19 December, 2014

Happy Friday everybody! What better way to celebrate the end of the week (and what might be the end of the working year for some) than by celebrating the wonderful, empowering movement that is #FREETHENIPPLE? The movement is the work of film maker Lina Esco, who wrote, directed and acted in her film Free The Nipple, which was released in cinemas on Friday December 12th.



The film is centered around a journalist called With, played by Esco herself, who is an activist for women’s rights in New York City. According to Esco, the film’s title shouldn’t detract from the larger issue of gender inequality but is one of the many ways in which women are censored and one that needs to be addressed. The Facebook page for the movie proudly proclaims Our film Free the Nipple is not simply to highlight that men and women do not have equal rights when it comes to toplessness in America. It is the trojan horse and symbolic for a much larger conversation about gender equality and how men and women are treated differently in American culture”. The movie has all the charm of an independent, cult classic whilst also encapsulating the realism of the problems women still face. Although New York is still one of (only) 13 states where toplessness for women is not against the law, police officers are still likely to try and arrest those doing so!


The film erupts into a mass protest of women baring all whilst running through Time Square, which Esco described as “so liberating” in a recent interview and added “I think all women should try it, at least once“. Unfortunately, we’ve still got to get somewhere like New York first! And even then, would it be appropriate? Personally, I’d feel extremely self-conscious! I’m not an exhibitionist myself, but does it take this kind of action to really drive this message home? As women, we shouldn’t be ashamed to (or worse, prosecuted for!) breastfeeding our children in public! Nor should we feel oppressed on a hot summers day at the beach, where it’s perfectly acceptable for men to wear nothing at all on top! How can the nipple, a simple part of the anatomy, be perfectly normal on a man’s body, whilst offensive if seen on a woman’s body?

And the point of all this? Women and men should have equal rights. It’s a fact that women are still paid less than men for the same jobs. After a wave of recent human rights debates and questioning of judicial systems, why are we still in an age where being topless can be illegal for a woman but not a man? Hopefully this, however OTT a mass topless march through Time Square may seem, is the first step on the path of REAL gender equality! FREE THE NIPPLE!!


Photo by Rocio Lunaire for XConfessions: I Fucking Love Ikea



18 December, 2014

This short was one of my most adventurous shoots for XConfessions.com, featuring a religious fetish. Very controversial yet also incredibly erotic with the idea of committing the ultimate sin. It is my pleasure to introduce to you: EL QUE NO AMA NO CONOCE A DIOS (Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love)!


I was very inspired by this confession. I could instantly imagine the setting as soon as I read it: the candles, the locations, the mystery, the religious symbolism… It all came together beautifully in this dark, kinky, sexy fantasy.

It was so much fun working with a real life couple again as well. Fenyx Santos and Irina Vega were spectacular. It was great to see Irina dominate Fenyx after their incredibly romantic scene in CINEMA X. Plus this was Irinas third time working with me on a project, debuting in Barcelona Sex Project.

So why not loose yourself in sin and watch one of my kinkiest short films to date on xconfessions.com!

17 December, 2014

So I may be a little behind the times on this one, but it appears that all of our online dating sites have been too! I recently learnt about the new gender and equality settings that dating site and app OkCupid is testing. If all goes well, the site and app will soon give users more options in terms of which gender and sexuality they relate to. The options will include “agender, adrogynous, bigender, cis man, cis woman, genderfluid, genderqueer, hijra, intersex, non-binary, other, pangender, transfeminine, transgender, transmasculine, transsexual, trans man, trans woman” and “Straight, Gay, Bisexual, Asexual, Demisexual, Heteroflexible, Homoflexible, Lesbian, Pansexual, Queer, Questioning,” and “Sapiosexual”. 



It seems like options like these are way overdue and more and more people are defining themselves as something less conforming. Hopefully this is the start of a new era, not only in online dating, but perception of gender and sexuality on the whole. However, could the vast amount of new options make it more difficult for those still confused about their gender or sexuality? Or could it in fact make us more eager to define and categorise ourselves into one box? We’ll have to wait and see, as OkCupid hasn’t yet released a statement about whether they’ll be going ahead with this. But here’s hoping! In the meantime, happy dating!

romance bullshit-14

Photo by Rocio Lunaire from Romance Bullshit



16 December, 2014

After over 500 protesters took to the streets outside Parliament in London, it’s finally clear: ‘face-sitting’ is not a threat to your existence. With over 250 women taking full enjoyment in their face-sitting activities of the day, there was only one man who was in need of respiratory aid: a snorkel.

These dedicated men and women have catapulted #PornProtest across social media, letting the viewing public see their life-enlightening display on Twitter and Vine. Protesters dressed in all sorts of fetish gear, including a kinky santa just in time for the holiday season.

