17 September, 2014

It’s no secret that when I first got wind of Anna Brownfield’s erotic feature, The Band, when it won the Hottest Feature prize at the 2010 Feminist Porn Awards, I was an immediate fan of the director’s work. Well written, diverse, funny, gritty, realistic, and above all, very very sexy, the Australian-born and –based filmmaker became an instant favorite of mine and I was thrilled to be able to release The Band on Lust Cinema earlier this year.

Now, Anna’s upcoming feature is ready for production … and you can help! Her ambitious new film, The Bedroom, is being funded in part thanks to an IndieGoGo campaign and spans nearly 6 decades: from the introduction of The Pill to the sex toy revolution. Beginning on the 1960s, this “erotic docudrama” explores and celebrates sexuality in Australia from both a cultural and extremely personal perspective.

anna brownfield

One room… filled with titillating, tantalizing, diverse and beautiful sex! With a cast including Aeryn Walker, Zahra Stardust, Chloe B and Lily Rei, passionate and inventive performances are assured.

I love the idea of using crowd funding platforms to make new erotica, because the control is truly in the hands of the public. Do you want unique, high-quality, alternative, sensual, realistic, erotic films that are DIFFERENT from the same horrible stereotypes recycled again and again online? If so, consider contributing, or spreading the news that there is another film coming from a great director creating new adult movies!

15 September, 2014

I am in love with these tropical uterus t-shirts!

Designed by the Red Federica Montseny group devoted to promoting women’s rights to free, safe and legal abortion, their crowdfunding page for the project met its goal in just 4 days! They’re a steal at just 10 euro each (though you either have to pick them up or pay a massive shipping cost), and look like something straight out of your favorite fashion magazine.

I’m very passionate about women’s reproductive rights and I find the laws proposed last year in Spain restricting them (most of the reason I was kicked off of Facebook nearly one year ago, in fact) absolutely atrocious. So my shirt is ordered! When will you get yours??

montseny tee

13 September, 2014



The shop window devoted to Lust Films paraphernalia.

Lovestop is a very nice sex shop downtown here in Barcelona. A week ago I made a presentation of XConfessions vol. 2 with the films inspired in the most thrilling confessions we’ve received so far in 2014. I was eager to meet the audience and learn their impressions on the project first hand. Besides, we invited everyone to bring their own confession in an envelope and we were trading such precious stories for DVDs of XConfessions vol. 1.


Me in the background, a little bit nervous ‘before the guests arrived’


Watching XC2


Ta-Daaa! Look at these beautiful postcards.

I must admit that I didn’t expect such an audience, considering that we had an unanticipated summer rain that afternoon… This wouldn’t be a problem in London maybe, but here in Barcelona everybody is too accustomed to Sun! And yet Lovestop was full of fans. The staff had prepared a small cocktail and some bottles of cold and delicious cava were ready to be uncorked.



‘To llibert: More Lust!’

In the end we had a very nice afternoon, I am always amazed by people’s generosity and participation. Back in the office I’ve been reading the almost 60 confessions we got, and will, very soon, pick some of them as an inspiration for new erotic short films :)))


A confession about to be delivered.

Captura de pantalla 2014-09-12 a la(s) 14.28.34

Two members of my team undercover: Ainna and Noel.

12 September, 2014

Sexy, clever, funny … AND it’s about safe sex. Who knew those things could go hand-in-hand? Needless to say, public health and sex ed are way cooler than when I was a teen.

“Knullträdet” literally means “fuck-tree” in English. Imagine if you will creating a kind of ‘family tree’ – only the people on it are not only people you have had sex with, but all their partners as well. Yeah, it’s not the sexiest thing in the world. But luckily the video below does a great job of illustrating the point and avoiding the gross-out-factor:

Practice safe sex, you won’t regret it!

10 September, 2014

When it comes to rape and harassment, it has always been my stance it’s more important to teach people NOT TO DO IT, than how to avoid it. Because, when it comes down to it, it doesn’t matter what you wear, what part of town you’re in, whether you’re drinking, if you’re alone or with friends, in your own country or abroad… the risk of running into someone dangerous is always there.


That said, I think these new products being talked about this past week are pretty damn cool.
First, there is something called Cuff: a little chip that can be inserted in really cool jewelry that does everything from alert you to when your phone is ringing or even when you’ve left your phone somewhere (OMG finally! Now if I could just get the same thing for my keys…), act as a pedometer, and of course a lifeline. If you press the chip, it sends an alert to your pre-programmed contacts and can even record the sounds of what is going on. The first thing I thought of is going on a run at night – not that I’ve ever run into problems here in Barcelona, but sometimes I leave my phone at home if I want to disconnect, and yet I would still have some access to help if I needed it. Now the only question is … would I get the sporty version, or the punky cool leather bracelet?


And very recently, some students at North Carolina State University are working to develop a nail polish that can detect date rape drugs in drinks. Apparently it’s going to be a challenge given the materials, but how cool would it be to just casually swirl your finger in a drink and know if it’s safe or not? But wait, what would you do with a bottle of beer? Accidentally spill it all over your hand? Maybe the drink coasters that already exist and change color if any drops of tainted drink hit it are a little more practical.

undercover nails

Either way, when I see developments like this, I don’t necesarrily believe that it will help the problem of assault and harassment … but it DOES make me think that the future is now!

