3 August, 2015

Good porn also needs good performers. Intelligent and adventurous people, with the right motivations to get into the adult industry, a sex-positive mind and attractive, unexpected, different looks. Genderqueer performer Jiz Lee embodies all these things and many more. Jiz even got a Boundary Breaker Feminist Porn Award back in 2010! What a pleasant thing, to be a boundary breaker. Besides, we owe Jiz for attracting our very much admired Mickey Mod to the business, as he recently told us in an interview for XConfessions.


Photo: Shilo McCabe, Copyright jizlee.com

“A limited example of what porn is has the danger in dictating what’s ‘normal’, raising issues in our understanding of sexual health, and also our sexual psyche. Diversity in porn lets us find ourself in the erotic landscape, proving we are ALL capable and deserving of love.” – Jiz Lee

31 July, 2015

In case you missed it, you can get 50% off ALL downloads in my Store until midnight 2nd of August. Lacking inspiration? I’m always glad to help, since I’m an avid consumer of “high class” erotica myself.

Fancy some new wave indie porn? Try the gorgeous San Francisco by Nympho Ninjas!

Need a little help entering the back door? Then I’d recommend Anal Kamasutra by the sex ed guru Pierre Roshan.

Are you a lover of all things vintage? You will die for Autobiography of a Flea!

None of these steal your heart? Then try the black erotica blockbuster Afrodite Superstar, co-directed by two forces of nature, Candida Royalle and Venus Hottentot!

Have fun and a very nice weekend.

Erika x



30 July, 2015

“I enjoy being dominant because I really enjoy pleasing people” – Mickey Mod

BDSM, the world of pleasurable pain: wax, ice, whips, flogs, chains, restraints, clamps, sensory deprivation, spanking… It drives the mind crazy with imagination. So it was about time it made its debut on XConfessions in AN APPOINTMENT WITH MY MASTER!

“Ms. Miller…Welcome…”

For this short I wanted to give the most realistic representation of BDSM, to show it as a world that is easily accessible and can be enjoyed by anyone with a curiosity. Having been in contact with American performer Mickey Mod for a long time, I knew he would be perfect for the part. He’s not only a real Master but a complete genius in bed. Self-proclaimed masochist Amarna Miller played the submissive, and with her previous performances on XConfessions, I knew she would be more than happy to play this part.

Photo: Rocio Lunaire for Xconfessions.com

“Look at these toys I picked out for you. I want you to think about how they make you feel…”

30 July, 2015

This week I had the chance to give my opinion on Virtual Reality Porn. I couldn’t be prouder to see it published in none other than Fortune! So here’s a little snippet for you. Be sure to read the entire article after the click!

“I’m sure increased interaction will be the next step for VR porn, but will people use it to spice up—not replace—their human relationships?”


You know who the real “early adopters” are, right? The porn industry. Adult content companies have led the tech charge since the 1990s: Porn companies were, among other things, some of the first to deliver content via Internet and to process online payments.

So, with virtual reality quickly becoming one of the hottest areas in technology, it’s not surprising that porn is already using the new medium to its full advantage. After all, immersing the viewer into the closest possible thing to an actual sex act sounds appealing. But for me, the real issue is whose hands this technology lands in…

Continue reading on Fortune here!

29 July, 2015

Having joined the team in January, Maria is another new face at Lust HQ. She’s one of our many multi-tasking geniuses working as both a Office Manager and Press Officer. You’ll usually find her running around between all the departments at Lust or on set making sure the press have everything they need. She’s one busy girl but thrives on the havoc. As you can see from the day we shot IBIZA SPLASH CRUSH in the Costa Brava a few weeks ago. 

Having quickly earned her self-proclaimed name as the Office Bitch, let’s meet her!


Photo: Maria the umbrella girl on set of IBIZA SPLASH CRUSH from XConfessions 5 (Credit: Chio Lunaire, lunaire.es)

“From time to time there are very unusual visits to the office and the occasional really funny phone call.”

What’s are you typical duties at Lust?

My job description is quite extensive. I have two main job titles: Press Officer and Office Manager. It doesn’t sound like much, but each one of those derives a lot of other functions. I coordinate the Press Office and Interns, PR and Communication Campaigns and Events in different venues and Festivals. I do monthly reports on the management of intern development, Press Progress and coordinate Media on set during shootings, and I’m also in charge of updating the Media Center.

The second part of my job is Office Manager, which means I work really close with Lust’s owners Pablo and Erika. It means I’m involved in pretty much everything. I coordinate all the Human Resources, from recruitment to dismissals, to holidays, absences, leaves, personal needs from each employee, etc. Now we’re a lot more people at Lust so it’s a lot of work! Besides, I need to make sure everything in the office runs well. I also manage the basic accounting of the company, cash flow, payment to suppliers, invoices control and basic financial projections. Also, I sometimes help out with content and pre-production, and attend meetings with external collaborators. Let’s just say I never get bored!! : )

27 July, 2015

I woke up this morning to a very rare site: a cloudy Barcelona. So I thought we could all use a little pick me up this Monday with some fun kinky sex tips.