Fellow UK director Petra Joy also took to Twitter among others who had some pretty colourful placards to perfectly mock the stupidity of the new UK film laws.

If you want to read more of my thoughts on this topic, head over to The Independent. In the meantime, do as they say in the words of Monty Python: “Sit on my face and tell me that you love me!” This fight isn’t over yet!

15 December, 2014

As a director, writer and producer of pornography (and a feminist!), I’ve always seen a great deal of importance in giving my two young daughters a healthy and open education when it comes to sex. I want my daughters to grow up to enjoy and embrace their sexuality. Just like how I don’t want them to eat fast food or smoke, I don’t want them to watch bad chauvinistic porn and grow up with a warped, unhealthy opinion about gender and sexuality. Recently I’ve begun to think about how, as they get older, I’ll tell them about the job I do and address the topic of sexual desires that all young people inevitably have.

Photo via Tumblr

Photo via Tumblr

With the increasing accessibility that comes with smart phones and the internet, my daughters would eventually come across Mommy’s work anyway. And this got me thinking about the latest trend in the virtual world of young peoples sexual exploration – sexting.

Photo via Pro Juventute

Photo via Pro Juventute

A study conducted in 2012 in Texas showed that 28% of 948 high school students, aged 14 to 19, admitted sending nude images or sexually explicit language via text. 57% of these students (predominantly girls) had also been asked to send nude images. It’s hardly surprising that in an age when young people have so much access to cell phones and the web, that they would use this as a tool for expressing their newly emerging and powerful sexual desires. But can this be dangerous?

Photo by Nate Walton

Photo by Nate Walton

I’ve spoken about revenge porn before and I’m very aware of the risk that comes with sending a nude image. Only around 12 states in the US have laws against third parties sharing naked images on certain sites, but overall, it’s still hard to have a legal right to your own image and it’s even harder to avoid the victim blaming that arises in these situations. So whats the answer? As with most things, my opinion is that when it comes to human sexual desire, it’s always better to educate than regulate! We can’t always anticipate our children doing things like sexting, but we can prepare them for any outcome by giving them the information and education to make the right choices. We have to positively encourage our children’s sexual desires and educate them about the consequences these actions have. Even healthy expressions of sexuality can be met with judgement, punishment and humiliation that can lead to fear and shame, and that’s not what I want my kids to associate with sex! Let’s talk to our kids about sexuality and all its positives! Let’s educate them about the numerous and varied ways in which they can express it! If our kids grow up to respect themselves and each other (and each others sexuality) then maybe we change a potentially dangerous situation.

12 December, 2014

The latest Lust Cinema release is set to get you hot and kinky this December… Perversions of Lesbian Lust by the revolutionary feminist artist, activist, filmmaker and performer Madison Young. This unique and revealing erotic film ventures into the many aspects of Madison Young‘s first lesbian BDSM relationship with the lusty adult actress Dylan Ryan. Both go to their high powered jobs in the week, but on Sunday mornings Madison displays her darkest sexual perversions with her mistress.


Every aspect of this film embodies lesbian and female intimacy with the kinkiest sexual desires and pleasures explored throughout. Expect masturbation, spanking, whips, chains, clamps, anal play, sex toys, restraints and domination in an inspiring display of female affection and arousal. Watching the connection flowing between both performers as they enjoy each others is intoxicating. Madison begs for pleasure behind bars, lips quivering… The choice of sex toys added to the wild and kinky nature of their relationship which is fantastic too.

Captura de pantalla 2014-12-12 a la(s) 16.30.33

Madison is well know for her innovative ideas in feminist pornographic films, having released 40 of them in her career. She´s won numerous awards at XBiz and AVN, and spoken out on feminism, pornography, and sexuality at the likes of Yale and Harvard University. Perversions of Lesbian Lust Vol.1 embodies these values, with Madison´s signature choice of sexy rock music, strong settings, story lines, costumes and kink. The result is some of the hottest female pleasure you could come across! Check out Perversions of Lesbian Lust at Lust Cinema now!

11 December, 2014

The long weekend couldn´t have come at a better time after two weeks filming Volume 4 for XConfessions.com!

This shooting was the most eventful and elaborately themed yet, with incredible performances for new and already loved actors as well as the hard work from all the team here at Lust Films.


The confessions for this volume were a pleasure to film as each one was unique and imaginative. I was able to explore different moods and genres with darker themed sets, such as SPECTROPHILIA: a lesbian ghost encounter in the style of The Ring, to POWER PUSSY: a From Dusk Til´ Dawn inspired set, where a man enjoys the domination of two powerful and sexual dancers. Then there´s the lustful robbers in the vintage themed CARNIVAL HUSTLERS and a rendezvous with an older women in I MET YOUR MOTHER ON TINDER.



