28 August, 2015

I love a good start to the weekend, so I have a little treat for you all and it evolves a lot of 50’s!

No not money, but I think something better. I have now filmed 50 films for XConfessions, so I want to give you 50% OFF your subscription AND 50% OFF ALL MY XC PRODUCTS in the Lust Store. Yes you heard me… 50%!


So go back to work with a huge grin on your face and indulge in some gorgeous, sexy, kinky, dirty, seductive erotica this weekend! But hurry, ends midnight 31st August Barcelona time!




27 August, 2015

Classics, classics, classics… We always go back to them. Having a crush with a professor is a fantasy shared by many people, why? I guess on one hand it has to do with age difference, or admiring someone older, wiser and passionate about things you still have to discover – and will certainly do, with their help. We know that the love for life can be the love for lust, passion is passion. So there you go!


Let me introduce this week’s release at XConfessions, which premieres today: A FEMINIST MAN. I was curious about this confession by Hexia in the first place because it was among the most visited ones. I read it and I knew it was perfect for a film, especially because of the character: an intellectual and handsome feminist man. I also liked the fact that the short text overcame the stereotype of being an intellectual as an opposite to being a sexual persona.


“Intellect is a total turn on”

I do believe in mind crushes. I can change my opinion on how attractive someone is (for the better or the worse!) after I’ve discovered a bit more of their personality. For example, sense of humor is a killer for me. I find people who can listen attentively very seductive as well, and then again, I’m attracted to people who are more experienced than me and have sort of an adventure whiff. So, I needed a performer who could believably embody these kinds of traits. I thought of Marc Morato from the very first moment, and I was glad that he accepted. I casted Maria Riot as the college girl because she is also an intelligent lady, with a sort of 60s face. And I had decided that I wanted the film to be set in a May 68 atmosphere, so that I could have an attractive and defined aesthetic frame. The idea of the voice over of a woman remembering her youth in Paris came afterwards, when we were in post production, and it added a poetic layer to the film.

25 August, 2015

It is always great news when I know that my films will be showcased in theaters. That’s where you can really appreciate all the effort we put into every image we make (if my IT director allows me to say so, since he’s always super concerned with the quality of our streaming… don’t get mad at me Hugo, but size matters here!). The composition, the color, the editing, the sound. It is really a thrilling experience. Our “on tour reel” features a selection of the best short films so far, with a special cut for public screenings.

Not every film festival dares to feature explicit content, which is fine because we end up working with the best of the best, the most innovative and edgy! I have always been a fan of London`s Raindance, and the fact that they have scheduled a screening of XConfessions make me super happy. It’s one of the best indie film fests on this side of the Atlantic, so this is just a dream come true. This will happen in September, stay tuned for the precise dates.

Then in October I will fly to Chicago International Film Festival. I am surrounded by great names and can’t feel but humbly honored. Yep, I will be present in both events and will have a Q&A to discuss my filmography and the new female approach to sex and cinema. If you join us in any of these venues, I can guarantee that you will leave the cinema happy, amused and hopefully in the mood for sex and love.

21 August, 2015

This week’s release at Lust Cinema is the latest volume of the Glimpse Series by the artist Roy Stuart: no less than 140 minutes of explicit images with a very unique approach. You can tell Stuart’s photographer background because of the way he takes care of light, in an artificial and expressive way. His most cherished characters are young natural women, both sweet and perverted. He portrays them in very Parisian interiors (old big flats in downtown Paris with chimneys, wooden floors, vintage woodworks) and peculiar sex situations. His images have a distinctive underground flavor that I adore, mixing these fresh characters in girly underwear with some glam and fetish elements, such as heels or satin or something vintage pretending to be luxurious in their environment… A great contrast!

Number 15 is the first Glimpse with some sort of non conventional narrative thread, and it’s built around the situations taking place in a psychiatrist’s office. Other authors such as Ovidie in Pulsion, have already explored this environment and the profound ring roads in our minds where the most secret fantasies and desires are hidden.


Copyright: roystuart.net

Roy Stuart started his career in the 70s in New York, and was a close friend of famous poets such as Allen Ginsberg or Nelson Villamor. Then in the 80s he moved to Europe, and lived in London before definitively establishing himself in France. Taschen has published several books about his work, and he can undoubtedly be considered a pioneer of some contemporary aesthetics: the erotica of the cheeky girl next door and its messy, realistic, natural surroundings.

14 August, 2015

This week started off with a rare little gift in the mail from the UK. A gorgeous magazine brandishing the philosophy:

“A woman’s desires can be as sensual or as sexual, as erotic or as explicit, as her own tastes might lead her.”

