29 September, 2014

Got the Monday blues? Well, here are some un-retouched pictures of booties to cheer you up!

r29 butts 1

This series of 30 pictures was put together by Refinery29 in response to the Vogue headlines that it’s now the “official era of the big booty” … as though ass size were a new makeup style from this year’s fashion week. And just when did body parts become the hottest new trends, I’d like to know? Big, small, round, flat, smooth, wavy, hard or soft – all butts are just great. Every freckle, tattoo, stretch mark, beauty mark, bruise or scar makes it that much more unique. Take it from someone who has seen a lot of them!

The photography is great, with poses ranging from funny to artsy, and each owner of the backside photographed tells a little bit about their relationship to their luscious lady lumps. I was surprised to see how many other women (like me) had never given it a thought before someone – be it a joking family member, a rude schoolmate, or appraising boyfriend – decided to make an uncalled-for comment.

I guarantee this little slideshow will perk you up and inspire you to find your cheekiest underwear (or dip your dimples into some candy) to flaunt around the house while drinking wine … or whatever you do on Monday nights :) r29 butts 2

26 September, 2014

It’s no secret that I am a big fan of the indie pornographers over at Four Chambers. And I came across one of their trailers recently that gave me a lady boner that I just couldn’t hide!

Like some of the film collective’s previous work, Impulse Response features the ethereal and very talented Vex and Owen. True to its title (perhaps a nod to steamy sex research tv drama, Masters of Sex?), we get to see the results of their kissing, touching and rolling in the sheets build into passionate frenzy. In their true style, Four Chambers makes art of their explicit short with stark contrast in lighting, and dedication to showing the details of sex and the human body that drive us all crazy!

If that teaser turned you on like it did me, head over to their website and donate a bit of cash (it all goes to buy new materials for future films) to see the FULL LENGTH VIDEO.

25 September, 2014

man meets woman 1

As a working wife and mother, artist Yang Liu knows firsthand the problems that come from gender stereotypes – something women face every day at home, in the streets or in the office. Many of her experiences have been translated into the book Man Meets Woman: which boils down many persistent gender myths or differences into simple pictograms.

man meets woman 2 man meets woman 3

“Women today are trying very hard to fight against these stereotypes, which is a very important process on the way to reach the equality between the genders. And there’s still many things to be done. But on the other hand, during this process, we become scared to face to the fact that men and women are just different in many aspects.

“I am compelled to realize time and time again how many minor and major differences exist between men and women, despite today’s ongoing debate on the subject and the constant redefinition of male and female roles. Many of these differences arise out of traditional gender models and are dictated by social and professional structures.”

man meets woman 4 man meets woman 5

Her art is a reminder that sexism is not dead, in the simplest terms of black and white … or rather, green and pink.

So what would the world look like if ‘girls gone wild’ was considered equally as creepy as a flasher in a trenchcoat? Where men didn’t feel like they had to exaggerate their ‘number’ (of sex partners), and women minimize? Where eyelash curlers and needle-nose pliers were equally known (and maybe even used!) between the sexes?

man meets woman 6 man meets woman 7

I like Yang’s work because it makes you think about these stereotypes and even consider them from both points of view, but doesn’t really offer a solution. It’s up to us to decide how we are going to redefine the gender roles! What differences or inequalities do you face that you would make into a pictogram like these?

This is one of my all-time favorites …


24 September, 2014

atm couple

A conversation yesterday got me thinking about the craziest places people have sex. I remembered all these headlines from this year of couples doing the nasty on bridges, in ATM boxes, even on top of a public fountain!

But by far some of the craziest sex stories I can remember have come from YOU – my lovely, inspiring and totally anonymous XCONFESSIONS perverts. For you thrill seekers, hooking up in the back of your friend’s woody wagon is sooo last year. Instead, you’re the kind who like it on public transport, the library, even at 10,000 feet! To you, all the world’s a sex stage … and for those of us lucky enough to read your dirty deeds (or, even better, to witness them), we applaud you!

#10. The balcony of a Las Vegas hotel

One married couple start their holiday on a wild note on their hotel balcony. I guess what happens in Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas …
“I was waiting on the balcony for her to get ready, and out she came in nothing but a robe. She sat me down in the chair and blew me right there on the balcony, the whole world to see. It was the most glorious blow job of my life, Belagio fountain to the left, fake Eiffel Tower ahead, neighbors on the balcony next to us.”