Other aspects to look forward to in Volume 4 include my first foursome, an erotic food based confession and some great new performers. Highlights include appearances from Britain´s man of muscle, beards and tattoos, Dean Van Damme and America’s gorgeously curvaceous and lusty PoppyCox.

Each confessions pushed every aspect of production with a number of technical challenges. The most notable was trying to create rain effects on a typically sunny day in Barcelona as I filmed a couple fucking in the back of my Jeep! But this was also a farewell to a loyal companion. This car was what I used when I was working as a runner for other people´s productions at the beginning of my career. Now it appears in a sex scene in a car under the rain, directed by me more than a decade later! But after this, the poor Jeep went to the junkyard. It was a true reminder of how far I´ve come as a female erotic director.

IMG_0587IMG_0672It´s been a hell of a journey so far and I am hugely grateful to all the team involved in production, direction and performance, as well as the caterers that kept us going with delicious food each day.

So keep your eyes open in 2015 for Volume 4, coming soon to XConfessions.com!


9 December, 2014

Pornography in the UK has been quietly censored, with a long list of acts now banned from film. As an erotic film maker, I’m saddened by what I hear, not only because my fellow producers will suffer as businesses, but because what is most apparent is the enforced restriction on what appears to be acts from which women derive pleasure.

Porn and adult film has always been a very male dominated industry – we need more women in porn as it is -  but it seems that we are now back in an era of Victorian morality. The suppression of sexuality in the UK is not a new development, but recently it appeared that we were making some progress. The last year, for example, has seen a huge increase in women speaking out more freely about their sexuality. Suddenly, we’re seeing more female porn producers, and more adult film created specifically for women. So it should come as little surprise to me, knowing the struggle that we have had to break porn away from the masculine industry and regulation, that these same women are now being oppressed.

Photo by Rocio Lunaire for Art of Spanking

Photo by Rocio Lunaire for Art of Spanking

It’s 2014, and we need to acknowledge that sexuality is key to human nature, whether that be the so-called “normal sex” as we imagine it, or kinkier desires.

The fact is that porn does need to change, and on a big scale. But this legislation is not a step in the right direction. It has been put in place because of a supposed need to safeguard children, but prohibiting something doesn’t make it unattainable, it only makes it more desirable.

Teenagers will watch pornography probably before they’ve even had their first sexual encounter. Rather than denying them access to porn completely, which simply doesn’t work when it is so endlessly available online, or limiting what they can see, therefore limiting what they perceive as “normal”, we should be educating them better. Is it correct to teach our children that certain sexual acts are wrong and others not? When a lot of these “R18 rules” are targeted at censoring female pleasure – female ejaculation is one of the banned activities – doesn’t that perpetuate the poor gender education our children are already receiving? We should be teaching them about the importance of female pleasure, not censoring it.

With this legislation, the UK is in danger of finding itself back in an age where porn is simply the boring, unrealistic, male fantasy of bimbos eagerly pleasing men as if it is their duty, where women are submissive and lack ownership of their sexuality. Women in the industry will now fear the loss of their livelihoods as well as their sexual independence.

In the industry, the thought is that many of these “rules” make no sense. How could female ejaculation possibly be any more “dangerous” than male ejaculation? This is utterly demeaning.

We need to rethink what is offensive or dangerous and what is, in fact, normal human nature, and remember that it’s more important to educate than regulate.

This article was originally published in the Independent Voices Comment section on December 2 2014

8 December, 2014


It has to be one of the most interesting parts of our history, the journey of how erotica evolved from the beginning to modern day. Okay, I might be a little biased here, but there is always something to learn from our past and the development of our sexuality is definitely one of them.

‘The Institute of Sexology’ exhibition at the Wellcome Collection in London kicked off last week. It is the first UK exhibition to bring together the pioneers of the study of sex including the works of Alfred Kinsey, Magnys Hirschfeld and Sigmund Freud among other greats.

The exhibition is described as investigating “how the practice of sex research has shaped our ever-evolving attitudes towards sexual behaviour and identity.” Which is something I identify with greatly when creating my own works.

With over 200 objects from art, erotica, film, photography and rare archival material, it’s a huge collection with some incredibly finds like the German’s 1980s “Anit-Baby Condom” or Richard von Krafft-Ebing’s Masked man in a pink tutu (now THAT would have turned some head back in the 1800s!)

I think it all sounds fabulous! If I’m lucky enough to be in London between now and September 2015 I will be sure to pay this one a visit. So go on, do as the poster says “undress you mind” and get educated about sexuality!

Packet of Anti-baby condoms, German, 1980s (c) Science Museum, London

Masked man in pink tutu, from collection of Richard von Krafft-Ebing (1840-1902) (c) Wellcome Library, London