Sneak Peak of the event. Stay tuned for more details…


Outside The Royal Cinema before starting.


Happy watching #XConTour

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15 April, 2015

I have a tendency to comedy, brightness and positivity in my films in general – with some exceptions, for example Spectrophilia where a melancholic confession required a film with a different tone. Yet I deeply appreciate the work of some other authors that have dealt with erotica from a different and sometimes darker perspective…




For example Liliana Cavani’s mythical film The Night Porter (1974), which was already quite controversial when first released. It’s the story of a sadomasochistic relationship between a former SS officer (Dirk Bogarde) and one of his prisoners (a stunning Charlotte Rampling). When they come across each other after the war, they can’t help engaging in a crazy, addictive and consuming passion with – of course!! – terrible consequences…

Beyond its plot and due to the mesmerizing atmosphere, elaborated sensuality and powerful aesthetics, The Night Porter has influenced fashion, design and erotic imagery until today.



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