2 octubre, 2015

Grab your popcorn and your condoms! I’m delighted to announce this new release at Lust Cinema – it’s another hot hit from Jacky St. James and couple’s favorite New Sensations:  I love My Hotwife. 

When it comes to sex, a marriage doesn’t have to be restricted to old norms and ideas about monogamy. As the old sayings go, “sharing is caring” and  “the more the merrier”, right? 

But even if you wouldn’t share your loved one with someone else in reality, you can always indulge in a little filmmaking that plays out that fantasy for you. And when it comes to naughty couple’s narratives, no one does it better than Jacky St. James. Her romantic yet hardcore narratives are highly visual but never forget to show the couple’s connection. 

29 septiembre, 2015

I am in constant awe of people’s creativity and so grateful to get to collaborate with such amazing artists and photographers for XConfessions – it adds so much to the social feeling of the project.

The gentleman sure likes stockings...

The gentleman sure likes stockings…

One of our latest collaborators is The Dirty Gentleman. We love his erotic elegant photos, the drama, the classiness, his penchant for stockings… But the The Dirty Gentleman does not only do exquisite erotic photography… oh no! He also offers a membership. As a member you will receive a lovely crafted parcel, containing a photo taken by the gentleman himself, and a pin to wear granting you access to the Quarterly Socials, the social gatherings hosted by the gentleman where you meet other dirty gentlepersons… It all sounds very secret, exciting and sexy to me!


My very own parcel from The Dirty Gentleman

25 septiembre, 2015

Yesterday night was beautiful and very relevant for me. After my talk “Creativity and innovation in erotic cinema” , we screened 8 of the best Xconfessions shorts at the Raindance Film Festival., in London. Like always, I enjoy watching our films in the big screen. It was a great night, followed by a crazy party. I’m also super happy because I came to London with part of our Lust team, Almudena, Aleix, Cristina and Samantha.

24 septiembre, 2015

What’s that up in the sky? Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Well, yes it is! But it’s not just any old plane…it’s an XConfessions plane full of desire, seduction, sun and sex. For the newest film Come Fly With Me we got into some erotic aviation – and we actually went to an airfield in the Costa Brava to shoot one of the most exciting XConfessions yet.

This confession is based on a young female flight instructor who teaches those afraid of flying. She pushes people into the air as their fear turns into adrenaline and endorphin’s…

A little bit of fear can be very sexy, especially when you have a hot pilot to help you calm your trembling nerves. I think most of us can relate to the thrill of doing something that scares us and to that wonderful rush that sets in when fear and adrenaline morphs into pleasure! I think being brave is about doing something despite of it – and when we are brave we can have our best adventures.


Carolina Abril and Luke Hotrod, sharing an embrace at the airfield

I knew Carolina Abril would be just right for the role as flight instructor. Her calm and confident persona, along with her dark gaze and natural beauty makes her perfect for this summer tale. And as the nervous passenger… no other than one of our absolute favorite rockstars and on-set comedians:  UK-hunk Luke Hotrod

It was a treat to have Luke back, and Come Fly with Me marks his return to XConfessions since The Art of Spanking and Take Me Drunk, I’m Home. Welcome back Luke, you’ve been missed! 

23 septiembre, 2015

So summer is over… After a few exceptionally hot months here in Barcelona I must say I welcome the cooler months. The heatwave was pretty brutal this year – thank god we have Air-Con here at the Lust offices!image1

I will miss weekends at the beach…although I’m no stranger to colder dips. This slight shift in temperature from summer to fall got me thinking about swimwear and the bikini mania that always seems to happen at the first sign of spring. 

Advertisers and magazines try to make money by making people feel bad about themselves – and it always feels tiring and un-modern. Being at the beach is supposed to be about having fun, and not worrying about what you look like. Having said that, a little bit of beach fashion can certainly be fun.

I stumbled across this video that shows 100 year’s of men’s swimwear in 3 minutes. It’s a potpourri of budgie smugglers and mankinis from the past. Maybe I’m trying to hold on to the last rays of summer… or maybe I just like watching this guy try on lots of different swim trunks. 

22 septiembre, 2015

It’s official! The line up has been released and guess what? On October 21st at 8h30 PM, the emblematic Chicago International Film Festival will present XConfessions: A conversation with Erika Lust. A space where I will exhibit the best of my XConfessions series while explaining the need of a new approach to audiovisual female pleasure. In conversation with fellow film director Maria Finitzo, we’ll discuss not only the taboos of the Industry, but also the cinematographic challenges of the genre.

Marked as a Highlight, I feel incredibly and humbly honored to be among some of the biggest and most respected names of the Industry, from Todd Haynes (I’m not There) to Paolo Sorrentino (The Great Beauty), this year’s line up is more than I could dream of! I’m very thankful for the opportunity to present my work with pride and to the daring producers who understand my voice as a female erotic film director.

So stay tuned because XConfessions is on Tour and this time is going to the windy city! Check out the full schedule here.

21 septiembre, 2015

We’ve all been seduced by the image of our favorite rock stars or artist, whether it was a teenage crush on Mick Jagger in the 60s, worshiping Joan Jett and Cherie Currie from the Runaways in the 70s or a devoted love of Beyonce now, we’ve all been there. Fantasized about what they might be like in bed, how we might meet them, succumbing to their charms… you get the gist. Joybear Productions thought it was time they made a film that captured just that… so this weeks Lust Cinema release introduces us to the RIOT GIRLS!