8 September, 2014

Many thanks to one of my favorite sex bloggers, Violet Blue, for sending me to this photo series, because I am in love. At the very beginning of my Xconfessions project, I had the luck to shoot one confession about bondage – and learned a bit about shibari in the process. It is a Japanese method of restraint originally used hundreds of years ago in order to restrain captives, and it had taken on a new (sexual) life of it’s own in modern times.

Not only is model Sheri breathtaking in these photos by Nicolas Guérin for Wolf Magazine, but the actual type of rope and way it is employed is marvelous! Having spent summers outdoors for most of my life, the tabacco color and rough texture brings to mind perfectly it’s weight, the feel and even the smell! How many erotic photos can do that?! And check out the details in her hair. Did you see how the perfectly juicy, ripe watermelon is also tied?





5 September, 2014

Oh man am I excited for the September releases in Lust Cinema! Not only are we introducing a brand new indie erotic filmmaker’s debut piece, A Night in Japan, but following up on the very successful release of Joybear’s Pearl Necklace comes my personal favorite from the UK production company: Educating Reeves. And of course, don’t forget about my twice monthly Xconfessions short film releases – with fun stories, amazing locations, passionate sex, and unbeatable cinematography… all written by the public!

LC_Sept_Night in Japan

A Night in Japan by Russel Kor

During her first trip to Japan, a young girl visits a temple worshipping the Spirit of Sex and Phallus. Suddenly she feels aroused and the Spirit shows her what true passion is like. He is the one to satisfy her wildest desires…

Romance Bullshit

Romance Bullshit by Erika Lust

This short film by Erika Lust is part of the ongoing project, XCONFESSIONS: where your sex confessions are chosen each month to be turned into a short film by the award-winning director of erotic cinema.

Every writer in the room types frantically, but she is just not inspired. Until she sees him, down at the beach, carrying his surfboard with muscled arms. Such a stereotype… But yeah, she would love to fuck with a guy like that. So probably her readers will too. What do readers look for after all? So let the novel begin! Her characters have perfect, torrid sex… As perfect as only fiction can be.

LC_Sept_Educating Reeves

Educating Reeves by Joybear Pictures

Caroline’s rustic existence is shattered when petrol-head, Reeves, drives into her picturesque valley with the purpose of buying her land to build a raceway. Reeves soon discovers country girls aren’t the push-over he expected and Caroline shows him there is more to life than concrete and throbbing engines…

Cinema X Pigalle

Cinema X Pigalle by Erika Lust

This short film by Erika Lust is part of the ongoing project, XCONFESSIONS: where your sex confessions are chosen each month to be turned into a short film by the award-winning director of erotic cinema.

An adult cinema from the 70s in Quartier Pigalle has been turned into a trendy “art et essai” theatre. The piano man works there every other night, playing live music for silent movies in front an artsy-fartsy audience. But as if the kinky ghosts from the past haunted him, he can do nothing but fantasize about fucking with some hipster lady in the audience. The piano goes on and an old porn movie is projected just for their own private arousal…

As ever, this is a great time to join Lust Cinema for the very best quality independent, modern, erotic movies!

3 September, 2014

I confess I got emotional this morning when I saw the trailer for XConfessions vol. 3. It’s absolutely amazing how this project is growing. The way stories are becoming more diverse and complex, more crazy sometimes, more romantic others, more spectacular… A bunch of adjectives you’d never expect from adult cinema. I hope you feel all the pleasure we took while shooting these films, all the fun and joy. This video is truly a promise of adventure. It is an invitation to laugh, to breathe, to fuck… to LIVE!

3 September, 2014

If you are with your partner right now, I want you to turn to them and ask:
“Am I the best sex you’ve ever had?”
Then your partner can turn to you and ask:
“What would you do if I cheated on you?”
You are sitting knee to knee, staring straight at each other, and must answer.

Uncomfortable yet?? Well, so were most of the couples who participated in a recent documentary that did this very thing. “The And” is a collaboration between several filmmakers and producers to start an honest dialog about what modern relationships mean, the important factors, and the questions that should be asked but often aren’t. Not a documentary film in the traditional sense, The And is interactive: you go to their website, answer a few questions about yourself, and it generates mini compilations of the long and varied interviews that are most relevant to your answers.

The 30 couples are very diverse in terms of age, sexual orientation and their concepts of exclusivity, so every time they are on camera there is something different to hear and to learn. For the most part, I was squirming in my seat. But their honesty – whether good, bad or ugly – was addictive. I must have spend hours on the site watching as many clips as I could before the website prompted me to play this grown-up version of “truth or dare” with my own partner. I know we are very honest and open with each other, but some of the questions are so blunt… which is probably what makes them so thought provoking.

You can go through a long term relationship without ever asking these questions outright, and still think you’ll have a good idea of what your partner will answer. But that was rarely the case with the couples interviewed. So why aren’t we asking the tough questions, like:
Why am I your primary partner?
What do you remember about me the first time we met?
Who has more power?
When was the last time I disappointed you?

And of course, the sex ones. Go ahead and check out the website … not only are the videos very touching, but you might surprise yourself at a few of your own answers as well!