29 August, 2014

Im spending a few days in Stockholm, the city where I was born back in 1977 (am I that old?). If I think that I came to celebrate my grandma’s Vera 99th anniversary, then I’m f*****g young! My grandma was born in 1915, only 2 days after Ingrid Bergman, Ingrid would have turned 99 years old also this week :(

Made with Repix (http://repix.it)The picture above is in my favorite mall, MOOD.


My grandfather, when he was around 15  y/o (circa 1930), picture found and scanned at my mother’s place. HE would have been amazed to know that her wife will turn 99 tomorrow!


I got this amazing flask at Urban Outfitters


My new rings, while having a great lunch at RICHEIMG_8057

On my way to www.modernamuseet.seIMG_7998

An finally, at my parent’s house I’ve found this amazing picture of my father Lars (the one without the hat) being cool while sailing, back in 1975.


28 August, 2014

I’m loving these illustrations I came across by Marion Fayolle – they remind me of a certain XCONFESSION turned film that features a fox and a rabbit…

The tongue-in-cheek fun of sexuality is something that is a bit rare nowadays, but she does is imaginatively, beautifully and whimsically.

The young Strasbourg-trained artist not only creates these illustrations but has also just designed and launched several wonderful items of clothing in the Parisian boutique Cotélac. She seems to have a talent for fabric print design as well as fun sex illustrations – so much so that she was even featured in Glamour recently.

Now I can’t decide … Do I want prints in my office, or should I buy one of her lovely dresses??

Marion Fayolle lapin Erika Lust Marion Fayolle Marion Fayolle hamacblog Erika Lust
marion fayolleI am thinking of how nice they would look in our new office!

26 August, 2014

If you read my blog and keep up with my facebook, then you will already know I’m a big fan of the Representation Project – a film and media movement tackling gender stereotypes and the inequalities that come from them.

After Cate Blanchett called one reporter out at the beginning of this year at the SAG awards – rousing an ‘amen sister’ from us all – by the time this year’s emmy awards took place in Hollywood, there was a conceded effort to change the way women are treated on the red carpet. These are some of the best actresses of our time, being celebrated for outstanding performances, and yet all we seem to glean from their pre-show interviews is who designed their dress, whether they had a manicure, what’s in their purse, or how things are with their husband or baby. Come on – it’s 2014 not 1954!

Cue the Representation Project’s latest awareness effort. Following the great response to the #notbuyingit campaign to end sexism in advertising, comes the #askhermore hashtag. If you’ve seen the cringe-worthy questions directed at women before (it is just me, or do most of the actresses seem to hate every moment of it as much as we do?) on the red carpet, you will agree it is high time to be asking something better, like:


Unfortunately, there were still a few determined journalists hell-bent on sticking to the usual vapid inquiries. However, they will always meet their match in the likes of actresses like comedienne Sarah Silverman, who unapologetically refused to talk about her outfit or looks, and played the entire experience like the joke that it really was.

Because the fact is that roles for women in movies and TV aren’t great, but they are getting better – thanks in part to the talented, outspoken women in Hollywood. But since we are the real consumers eating up what the entertainment industry serves, we have the power to demand better roles, deeper characters, more heroines and thoughtful questions posed to the actresses who play them.

25 August, 2014

Beauty, bondage and ball-gags … oh my!

No matter how many times I watch this video (it IS a year old at this point, after all), I still get the tingles. Directed by Álvaro de la Herrán, it was commissioned by GQ Spain to play off the bdsm-fairy-tale we’ve been seeing on bookshelves for the whole year, and which will shortly be turned into a hollywood film (unfortunately).

Now, if de la Herrán’s gorgeous, sumptuous, captivating take were on the silver screen, I’d be waiting in line for tickets like everyone else. His extremely erotic interpretation of the bdsm relationship between a man and a woman is breathtaking: “it’s clear to me that in a contemporary sexual relationship, a kiss hides more than a tongue.”

Enjoy and happy Monday :)

21 August, 2014

The most arousing think about This Voyeurs Life project is the feeling of intimacy. Usually the rush in being a voyeur is in being taboo – the observer of something that is private and not meant to be seen by prying eyes. But these erotic photo sets and short films are something else entirely … for me, they don’t so much inspire this naughty feeling of an outsider looking in, but rather that I am part of this couple’s experience.


In most pornos, you want to identify as one character or the other (or both!) – fantasizing about receiving that pleasure, trying that sex move, or what it would be like to fuck that person. But, as I said, This Voyeurs Life is different. I feel like I’m there, just entering the room, and poised to get involved myself. The subjects don’t feel unreachable, they seem to be just within my grasp: I could brush her hair back, I could kiss him, I can practically feel their hands running over my skin. It’s a truly intimate experience of visual erotica.

On the website, erotic filmmaker and creator of this project, Joe Wehner, is still in the process of adding more information and portraits of these gorgeous men and women… and I’m waiting at the edge of my seat! Working out of locations in New York City - mostly in the subject’s own homes – definitely adds to this sense of observing their intimacy in a natural setting. I’m excited to see if this could be a beautiful new genre (already growing thanks to creative amateur couples on Tumblr) of filming intimate, loving sex between amateurs at home.

Do you watch this “homemade by couples” kind of porn? Do you have a favorite site? How do you think this art project compares? Tell me your thoughts in the comments!

20 August, 2014

For those of you who follow my blog and social media, you might remember when the Dutch street artist, Toshy, visited the Lust offices earlier this summer. Here, he designed, printed and created 5 wonderful pieces of art based on some of the most popular XCONFESSIONS posts. And one lucky Facebook follower won the 5th artwork in a random draw!

In a beautiful blend of pop imagery, modern calligraphy and the words from anonymous sex confessions written by the public, these canvases are completely one of a kind. Whether as an arousing reminder hanging in your bedroom to live your fantasies and have confession–worthy sex, or (if you’re really bold) a conversation starter for all your friends and admirers of modern art.


And the best part is that they are now available for sale in Lust Store! Be sure to check them out … and if you fall in love with a piece, act fast! Because each canvas is totally handmade and unique … and of course there is only one of each.