Three close friends, three best selling albums and an ongoing worldwide tour… Riot Girls follows an all-girl rock band and the perks that come from their rock’n’roll lifestyle. Jenna, Bett and Karma, played by Jasmine Jae, Samantha Bently and Franki Rider, love their job, but also love men, women and sex. The story follows them on their sexual escapades as Bett enjoys her newly found boyfriend, Photographer Luke, who Jenna fantasies about having wished she’d got there first. To distract herself she indulges in some more than willing female groupies, whilst Karma lets her inhibitions and devotion to music go to enjoy her sexual desires.

18 septiembre, 2015

It’s time to soak up the last of the summer sun with the XConfessions Vol.5 HD download now available in the Lust Store!

Whether you want to have sex on the beach in EL CHICO DE LA PLAYA NUDISTA, indulge in some unspoken taboos with DEAR BROTHER IN LAW, discover your inner kink in AN APPOINTMENT WITH MY MASTER or find out what it’s like to have sex with a merman in IBIZA SPLASH CRUSH, Vol.5 has you covered plus a hell of a lot more.

You will also see a number of the new faces we’ve welcomed to XConfessions, including the sex guru that is Mickey Mod from San Francisco, the sumptuously gorgeous Maria Riot from Argentina, Ibizan sailor hipster Gabe Tonic, the golden-haired Berliner Lana Sue, and the seductive vixen Eris Maximo. Of course we paired them with a number of our favorites who returned to make the magic happen at XConfessions once again, including Julia Roca, Luke Hotrod, Bel Gris, Marc Morato, Alexa and Joel ThomasCarolina Abril and Amarna Miller.


Maria Riot and Marc Morato in A FEMINIST MAN.

This was by far the most adventurous, challenging and exciting volume to create so far with my wonderful team here at Lust Films. I hope you enjoy the incredible scenes captured within the magic hours of beautiful outdoor light and find a new little indulgence of your own.

Plus you can get 30% OFF ALL PURCHASES when you put the code 30XC5 at checkout.


Mickey Mod and Julia Roca in LA REINE DES CULOTTES.

Have fun and remember, stay safe and practice adventurous, mind blowing sex with XConfessions Vol.5!

Erika x

16 septiembre, 2015

Lord knows the internet can be a dark, scary place –  a forest full of trolls, revenge porn, hate and misinformation. It can be chilling to think about – but I also see the internet like a beautiful parallel universe, where we can connect and spread ideas with people on the other side of the world, support and comfort each other, and where we can get stronger and smarter together. 

We can create our own channels, platforms and spaces to express ourselves and create discourses far outside the mainstream media. For me, XConfessions sums up how that creative sharing economy works in the internet age – and I truly love to connect with all of you! Isn’t it amazing to really think about all the creative potential of the internet?

View post on imgur.com

Today, as I’m pondering the strange, wonderful times we live in, I’d like to lift my hat off to the girls of Bucepower Gang, a group of young women In Brazil who started a Tumblr page taking the empowering selfie to the next level. They created a space with their own take on feminism, without any academic lingo needed. In an interview with VICE, Cris from Bucepower Gang says “This Tumblr was created to tell women that you can show off both your body and your sexuality. But, on a deeper level, it’s also a place where girls can get to know each other, exchange experiences, and discuss serious problems.”

10 julio, 2015

As one of the most confessed fantasies, straight women are curious about experimenting with other women. Taking a step into the world of bisexuality, it can sometimes just a one night wonder, but other times it might make them question exactly what they want out of their relationships. This is what the talented and acclaimed French Director Ovidie explores in our new Lust Cinema release Le Baiser (The Kiss).

The film follows a young woman (Tiffany Doll) in a 10 year long relationship with a man (Rico Simmons). Sure of her sexuality, until she meets a seductive American artist (Madison Young) traveling through Paris. Sharing an intimate kiss on a bridge, the touch of her lips linger… Her mind is tortured by the desire to have a woman’s body. So after some time apart, the two succumb to their hunger and start a relationship.


12 septiembre, 2014

Knullträdet – long version from B-Reel on Vimeo.

15 noviembre, 2012

Hello everyone!

I can’t believe it’s already time for another newsletter! As usual, we’ve been working hard here at the Lust office … so that you can play hard as the season changes. As you may know, we upload new content to our Lust Cinema at least twice monthly, on the 1st and 3rd Fridays of every month. Hopefully you’ve had a chance to check out November’s new releases: two sexy comedies by New Sensations. “Love, Marriage, & Other Bad Ideas” is centered around a marriage counselor, who is so jaded after decades within his profession that he is cynical at both the ideas of love and commitment. “The Friend Zone” is a story that many of us have lived at one point or another – having feelings for a friend and having to weigh the risk of alienating them if you reveal your feelings. Both films are hilarious, with authentic characters and beautifully shot in HD.

When I left you in last month, I was heading to Berlin for their 7th annual Porn Film Festival. I always love visiting this vibrant city, and this time was no exception! The screenings of Cabaret Desire, and the Q&A sessions afterwards, went really great and the crowd at the festival (including directors, presenters, and audience alike) was a fun one. That friday, friend and fellow writer Anne Sabo presented her new book, “After Pornified: How Women Are Transforming Pornography and Why It Really Matters”. Well-researched, academic, analytical and totally engaging, Anne’s powerful feminist voice shows us how the women in the adult industry have a real capacity to change how porn both functions and is viewed. 


Anne Sabo & the Feminist Pornographers! Far right: director Jennifer Lyon Bell. Right: author Anne Sabo. Center: me, Erika Lust! Left: director Nenna.


Our office’s resident American, looking very patriotic, elated at the election results.