The culprits you ask? Well it’s an intuitive brand named The Quite Delightful Project. After being in contact with Designer, Website & Social Media gal and Writer, Alice Taylor, they decided to send me a copy of their magazine to us, and it was so much more than I could have ever expected!


“This magazine is our own expression of what should be every woman’s right to enjoy all imaginable aspects of her own sexuality.”

Issue 2 boasts the name Quite Lovely, and “seeks to to explore female sexuality through quite portrayals of intimacy eliciting an introspective response, alongside other content that is unashamedly and undeniably forthright and confrontational.” It’s full of incredible explicit photography and self-portraits from over 15 photographers, my personal favorites being those of Editor herself Katherine Jane Wood and work from Laurent Benaim. All I want to do it put all these up around my office!

The magazine has a number of interviews with truly inspiring women, including Britain’s most acclaimed female adult film Director Anna Arrowsmith, and the founding member behind New Yorks The Outdoor Co-ed Topless Pulp Fiction Appreciation Society, Alethea Andrews who are “taking a stand for equality and enjoying the sunshine.” (Look them up they are amazing!)

“There is something essentially romantic and historical, even emotional, about erotica that makes you yearn, whereas porn tends to fill a basic need.” – Janey Ballantyne, Quite Lovely

13 August, 2015

At XConfessions.com we are always looking for new ways to push the boundaries of our films with their aesthetics and cinematic qualities. When I received a confession about one man’s obsession with Daryl Hannah from the movie SPLASH, my brain started sparking off ideas like crazy. But of course, a mermaid was too obvious, so I though how cool it would be to have a MERMAN instead! Get a taste of mythological sex in IBIZA SPLASH CRUSH.

The first tricky part of this film was finding a performer who would be interested in playing the usually effeminate role. But when we came across the Ibizan Gabe Tonic with his octopus tattoos, mustache and sailor rings, we knew we had found the actor with the perfect aesthetic. He also lives by the sea so he was more than pleased to put on a merman tail!


Photo: Rocio Lunaire for XConfessions.com

That brings me to problem number two: finding a mermaid tail. If you’ve heard about the serge of mermaid schools popping up around the globe, you’ll know that these tails are in high demand. So we searched and had one flown all the way from America from The Mertailor. It was beautiful and I couldn’t wait to shoot with it!

11 August, 2015

As soon as I saw the work of Portuguese-born Berlin-based photographer Rita Lino on Dazed, I knew I had stumbled across perspective changing work. Her project Entartete (German for degenerate) is incredibly revealing and intimate in its depiction of Lina’s relationship with her body over a 10 year span. She questions sexuality, beauty and the body in her beautiful self-portraits, completely uninhibited.

“Taking photos of myself is a relationship. The camera knows me better than I know myself. It knows how to look at me and it shows glimpses of what I could never see reflected in a mirror.” – Rita Lino, Dazed Digital

Photo: Copyright www.ritalino.com

Photo: Copyright www.ritalino.com

In her interview with Dazed she explains how the project came out of boredom and is now an obsessions: “It’s an extension of myself – pushing myself, my emotions to another level… Through these images, I observe and study the body and its emotions – it’s an intimate visual diary.” 

The project also makes a political statement just with it’s title, taken from “Entartete Kunst”. A defamatory phrase used by the Nazi Party for their campaign against modern art during the 1930s. Rebellious in her personality as she is with her photos. it’s hard not to love her work, reminding me of the same intuitive nature of photographers like Sasha Kurmaz or Pol Agustí. Two photographers who illustrate a number of stories on XConfessions.com.


Photo: Copyright www.ritalino.com

You can follow her work on her website and on Tumblr.

10 August, 2015

In the wake of Lenny Kravit’s #penisgate last week at a gig in Stockholm (which we appreciated A LOT), another celeb has decided to stand up to fight for more naked men, but this time in film. Kevin Bacon has called out Hollywood on its sexist values, showing far more female nudity in film than male (we’re looking at you Game of Thrones). And with a clever use of his name, Kevin has our full attention with his witty sarcasm.

“We wanna be naked too.”


It’s about time a major male face in the film industry stood up for these issues. We are in a liberal 21st Century where equality of the sexes should be embodied in every part of world. Because us ladies love men’s bodies and want to see them. There is no reason to be afraid of a penis! We want more! So guys do us a favor and join the movement and free your bacon!

“Gentlemen, it’s time to Free Your Bacon… your wiener, your balls and your butt.”