17 April, 2014

… Have I mentioned how much I love my new office?!

Door Plaque

I couldn’t help but go on a bit of a shopping spree at Ikea (not to mention stock up on all my favorite Swedish sweets), and also raid the local vintage store around the corner.

XC photo

With the beautiful (and enormous) new xconfessions photos by Rocio, our fancy new plaques, and a mad-men inspired living room, the place is really coming together.

Living room

What do you think … should the vintage green sofa make a debut in my next film? ;)

16 April, 2014

Last year I wrote a piece about how, contrary to popular belief, making erotic film has only added to my appreciation of the human body … including my own. This week, I have a quote for you from the talented, hard-working and ever hilarious New Sensations director Jacky St. James. On her blog, she was describing what it was like to be on a porn set for the first time, and what a supportive environment and liberating experience it was.

Photo by Jeff KogaPhoto courtesy of Jeff Koga

Be sure to check out Jacky’s films in my Store (as digital downloads) or in Lust Cinema.

15 April, 2014

With falling birth rates, sex might be the only way to save Denmark’s future.

Apparently 10% of all Danes are conceived during a holiday, and with 46% more sex while traveling, the clever minds at Spies Travel bring you this video in the hopes that the Danish nation will take a romantic city break and do the nasty.

So what are you waiting for? Do it for Denmark!**


**If you are not from Denmark, do it anyway … because we could all use a little more vacation sex.

14 April, 2014

If you’ve been following my latest XCONFESSIONS shoot, you may have noticed a few pictures of my cross dressing shoot with Geri and Mischa.

Xconfession Cross Dress Geri Mischa Erika Lust

Well, when I came across this Canadian photographer – Hana Pesut – with her “Switcheroo” series, I couldn’t help but think of my new film!

Hana Pesut-1 Hana Pesut-2

Pesut’s series, which apparently started as a fun idea with friends on a camping trip and evolved into a year-long project, has recently been collected into a BOOK thanks in part to an IndieGoGo campaign (the same way I was able to translate and publish my free eBook Let’s Make a Porno: a Practical Guide to Filming Sex).

Hana Pesut-3

I love the models’ fun approach, and the fact that sometimes you have to do a double-take to notice the switch! Other people must feel this way, because I guess it has become a trend in Reddit, Top Shop, even Elle magazine.

Here is my personal favorite:

Hana Pesut 5

It just goes to show that sexy is sexy … no matter what you wear!

11 April, 2014

Happy Friday! Here’s some Bubble Porn to start your weekend off right.

What is Bubble Porn you ask? Allegedly the invention of a young Mormon man, it’s the trick of taking innocent, sinless imagery and playing dirty tricks on your mind by making the subject appear nude. Ridiculous? Possibly. Entertaining? Absolutely.


10 April, 2014

April is here, and it is a total tease! One minute the sun is shining and flowers blooming, and beach season seems just around the corner – and the next it is raining buckets. Get outside when you can, but for those rainy spring days, go ahead and stay in. Just make sure to treat yourself to our four fabulous releases in Lust Cinema this month – offering the very best in new adult film!

Lust Cinema April Release

A Little Part of Me by James Avalon

From engaging stories and likeable characters to beautiful HD visuals, this title by New Sensations is sure to leave everyone satisfied. Plus, it’s the 2011 Feminist Porn Award winner for Steamiest Romantic Feature. Ooh lala!

After tragically losing the love of her life, Linda is in need of new distraction, inspiration and vitality. When her friends discover that Linda’s lost love was an organ donor, they send  her on a journey to meet the organs’ recipients. Despite her reservations, Linda embarks on a journey that will cause her to reconsider life, its pleasures, and the power of connection.

Lust Cinema April Release Xconfessions Feet

Do You Find My Feet “Suckable”? by Erika Lust

This short film by Erika Lust is part of the ongoing project, XCONFESSIONS: where your sex confessions are chosen each month to be turned into a short film by the award-winning erotic film director. Two university students find a shared passion, and abandon their studies for an erotic foot fetish game in the library:

“Very timidly I sat next to her and said hello. She surprised me by being very nice, and even asked if I liked her nail polish, and then her feet. She asked if I would give her a foot massage, and I trembled. It’s like she saw right through me when she asked whether I liked to suck feet, and if I found her feet to be suckable. They were, and I assured her by sucking each of her toes.”

Lust Cinema April Releases 2

Pearl Necklace by Joybear Pictures

When a maid working for the detestable Lord and Lady Shadwell is unfairly sacked, she plots sweet revenge. Seeking refuge with the kind and eager-to-please horse mistress beyond the estate, our heroine devises a plan to rob her former employers of a priceless heirloom.
Set in a lush country estate, this feature by Joybear combines an interesting plot with beautiful cinematography. The performer interviews at the end are a particularly fun glimpse behind-the-scenes, where we learn that Lord and Lady Shadwell are a real-life couple!

Lust Cinema April Release Xconfessions Hunt
Hunt Me, Catch Me, Eat Me by Erika Lust

This short film by Erika Lust is part of the ongoing project, XCONFESSIONS: where your sex confessions are chosen each month to be turned into a short film by the award-winning erotic film director. This short features handmade fetish masks by Cecilia Lundqvist, and real-life performing couple Alexa and Joel Tomas, ad they indulge in a beautifully sinister game of predator and prey:

“My girlfriend and I have a sex game: we like to pretend we’re animals. We have costumes and masks, we wear our identities and play. Sometimes I will chase her when I am the wolf and she is the bunny. When I catch her, I stroke her soft fur over and over.”


9 April, 2014

This week I’m inspired by a well-written and heartfelt essay on Autostraddle.

In “Know Me Where It Hurts: Sex, Kink and Cerebral Palsy” the author talks about how she’s perceived by others, what it was like when she came out, and her first kinky sexual encounters.
I was especially touched at the end, when she relates her experience to the broader body shame that nearly every woman feels in some way or another.

wednesday wisdom erika lust apr 9original photo by tangerina-parts-portfolio.tumblr.com


8 April, 2014

Here is the spooky new trailer for the XCONFESSIONS “Hunt Me, Catch Me, Eat Me“!

We filmed it last month here in Barcelona, the outdoors scenes were shot in the Ciutadella park (in my opinion the best in the city) across from our new offices. Performers Alexa and Joel Tomas are a real life couple, and you can definitely see their passion in the short film.

Look for its release on Thursday, April 24th in xconfessions.com!