4 marzo, 2015

This Sunday 8th March marks International Women’s Day, and what better way to celebrate women than making it all about us! And by us, I mean our inner kinks by treating our lady parts to some vital essentials at the Lust Store! After all, this year´s theme is #MakeItHappen!

To kick things off, here´s a little hello from me!

First, to get things hot under the collar, there are our latest film releases directed by some very talented women. Pulsion by Ovidie hits all the right spots with her intelligently sexy take on one woman´s journey to cure her sex addiction. Then there´s the intensely erotic art house trilogy Silver Shoes by Jennifer Lyon Bell which won Movie of the Year 2014 at the Feminist Porn Awards. Following three short stories, Bell shows off her skills at depicting some of the most realistic sex scenes in adult cinema. It will have you blushing in seconds…


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2 marzo, 2015

Music in porn: don’t yell! I know that for a long time it’s been a synonym for the worst stuffing cheap pseudo-sensuous sounds, such as flirting saxophones with an electronic chill out base. It is also a common amateur mistake (I mean amateur filmmakers!) to think that music will be enough to create a powerful atmosphere or emotion. The main question here is: who the hell cares about music in porn?

In Romance Bullshit, the music was a crucial part of the satire.

At XConfessions we have a highly demanding production output: two totally different short films a month, that require a lot of hard work to be as perfect as possible… We are not a sausage factory, and yet, we need to work fast. This of course affects the music choices we make. We also have to take into consideration all the issues with having the rights cleared, so music is an expensive part within the audiovisual industry.

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26 febrero, 2015

This week we have a new release with group sex in it! Whoo Hoo! I know a lot of my followers do love orgies. Maybe because it’s a common fantasy or maybe because it’s something more unusual. Well, shooting orgies is difficult, but the result is worth it. Also from a sculptural point of view: the image of twisted and tangled bodies is a very beautiful one.

I picked this Spanish confession because it inspired the idea of an orgy occurring unexpectedly among a group of young friends – it had something real. It also involved relations between men, and before picking this confession we had counted 7 different accounts of women who wanted to be engaged in a threesome with two men, but they wanted to see the men having intercourse as well.

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25 febrero, 2015

Where do we draw the line between what is OK in porn and what is going too far? Is everything permitted in sex? Where do we stop?

Some months back I read an article by Danish journalist Emma Holten. In 2011, naked pictures of her younger self, were stolen and published online. Without her knowledge, she was sexualized and harassed for months after they surfaced. Mainly by men.

She, as many other women who have been victims of the same crime, was not ashamed of her body, neither of her sexuality. She took those pictures for a reason: she looked pretty damn good naked and she felt proud about it! But she never intended to be thrown into the porn industry against her will.

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23 febrero, 2015

Have you ever wondered what cave men or the Victorians were using to get off? Well wonder no more as I have done a little research for you, as without these old fashioned (and quite uncomfortable looking!) devices, we wouldn´t have any of the fabulous toys in my Lust Store today! So take a walk through time with me…


Back in my home country, Swedish archeologists stumbled across this phallic artifact made from antler bone. Over 6,000 years old, the twelve by two centimeter object is thought to have had many uses, but just like today, the pleasure seekers among cave men probably would have been able to see its penile similarities.

So in the theme of going back to basics, why not try our Classic Silicone Dildo.

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20 febrero, 2015

At Lust Cinema we are “slaves” to our audience, so lately we’ve been debuting a couple of BDSM films in the midst of the Fifty Shades of Grey fever. Not all of them are the same: some are more accurate transmitting this lifestyle, some are more fictitious and similar to the bestseller, but all of them are explicit and transgressive. This week Lust Cinema is bringing you one of the most anticipated titles!

Of course New Sensations studios were not going to stay on the sidelines of the trend, and they’ve delivered two of the hottest and most successful explicit films on DOM/SUB relationships, starring Penny Pax in the role of Emma Marx. The award-winning director and writer Jacky St James brings you the second installment: The Submission of Emma Marx Vol.2: Boundaries, where the protagonist is pushed to the limit both in bed and sentimentally.


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18 febrero, 2015

Who are they and how do they look? Do they behave girlish? What does “behaving girlish” even mean? Are feminist men masochistic, are they boring, are they hypocrites? Do they exist? Where is their hideout? Do you think that because I believe in feminist men, I am not a good feminist? Are feminist men a walking contradiction…?



As for every complex subject, when I try to think about this type I’ve called “The Feminist Man”, a lot of questions arise. I recall some of the reactions to Emma Watson’s speech supporting the UN’s HeForShe campaign, which precisely tried to win men’s favor in the fight for gender equality. The most pathetic of them was probably the fake nude photo leak, and the subsequent comments on the net made by men who had felt offended with her impassioned speech.

Let’s pick another case of study. Someone complained recently in an online forum concerning Fifty Shades of Grey. He said he understood there was gender inequality, we live in a chauvinistic world and he agreed to that. But then he wondered why should he care about women’s problems, when it was precisely women who were buying the goddamn book!

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17 febrero, 2015

Watching the incredible ballet techniques of Sergei Polunin fall seamlessly with the Irish gospel of Hozier´s “Take me to Church”, makes this is one of the most beautiful and sexy videos I´ve seen lately.

Director David LaChapelle has done a brilliant job to create a video that is both full of angst and erotica as the Russian British Ballet vet performs choreography by Jade Hale-Christofi.

There´s just something about this man in nude tights and tattoos that perfectly brings together the raw yet emotional qualities of both the track and the dance.

The light beam entering from a corner that Polunin “casually” crosses every once in a while has almost a divine quality. The empty barn surrounded by nature, the leaves moving slightly due to the breeze as if they danced too, the subtle appearance of the smoke, the elegant movement of the camera… It looks simple, but it’s not. This is just perfection.

16 febrero, 2015

A few weeks ago I wrote about Beate Uhse, former pilot and sex shop pioneer. Then I came across the teaser of a documentary about Alice Guy-Blaché, one of the mothers of narrative filmmaking, and I thought: this is an artist worth reclaiming! They say that for several years, Alice Guy was probably the only female film director in the world. The documentary is directed by another woman, Pamela Green, produced by Robert Redford and narrated by Jodie Foster.

Alice’s contributions to invent what we nowadays call “film language” are as important as those of many of her male contemporaries. Yet, it is outrageous the way Alice fell into oblivion since her death until very recent times, probably just because she was a woman.

Captura de pantalla 2015-02-16 a la(s) 12.54.03


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