#9. A tanning bed

Most of us have (or have at least fantasized about) doing someone at our place of work after hours. But I can honestly say I’d never imagined what it would be like to do it in a tanning bed. Let’s just hope it wasn’t turned on!
“Erica, the gorgeous girl working with me, smiled knowingly when I told her I was going to go chat with my friend as he tanned. I went back to the tanning booth and talked with my friend and then ended up giving him head. So I sent Erica a text telling her it was 9pm and to lock the front door. I heard the text chime right outside the door and immediately realized she was trying to get a good angle to see what we were doing.”

xc feet

#8. The library

Ah the library … so many hours meant to be studying in university that really just ended up being used to imagine what the gorgeous person at the next table over looks like without clothes on. It was time well spent, anyway!
“The bell rang, and so we headed to the library. In a very reclusive spot, but public enough to run the risk of being caught, she lifted her skirt and demanded me to lick her pussy before anything else.”

#7. The gym

Now I can honestly say that I have checked people out at the gym, but never had a sex fantasy. While I might be surrounded by sexy bodies, I’m always a bit distracted by the small fact that my limbs usually feel like they’re about to fall off.
“My friend takes me to these new crossfit classes at the gym. Pro: everyone in the class is totally hot. Con: it’s so fucking hard and the trainer is an asshole! So when it gets too hard and I feel that I can’t do any more, I fantasize about tying the trainer up, stripping down with my other class-mates and fucking in front of him.”

#6. The mile high club

Even if you haven’t done it, I bet you at least know someone who did. What else are you supposed to do during all those trans-atlantic hours? NOT orgasm??
“The privacy curtains were pulled and then it was just us. A stranger telling me he has to taste my pussy and me too turned on to refuse. A stranger pulling my panties to the side, feeling how soaked they are, immediately knows his tongue won’t suffice. He buries his cock inside of me while I stand and pour my body over the seat.” 

xc victoria bridge

#5. Under victoria bridge

This is a truly ballsy confession and also one of the earliest. It never fails to impress me.
“I gave a blowjob to a complete stranger under victoria bridge. It must have been one of the hottest and most surreal experiences of my life. I don’t remember his name, or even what we talked about while I was bumming a cigarette. What I do remember was him unzipping his pants and finding the biggest cock I’d ever seen in my life. I also remember how hard he came when I stroked the tip with my tongue.”

#4. The cinema

I love going to the cinema – when the lights turn low and the crowd is hushed, excited and anticipating. It’s easy for me to imagine what kind of sordid things are happening in the darkest corners of the room …
This French confession details a very steamy tryst that took place in Paris’s Pigalle district.

xc cinephilia

#3. At a wedding

One of the most popular confessions on the site, people love this fantasy about crawling around under the banquet tables at a wedding. If you’ve ever gone to one of these events alone, you can probably sympathize.
“She slid down under the table, too see how the world looked from beneath. She could see everyone’s pants, dresses, some underwear, even some others groping. She spied a man with funny trousers and shoes and crawled over to him. He jumped when the girl decided to touch him, but he didn’t stop her. He stopped laughing  suddenly when her hand caressed his cock.”

#2. On stage

If you’re lucky enough to have been to a sex show, maybe you’ve considered what it would be like to fuck in front of a silent, live audience observing you. Well, this stage actress took thrills to a whole new level … with her husband in the audience.
“The audience only got a brief glimpse of the actor’s big engorged penis before the performers were positioned behind the blocks. All women in the audience sighed. Only her side was visible, and his hands kneading her butt. The lights dimmed and the play was over. My wife was behind the blocks, smiling and waving to the applauding audience. I swear the actor next to her had a limp wet cock, but that was probably a coincidence.”

xc cable car

#1. In a cable car

I think it’s the combined risks that you’re on public transportation, high up in the air, with a time limit, and will most certainly end up on YouTube that makes this sex story in Spanish so crazy – and yet so tempting as well.


Got a story or fantasy and think you can top this list? Well go to XCONFESSIONS.com and write yours!

19 September, 2014

Music and sex. You can’t have one without the other … and there are certainly a lot of racy music videos and performances out there do a good job of melding the two things.

anaconda 1

… But not Nicki Minaj’s new song Anaconda, which I checked out after seeing the surprising tag of ‘feminism’ alongside it in the headlines. Which, as far as I could tell, is in no way a tour-de-force for equal rights.


