Acclaimed indie director Erika Lust continues with her latest compilation of erotic short films written by anonymous fans and followers at xconfessions.com. Part of an ongoing series, this third compilation showcases 10 new and exotic confessions that have been brought to life by Erika in 2014.

Feel the bright exotic erotic feel flowing throughout every confession! It also features the first religious fetish in El que no ama no conoce a Dios, the first lesbian threesome in I Wish I Was A Lesbian, and more ambitious storytelling and settings, such as the erotic satire of Romance Bullshit filmed atop a rooftop in Barcelona´s beach.

This volume also features the following confessions: A Weekend in the Garden of Eden, Boat Buddies with Benefits, Cinéma X (Pigalle), Fräulein O., Hello, Pool Boy!, Rush of the Forbidden and Take Me Drunk, I’m Home.

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Introducing the second compilation of erotic short films written by anonymous fans and followers at xconfessions.com and brought to life by acclaimed indie director Erika Lust. Part of an ongoing series, this dvd showcases the 10 best confessions submitted to the site during the first half of 2014. Highlighting Erika’s trademark cinematic style, featuring talented new performers, and using original stories ranging from spanking to foot fetishes, threesomes and voyeurism.

Once again pushing the boundaries of contemporary adult film, XCONFESSIONS is Erika’s most ambitious project to date: resulting in nearly-constant production of complex and unique material for the first quality crowd sourced explicit cinema in existence. Compelling characters, edgy themes, titillating taboos, elegant aesthetics and sensual sex combine to ensure that you’ll never think about porn the same way after seeing Erika Lust’s greatest erotic masterpiece!


Ever wonder what it would be like to see your sexual fantasies played out in a film? Well in XCONFESSIONS, Erika Lust does just that! Part of an ongoing series, this dvd showcases 10 explicit short films directed by Erika Lust: showcasing her trademark cinematic style, fresh-faced performers and authentic stories created by the public.

At xconfessions.com, users write their dirtiest deeds and forbidden fantasies anonymously. Then, Erika picks 2 confessions each month to be turned into beautiful erotic short films. With provocative titles like “My First Time Eating Oysters and Pussy” or “I Fucking Love Ikea”, this compilation has something for everybody. Whether you’re into group sex, role-play, erotic games, bondage, or starring in your own porno… after seeing Erika’s new production, you’ll never see adult film the same way!

Cabaret Desire

Cabaret Desire is Erika Lust’s most personal and ambitious feature film, released in 2011. Enter the Barcelona ‘Poetry Brothel’: a magical, bohemian place where people go after dark to lose themselves in erotic storytelling. A madam introduces each poetry whore, who in turn shares their provocative tales of sex, lust, passion, fantasy, and adventure.

Winner of multiple awards, Cabaret Desire beautifully showcases all of the qualities for which Erika’s films have become famous: modern sets, urban cityscapes, relatable characters, an edgy cast of indie performers, natural storytelling, tasteful styling, to-die-for lingerie and toys, fresh music, stunning cinematography, and sex that is passionate, intimate, and authentic.

VIP screenings in Soho Houses, Berlin & London (2012)
Film of the Year – Feminist Porn Awards, Toronto (2012)
Audience Choice Award – CineKink Festival, New York (2012)
Official Selection – Erotikos Film Festival, Jamaica (2012)

Room 33

Do not disturb! In this sequel to the award-winning short Handcuffs (2009), seductive duo Natalia Paris & Paco Roca return to their dark playground; this time seeking a third party. Room 33 is about the sexiness of travel, intimacy with complete strangers, and the allure of what happens behind closed doors.

To celebrate it’s grand opening, Barcelona’s Camper Hotel invited six filmmakers to shoot a 7-minute film, to be presented in a mini film festival. There were two conditions for the challenge – the directors only had 24 hours to film, and had complete artistic freedom for that space of time. Transforming this modern, plush boutique space into a dreamy Love Hotel, Erika Lust took the opportunity to shoot a steamy ménage à trois.

