Let’s make a porno. But let’s make it different! Let’s make an indie film.

Hi! I’m Erika Lust, indie erotic film director. My films show sex on screen.
During my first experiences watching porn (either at a pajama party with my pre-adolescent friends, or at college with my boyfriend) I couldn’t help but feel disgust. It was tacky, it was ugly, the women did not look like they were enjoying themselves. At that time, I still wasn’t thinking of specializing in erotica, but watching it opened my way to find myself a sex-positive feminist. Being born in Sweden, I was raised immersed in a strong culture of sexual liberalism, and I’ve always had this crazy idea that women should enjoy sex as much as men.

Being the cinephile that I am – and feeling aroused whenever an erotic scene would come up on screen -, it wouldn’t take long until I realized that what I wanted to do was to portray sex the way I’d see it: beautiful, intelligent, and full of joy!

“What the hell are
you doing, Erika?!”

(my Mom back in 2004)
TEDx Vienna invited me to go explain what I think about sex on screen.

Wondering what is like
to shoot with me?

It’s Time for
Porn to Change

While studying political sciences, feminism and sexuality at the University of Lund, I came across the 1989 book Hard Core: Power, Pleasure, and the Frenzy of the Visible by Linda Williams. This book was hugely influential on the modern discourse of pornography, and on my personal impression of the genre as well.

When I started my career a decade ago, female voices were practically nonexistent within the porn industry. To me this was outrageous, leaving the most important discourse on gender and sexuality only in the hands of men, who were normally total strangers to the alien idea of women having the same rights as men.

Deep inside me I knew that if I didn’t like porn as it was, I should stop complaining and start shooting. And in order to do it the way I wanted, I had to develop some serious filmmaking skills. So I moved to Barcelona in 2000 and went straight to work in production agencies. I served coffee, drove cars, bought batteries… Whatever would take to be on the film set. Four years (and a few filmmaking classes) later, I had the opportunity to make a short film.

Then The Good Girl happened. It was adult entertainment, but with a twist. The casting, the decoration, the clothes, the styling, the music, the script, the photography: all of these were key elements for me.

Why putting so much effort in videos to jerk off?, many asked. You were such a brilliant student, why are you wasting your life like this?, others said. And yes, I had my own doubts… But them all vanished when I uploaded The Good Girl to the internet (for free!) and saw the download counter reach 2.000.000. That moment I knew that I wasn’t alone. There were other people who felt the way I did, who wanted a different kind of adult cinema. A entire new world had just become possible.

I sent The Good Girl to the International Erotic Film Festival Barcelona (FICEB) and it won first prize. I immediately felt the urge to go back to the set. I founded Erika Lust Films in Barcelona in 2005 and shot Five Hot Stories For Her – me, a fan of self explanatory titles. Step by step, as the media worldwide started noticing me and I started to meet other professionals, I managed to shoot Barcelona Sex Project (2008), Life, Love, Lust (2010) Cabaret Desire (2011), and the short films Handcuffs (2009) and Room 33 (2011). And as I also wanted to offer support to amateur filmmakers and other creators, I wrote and published Good Porn: A woman’s guide (2008) and Let’s Make a Porno: A Practical Guide to Filming Sex (2013).

The XConfessions series

XConfessions is my most ambitious project up to date. It’s the first crowd-sourced project in the history of adult cinema. In XConfessions, I invite everyone to share their sexual fantasies and stories with the whole community, and select the most imaginative confessions to turn into explicit erotic short films. I’m always surprised by the stories! I shoot the confessions with the most exigent filmmaking standards. It is a tremendous challenge, but completely worth it.With its expanding catalogue (it’s been over 70 short films already!), XConfessions is my best project so far because it’s inspired by the passions, the sex, and the ideas of my fans and followers. It’s adult cinema by and for them entirely! It might sound presumptuous, but I also believe it is among the most creative, most high quality erotica being produced nowadays. That has to do with the amazing crew that collaborates with me: young film creatives who are proud of taking part in this sex adventure. A great part of them are women!

Lust Cinema

The internet has always been my ally. Lust Cinema was launched in 2010 to feature the work of many amazing directors and to provide a home for those seeking an alternative to mainstream porn. It’s an unique online cinema! We have everything, from vintage to modern, tutorials to art, romance to kink. I personally curate the catalogue and I am always scouting new authors with the help of my team.


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