30 March, 2015

Having been at Lust Films since March 2014, not only does 2015 mark 1 Year of XConfessions, but also the anniversary for our Content Manager and Line Producer, Almudena! As one of the creative minds behind the XConfessions series, I work very closely with her when creating new films from script writing and casting to website content. Which right now consists of getting together ideas for Volume 5! She a woman of many talents and is our go to girl when it comes to the creative sector of the company, so I couldn´t wait to have you all meet her…

Almu on set of latest XConfessions release POWER PUSSY. You can also grab the T-Shirt in my Lust Store!

Almu on set of latest XConfessions release POWER PUSSY. You can also grab the T-Shirt in my Lust Store!

What is your official job title at Lust films?

I am the Content Manager and the Line Producer of the XConfessions series.

When someone asks you what you do, what is your typical response?

As the Content Manager, myself and the team manage tons of content on a daily basis: content we produce, communicate, or receive from others who are talking about us. I then put all that chaos into order! I develop the editorial line of Lust Films, and take creative decisions about what we communicate and share, especially in Erika’s blog and in xconfessions.com - which is a very avant-garde website that needs to be fed almost every day with novelties.

As the Line Producer, I collaborate with Erika developing the concept and the screenplays behind each XConfessions short film. Then I produce those screenplays. We have an Executive Producer, which is Pablo, but the Line Producer is the one in the battlefield – that means that I am very active on set while shooting. I try to guarantee that Erika is able to shoot the films that she wants in the best possible conditions.

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27 March, 2015

Feminist Porn Awards are not the only ones turning ten. That’s right! This 2015, me, yours truly, turns TEN fantastic years in business; and to celebrate, I’ve prepared an account of the most memorable moments of LUST:


My first picture taken by media for Spanish magazine PRIMERA LÍNEA

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26 March, 2015

We all remember Salma Hayek´s infamous scene in From Dusk Til´Dawn, and wasn´t she the ultimate Power Pussy? Strong, sexy, independent and a little intimidating… it was exactly what I wanted to achieve in my latest release in XConfessionsPOWER PUSSY.

This short welcomes back Carol Vega and Samia Duarte who have previously performed in a number of short films including the sinful RUSH OF THE FORBIDDEN and my Cinekink Festival nominated THE ART OF SPANKING. The two play the dominate dancers who tie up and torment the unsuspecting and burly Dean Van Damme, another newcomer to the XConfessions series.


I loved that I could film this shoot in one of my favorite experimental cocktail bars right here in Barcelona, Bar 68. Head Bartender Miquel Angel Palau Bianchi even stars in it, whipping up his Power Pussy cocktail. It´s delicious too if you want to try it yourself! Just ask for a Manga (a) Rita to get a taste of the tequila infusion, combining beetroot for its rich red colour and served in a margarita glass with a foam top! Yum!

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23 March, 2015

Do you recognize this lady who styles her hair in the intimacy of a toilet? Continue reading if you want to know the answer…


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20 March, 2015

Maybe you are not strictly a fetishist, but have a garment, a dress, a shirt, a piece of underwear… that make you feel sexier than usual. Or that you like to see on someone else’s body. These are just a few examples of what Jennifer Lyon Bell calls the carnal power of what we wear​, the concept beneath the explicit trilogy Silver Shoes, which won the Movie of the Year prize in the Feminist Porn Awards.

SILVERSHOES_THEHOUSESITTER_foot bed flash - no sepia_3

This acclaimed film is one of the latest additions to the Lust Store’s digital downloads catalogue, but I’ve wanted to have it ever since it was being produced. I feel very close to Blue Artichoke, Jennifer Lyon Bell’s production house, when it comes to aesthetics and philosophy around shooting good erotica. Take for example the casting of Silver Shoes: ​Liandra Dahl, AnnaBelle Lee and newcomer Joost Smoss are so damn real and hot! You won’t get tired of watching every performing combination in the three chapters of the film: Undressed, The Housesitter and Mimosa. ​

A pair of silver heels secretly worn without the owner’s consent, a woman wearing masculine briefs under her floral dress, or the power of a special pair of slim trousers in real life model Joost, are the trigger of three delicious and original explicit scenes – with a brilliant management of cinematic tempo.

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18 March, 2015

XConfessions is going on tour! On the night of April 15th at 7 PM, I’ll be hosting a very special event premiering an exclusive reel of my ongoing project: XConfessions.

I’ve personally picked ten of my favorite short films and assembled them in a special theatrical cut. Every single image has been carefully crafted thinking of the big screen (colors, sound, etc) to bring a very intense and erotic audiovisual experience to the audience.