Inspired by this weeks Lust Cinema release Tristain Taormino’s Guide to Kinky Sex for Couples, start this week with a little BDSM!

1. Talk talk talk!

First things first, tell each other what you want to try. Communication is key!

2.  Let’s watch a porno

Not into talking? Why not use a film featuring what you like to introduce your inner kink.

3. Dom/Sub

Work out who wants to be in control and who wants to be the submissive, or both!

4. Bondage

Like to be restricted? Tied up? Be in complete control or at the mercy of your partner? Try some ropes, chains and cuffs.

5. Blindfolds & Plugs

Limiting one of the senses increases all the others. Take away sight or sound and you’ll keep your partner guessing for intense sensations.

23 July, 2015

Once upon a time I was speaking to a writer who had been taught by a very famous author when she was younger. I asked: What’s the first piece of advice she gave you? She answered: Go get drunk, go fuck some interesting people. Then come back and write about it: write about life. Sex can be very creative, and creativity can be very sexual too. This mysterious and deep relationship is want I am going to write about today. As G.J. Nathan once said: “Art is the Sex of the Imagination.”

romance bullshit-14

Amarna Miller in a creative rush at XC film Romance Bullshit

They always say that energy is neither created nor destroyed, but constantly transformed. That’s why so many methods of creativity teach us how to redirect the energy from a specific field in our life towards the creation of new ideas and new relationships between them – what creativity is ultimately about. Ok, now think about SEX. Sexual energy can be one of the most powerful drives in a human being, we all know that. I mean, how many incredible things we’ve done in order to conquer someone? For a date? To get laid? We DO get creative! We try to be different to everyone else in the eyes of our desired one, we want to be… unique.

If I was in denial about my sexuality, I’d be in denial about aspects of my work, which deals with personal revelations. – Tracey Emin

21 July, 2015

Receiving over 100 stories a month on XConfessions.com, I peak into the mind of your sexual perversions every day. Some are dirty, some romantic, others are experimental, pushing the boundaries of fetishists and surreal fantasy. So from time to time we get some wonderfully unusual confessions and I thought why not make a rundown of the top 10…

1. Squirting with a pearl thong: creativity for lingerie manufacturers. They could also feature a plebeian version, with plastic pearls. Just an idea. It probably exists already.

Read Pearls are a Girls Best Friend by ROOIEHENK

2. She is a good girl. She really really is, there is an entire paragraph swearing it. She would never do it in her real life. But… Oh, revenge feels so sweet in our darkest fantasies!

Read Phone Call Revenge by SAL81

3. Let’s get straight to the point. Noses. Period.

Read Let Me Lick It by LICKIT (it won’t take long…)


4. Pyromaniac Love: Being in love with a fire enthusiast is such a thrill! Plus, there is inspiration from The Doors. Great band.

Read She Likes It Hot by RELAXX

5. Nuclear Lust: Will love survive in a world engulfed by war?

Read Womb of Mother Earth by SANDRASUSI

6. “This is new new sensations. This is new technology.” I wonder if MM_CENTRAL is a virtual-reality glasses retailer

Read CyberSex by MM_CENTRAL

Copywrite: superphazed.tumblr.com/

Copyright: superphazed.tumblr.com

7. Psychedelic orgasms: no drugs required. Sex and synesthesia make an interesting combination.

Read Sex In Colour by MZSLINKY

20 July, 2015

When you imagine a woman in power, negotiating, making hard decisions… what words come to mind? Is it bossy? Bitchy? Stubborn…? But a man in power is more likely a good businessman right? Or a charismatic leader.

Politics: It’s an issue that was brought back to my attention after the regional and municipal elections in Spain last month, when, regardless of the political parties involved, I observed the way in which female politicians were treated by their colleagues and by the media. They were either bossy or treated like cute little know-it-alls. This happens more often with younger women, with the newcomers. Imagine my disappointment when googling some speaker’s name the first website that I came across was the forum of a car magazine where a bunch of guys stated how they would love to get into bed with her. Oh my, oh my…


Business: I am a businesswoman as well as a film director, and I have a lot of meetings and also make a lot of interviews with potential collaborators. I’ve noticed that men tend to be (I’m generalizing here) more aggressive, more straightforward. Women are often more cautious, sometimes a bit too much. I like having powerful female negotiators in front of me, even if it means longer conversations to reach an agreement at some point. That’s what business is about. Finding a balance between a conciliatory mood but always knowing what you want and what you would never accept.