6 julio, 2015

It has been one of the most challenging yet successful shoots so far and we are so happy with the results for XConfessions Volume 5. This time we traveled across to the beautiful Costa Brava to take the opportunity to film in the natural light of the Spanish Summer sun during those magic hours of sunrises and sunsets. There is nothing better than having the opportunity to film this way and I’m very much looking forward to you all getting to see them over the next few months.


Bel Gris & Julia Roca frolicking in the early hours.

We had a hugely diverse set of films to shoot with a few new performers and many returning. Above you’ll see Julia Roca and Bel Gris returning to XConfessions Vol.5 once again for this perfect connection in EL CHICO DE LA PLAYA NUDISTA (THAT GUY AT THE NUDIST BEACH), shot at 5.30am for that beautiful sunrise.


Many of you will be pleased to know that UK stud Luke Hotrod is also back, who you can see above in our very first GIF giving a wild performance with new performer Maria Riot from Argentina in IF THE APOCALYPSE COMES, FUCK ME.


Maria Riot rocking a sultry 70s look for A Feminist Man.

The charismatic Maria also stars alongside the gentlemanly Italian Marc Morato, who I’m sure you’ll all remember as the deliciously seductive chef in EAT WITH…ME. This time he plays the smart and seductive feminist man!


Marc Morato looking handsom as our Feminist Man

3 julio, 2015

10 years of Lust, an entire decade of intelligent, fun and creative erotic film! It’s so humbling to have seen my little company blossom into the wonderful independent success it is today. But of course we couldn’t have done it without you, my wonderful fans and followers, who have supported us over the years. So to celebrate I have a little treat just for you…

Captura erika pastel 2

To say an extra special thank you, you can now get 50% OFF ALL MY LUST PRODUCTS. Every single thing, from DownloadsBlu-Ray’s and DVDs to tote bags and erotic art. But it’s ONLY FOR 72 HOURS, so be quick and have a weekend of lust on me!

Happy 10th Anniversary to Lust Films!

2 julio, 2015

I now have a psychedelic addition to the XConfessions catalogue… in all its colours, slow motion and mirrored effects, SLO BLO MO JOB couldn’t make the act of fellatio look more exciting and pleasurable.

This week sees the long awaited return of a Spanish couple Alexa and Joel Tomas to perform the ultimate blowjob on camera. This short was all about the attention to detail to capture every moment: every kiss, lick, suck and caress.


Photo: Chio Lunaire, lunaire.es

30 junio, 2015

With SLO BLOW MO JOB, my ode to the most mind-blowing blowjob, coming to XConfessions.com this Thursday, I just had to share these wonderful photo’s of men’s faces whilst receiving oral sex from Tumblr 70sblowjobfaces.


I love capturing these kinds of intimate and unique details in my films, the expressions on these guys faces are as wonderful as they are amusing!

So to fill that spare 5 minutes in your day and have a little giggle to yourself, here are some of my favorites…

blowjobs_mamadas5 blowjobs_mamadas8

29 junio, 2015

By now you have probably read all about klittra, Sweden’s brand new term for the solo act of female masturbation. A mix between clitoris and glitter, the wonderful word has been created to show that no women should be ashamed of how they get off. We should embrace it, do as much as we want and enjoy it to its full potential!

Eris Maximo’s and Lana Sue’s solo play in MY ROOMIE’S TOY was some of the best I’ve had the pleasure of filming and goes to show it’s worth investing time in.

So, to honor every woman out there and to celebrate klittra, here’s a little video from us at Lust Films, with some wonderful lady pleasure from the XConfessions.com performers!

26 junio, 2015

Lust Cinema has always been a platform to showcase the artistic, the edgy and the avante-garde of the pornography world, along with some of the more commercial titles. But once in a while we feature something that really brings these aspects to the fore. This weeks release brings you Quintet: A Choreo-pornographic Experiment by David Bloom.

The line between pornography and art has always been a fine one. Explicitness in art is more widely accepted, applauded, taken as a serious creative form, whereas pornography is still a subject of revulsion. But what about when Directors place just as much artistic knowledge, creativity and attention to detail into a pornographic film as they do a theatrical performance, can it really still not be appreciated for its beauty and intelligence?


24 junio, 2015

As one of the newest members of the Lust Team, new techy intelligence comes in the form of Gerard, Lust’s very own Web Developer. He works closely alongside Web Engineer Hugo to keep all my websites up and running and looking as fresh and exciting as they can, especially XConfessions.com! He has already worked as an extra in upcoming short DEAR BROTHER IN LAW (LIEBER SCHWAGER), out July 16th.

So let’s meet him…


Gerard (right) appearing as a family member in DEAR BOTHER IN LAW for XConfessions Vol.5.

How did you end up working here?