Its “body positivity” refers only to the love of curves, while insulting those women unfortunate enough not to have a magnificent booty. Its “women owning their sexuality” means trading that sexuality for expensive designer products. And I am here to sat that, just because there are barely any men in the video, doesn’t mean that the performance isn’t pandering to the male gaze.

anaconda 3

And this is coming from a pornographer, people. Take a look at any of my trailers, or other feminist adult filmmakers, and I can guarantee that they are less “porny” than Anaconda. If you want to see that kind of crappy inspiration, look no further than the traditional xxx sites filled with bad porn marketed to men.

17 September, 2014

It’s no secret that when I first got wind of Anna Brownfield’s erotic feature, The Band, when it won the Hottest Feature prize at the 2010 Feminist Porn Awards, I was an immediate fan of the director’s work. Well written, diverse, funny, gritty, realistic, and above all, very very sexy, the Australian-born and –based filmmaker became an instant favorite of mine and I was thrilled to be able to release The Band on Lust Cinema earlier this year.

Now, Anna’s upcoming feature is ready for production … and you can help! Her ambitious new film, The Bedroom, is being funded in part thanks to an IndieGoGo campaign and spans nearly 6 decades: from the introduction of The Pill to the sex toy revolution. Beginning on the 1960s, this “erotic docudrama” explores and celebrates sexuality in Australia from both a cultural and extremely personal perspective.

anna brownfield

One room… filled with titillating, tantalizing, diverse and beautiful sex! With a cast including Aeryn Walker, Zahra Stardust, Chloe B and Lily Rei, passionate and inventive performances are assured.

I love the idea of using crowd funding platforms to make new erotica, because the control is truly in the hands of the public. Do you want unique, high-quality, alternative, sensual, realistic, erotic films that are DIFFERENT from the same horrible stereotypes recycled again and again online? If so, consider contributing, or spreading the news that there is another film coming from a great director creating new adult movies!

15 September, 2014

I am in love with these tropical uterus t-shirts!

Designed by the Red Federica Montseny group devoted to promoting women’s rights to free, safe and legal abortion, their crowdfunding page for the project met its goal in just 4 days! They’re a steal at just 10 euro each (though you either have to pick them up or pay a massive shipping cost), and look like something straight out of your favorite fashion magazine.

I’m very passionate about women’s reproductive rights and I find the laws proposed last year in Spain restricting them (most of the reason I was kicked off of Facebook nearly one year ago, in fact) absolutely atrocious. So my shirt is ordered! When will you get yours??

montseny tee

13 September, 2014



The shop window devoted to Lust Films paraphernalia.

Lovestop is a very nice sex shop downtown here in Barcelona. A week ago I made a presentation of XConfessions vol. 2 with the films inspired in the most thrilling confessions we’ve received so far in 2014. I was eager to meet the audience and learn their impressions on the project first hand. Besides, we invited everyone to bring their own confession in an envelope and we were trading such precious stories for DVDs of XConfessions vol. 1.


Me in the background, a little bit nervous ‘before the guests arrived’


Watching XC2


Ta-Daaa! Look at these beautiful postcards.

I must admit that I didn’t expect such an audience, considering that we had an unanticipated summer rain that afternoon… This wouldn’t be a problem in London maybe, but here in Barcelona everybody is too accustomed to Sun! And yet Lovestop was full of fans. The staff had prepared a small cocktail and some bottles of cold and delicious cava were ready to be uncorked.



‘To llibert: More Lust!’

In the end we had a very nice afternoon, I am always amazed by people’s generosity and participation. Back in the office I’ve been reading the almost 60 confessions we got, and will, very soon, pick some of them as an inspiration for new erotic short films :)))


A confession about to be delivered.

Captura de pantalla 2014-09-12 a la(s) 14.28.34

Two members of my team undercover: Ainna and Noel.

12 September, 2014

Sexy, clever, funny … AND it’s about safe sex. Who knew those things could go hand-in-hand? Needless to say, public health and sex ed are way cooler than when I was a teen.

“Knullträdet” literally means “fuck-tree” in English. Imagine if you will creating a kind of ‘family tree’ – only the people on it are not only people you have had sex with, but all their partners as well. Yeah, it’s not the sexiest thing in the world. But luckily the video below does a great job of illustrating the point and avoiding the gross-out-factor:

Practice safe sex, you won’t regret it!