Held at The Royal Cinema in Toronto, A Night of Indie Erotica is part of the Feminist Porn Awards. A platform honoring the Erotic Industry professionals whose work represents a new and fresh approach to women’s sexuality often overlooked and under-represented in mainstream pornography.

So if you happen to be in Toronto, I would love to see you at the event! A Q&A will take place after the screening if you have any burning questions you want to ask me. Plus, if you bring an closed envelope filled with a sex confession signed with an alias, I’ll give you a free XConfessions treat!

For more info visit The Feminist Porn Awards website.

16 March, 2015

There are many amazing independent porn films being made by great companies across the world. But none bring together sex and cinema quite like A Four Chambered Heart. Specializing in highly-stylised erotic shorts, the crowdfunded production company explores sexuality with a keen eye for aesthetics. Textures, nature and the anatomy are shot seamless to highlight organic shapes, pleasure and sex.

This beautiful imagery and use of technology is incredibly inspiring, and truly pushes the boundaries of erotic film making. So I could not wait to ask one of it´s co-owners, pornographer, cam-girl and performer, Vex Ashley, about their film making process to really get within the minds of those behind the camera at Four Chambers.

Photo: A Four Chambered Heart

Your work is often very symbolic, taking inspiration in “the roots of western culture”. For example, Christianity and Greek mythology. What attracts you to these sources? Why do you think it works so well at Four Chambers?

The nature of symbolism is so important to us because it allows the viewer to take away more than the immediate surface. The nature of a short film means we get a small amount of time to tell a story and with Four Chambers we try to give a slice, leaving more space for imagination to create the rest of the narrative, subjective to each viewer.

I think there’s a lot of interesting discussion to be had by appropriating roles and themes from history and culture in a modern, sexual setting. I think the way these stories are retold from history (although heavy in sexual undertones) often leave their female characters passive. I reimagine them with power and sexual agency, confronting the camera. I think there are elements of these stories and characters we reference that are universal to a modern experience of sex and power and we enjoy playing with that relationship.

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12 March, 2015

Two things I love most are food and sex, so it was about time I brought them together. The result… a succulent and incredibly erotic short film: EAT…WITH ME!

This short stars one of our favorite and newest performers to the XConfessions, Spanish born Julia Roca. Full of sexual power and confidence in this shoot, she oozes sex positivity and really brought the character, who pines to be fed by a gorgeous chef, to life. Of course the handsome and mysterious Marc Morato was perfect for the role of the chef in his first XConfessions film, even breaking himself in with a glass of red wine before the action!


These two had incredible chemistry, so raw and intense that the entire crew felt heated up! This was one of the hottest and most memorable shootings. It really was fucking happening right there and then, in the moment!

But of course we can´t forget my amazing caterer, Xavi, who cooked all the delicious food and let us shoot at his private dinner venue Hidden FactoryThis was also the place where I filmed I WISH I WAS A LESBIAN which of course starred food by Xavi as well!


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11 March, 2015

As you all know – since I’ve been quite excited about this week’s release at XConfessions – I am very interested in exploring the connection between food and sex. But a few weeks ago I started thinking about music as an aphrodisiac too, after a journalist asked me which songs I’d recommend to have sex too and boost intercourse.




Then, the idea of elaborating this playlist came up, and I decided to make a survey in the Lust headquarters to learn which music turned my team on since they were the handiest study sample I had. Well… After 10 years directing erotic movies, I did know that “erotica” is a slippery subject, that the turn-ons do vary a lot from one person to another. But what I didn’t expect was such a debate concerning music to fuck with! Someone proposed one song, someone else put their hands above their head. Some people like feel-good songs with lots of guitars, some others prefer energetic electronica, a bunch liked slower and more classical rhythms, like Marvin Gaye.


Undoubtedly, we have to recognize Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin’s merits for having delivered a song such as Je t’aime, moi non plus, which is considered a hot one with a wide consensus. That is why this hymn to sex is the opening to this fucking playlist, in a curious version by Pet Shop Boys. All the tracks are a selection from the survey I did. If you don’t find them useful for the bedroom, maybe you can find them useful for something else, like road trips, or romantic dinners… If you have no one right now to test The Fucking Playlist, maybe you can sneak around the Lust Store and acquire one of our splendid vibrating friends… I’m sure music can be equally inspiring on your own.

Make any sex experience something worth a truly explicit music video. Just let it go and get high! Oh, and let me know if it works… My research hasn’t finished yet…


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