I’m still not sure as I honestly didn’t expect it! Four months ago, I was finishing my studies and I started to look for work and found a vacancy at Lust. After discovering Erika’s work, I didn’t hesitate a second to submit my resume. After a few days they called me for an interview. I honestly was nervous, but I explained my intention, not only in programming but also to contribute with ideas that could help. Fortunately things went well after a second interview and here I am!

22 junio, 2015

Holidays mean more time for ourselves, and time, my friends, is priceless! Like anything else, sex is better without time restrictions, with energy and freshness. Changing the scenario is also exciting. Going on holidays is a wonderful occasion to try out something new and to devote more time to our partners (either if they are old or new summer acquisitions – but keep it safe). Toys are always fun and helpful, but there are a few things to take into account when traveling with them.




Condoms are always good to have around, and of course lubricants are another basic. Lubes are like deodorants: there are many, they all work, but there is probably one that suits you best. In our shootings we use this gentle lube by Viamax, which also has the advantage of coming with a screw cap. This is important, because you don’t want a mess with lots of sticky product around your toilet bag!

Regarding toys, I would recommend to pack something of a reasonable size, but effective. An economic option is this cute mini vibrator by Tickler, and if you can spend a little more money, one of my favorites are these intimate massagers inspired in Japanese pastries by Tenga. Why is the Iroha series among my favorites? Because it feels like a soft marshmallow, and it’s so comfy that you’ll always be up to it!


Deliciously mushy

Oh… Batteries, of course! You don’t want to arrive to your destination and discover in the middle of the action that you can’t use your toy because you forgot about the batteries! Toys with a charger may require a plug adapter, depending on where you are traveling.


Yes, there are tons of possibilities that someone from the security staff will have a glance at your sex toy. But who cares? It’s your right and it’s completely natural. So don’t tell a lie if they ask you. It’s always nice to check the legislation of the country you are traveling to, just in case. But you know what can be a bad idea, worldwide? Traveling with handcuffs and floggers – just a few examples of common items used for BDSM games. Well, pack a silk foulard or buy a new pair of handcuffs in your destination instead. I’ve already heard a few stories of people who had to drop the fake handcuffs they got in their carry on. I mean, if they make you throw away a nail clipper, don’t expect them to be more sympathetic with your little kinks. Oh, and it’s also a good thing to place your toys inside a plastic zip lock bag – you don’t want strangers to touch it, do you? Which leads me to the next point:


A lot of people forget that sex toys are in contact with your personal fluids, which means they can transmit diseases as well. If you use a vibrator with a sporadic partner, you should put a condom on it. Hey, and washing them just with water is not enough. I recommend to wash them with lukewarm water AND soft soap, and then apply a special product, like this tea tree toy cleaner: it’s organic, it’s easy to use and it smells delicious! Anyway: always read the cleaning instructions that come with your specific toy.


18 junio, 2015

Starting with a romantic and flirty rural setting, La Reine des Culottes, my newest XConfessions release, is like a trip to the past with a retro scenario and two gorgeous people having the most amazing sex!

We welcome for the first time to the XConfessions series to Mickey Mod who’ve I been trying to work for years and has finally happened. He, along sexy Julia Roca, who’s back ater her latest Car Sex Generation, bring to live one of my most beautiful and romantic short films yet. The innocence, the unawareness and the desire come together in this film through two neighbors crossing paths by accident when she’s washing her pretty yet sexy underwear.


12 septiembre, 2014

Knullträdet – long version from B-Reel on Vimeo.

15 noviembre, 2012

Hello everyone!

I can’t believe it’s already time for another newsletter! As usual, we’ve been working hard here at the Lust office … so that you can play hard as the season changes. As you may know, we upload new content to our Lust Cinema at least twice monthly, on the 1st and 3rd Fridays of every month. Hopefully you’ve had a chance to check out November’s new releases: two sexy comedies by New Sensations. “Love, Marriage, & Other Bad Ideas” is centered around a marriage counselor, who is so jaded after decades within his profession that he is cynical at both the ideas of love and commitment. “The Friend Zone” is a story that many of us have lived at one point or another – having feelings for a friend and having to weigh the risk of alienating them if you reveal your feelings. Both films are hilarious, with authentic characters and beautifully shot in HD.

When I left you in last month, I was heading to Berlin for their 7th annual Porn Film Festival. I always love visiting this vibrant city, and this time was no exception! The screenings of Cabaret Desire, and the Q&A sessions afterwards, went really great and the crowd at the festival (including directors, presenters, and audience alike) was a fun one. That friday, friend and fellow writer Anne Sabo presented her new book, “After Pornified: How Women Are Transforming Pornography and Why It Really Matters”. Well-researched, academic, analytical and totally engaging, Anne’s powerful feminist voice shows us how the women in the adult industry have a real capacity to change how porn both functions and is viewed. 


Anne Sabo & the Feminist Pornographers! Far right: director Jennifer Lyon Bell. Right: author Anne Sabo. Center: me, Erika Lust! Left: director Nenna.


Our office’s resident American, looking very patriotic, elated at the election results.