Life Love Lust

Life, love and lust – three things inherent in Erika Lust films, represented as three beautiful and unique stories. Relationships bloom and desire unleashed, set against the edgy, urban backdrop of Barcelona’s city center. Sleek locations, modern stories, a local indie soundtrack, endearing characters and arousing sex make Life Love Lust one of Erika’s best selling films for couples.

‘Life’ – After a busy day at work, a chef and waitress unwind with a hot birthday affair. ‘Love’ – A successful forty-something executive seduces a young man who suddenly falls for her. ‘Lust’ – A shy and lonely woman enjoys a skin-to-skin massage from the sexy Lola: rubbed, licked, pleasured, and teased to breaking point.

Film of the Year – Feminist Porn Awards, Toronto (2011)


Handcuffs is a short film based on the director’s incredible real experience: witnessing a couple’s public sex game. It premiered at the 2009 Circuito Off Festival of Venice and tells a story BDSM, role-play, seduction and sex all in public … Only in Barcelona!

Shot in the darkly chic Coppelia cocktail bar, the camera follows the kinky couple, portrayed by the irresistible Natalia Paris and Paco Roca, who don’t realize that a curious voyeur is following their every exhibitionist movement … or do they? An inspiring performance that will leave you wondering how you can play your very own sex game, and whether you’ve ever missed one going on around you! Handcuffs premiered in 2009 at Circuito Off in Venice, Italy.

Best Experimental Short Film – CineKink Festival, New York (2010)
Sexiest Short Film – Feminist Porn Awards, Toronto (2010)

Barcelona Sex Project

Barcelona Sex Project is an independent and experimental documentary that brings you up close and personal with 6 gorgeous Barcelona residents. Three men and three women invite you into their everyday lives and intimately share their stories, passions, and finally, orgasms. Screened at Paris Porn Film Festival (2008), CineKink New York (2009), and X-RATED in Amsterdam (2009).

Good looks and great personalities are just about our subjects have in common. Three guys, three girls – all come from different social scenes and backgrounds, and all are extremely likable … Especially once the clothes come off and the real action begins! Each graciously lets us watch while they bring themselves to an ecstatic orgasm, and the results, thanks to Erika’s amazing eye, are hands-down the most stylish solo scenes ever captured on camera. Beautiful, stark and incredibly authentic, Barcelona Sex Project is perfect for sex culture enthusiasts and fans of masturbation erotica.

Best Erotic Documentary – Venus International Fair, Berlin (2008).

Five Hot Stories, 2007

Written and directed especially for women and couples, Five Hot Stories for Her is Erika’s first feature-length work. A compilation of five modern, intelligent, erotic vignettes, this was the film that put Erika on the map as a new leader in adult films for women, and served as a direct challenge to the mainstream industry. With some of the finest storytelling in explicit film, Five Hot Stories for Her rightfully launched Erika’s career into the spotlight and is still one of the cornerstone classics of good porn. In fuckyoucarlos.com, a soccer player cheats on his wife, who in turn plans exquisite revenge. Something About Nadia interweaves three women’s infatuations with the beguiling Nadia, who works in an erotic boutique. Married With Children is a playful story with an intensely satisfying S&M scene between a married couple. Two gay lovers have their final sexual encounter in Breakup Sex. And finally, in Erika’s sensational debut short film, The Good Girl, completes the quintet. Best Script – Barcelona Erotic Film Festival (2007) Best Film for Women – Erotic E-Line Awards, Berlin (2007) Honorable Mention – CineKink Festival, New York (2008) Film of the Year – Feminist Porn Awards, Toronto (2008)

The Good Girl

Erika Lust’s indie debut burst onto the scene of adult cinema and turned it on its head. Her very first attempt at erotic cinema, The Good Girl was released for free on the internet and downloaded over 2 million times in just a few short months, heralding Erika’s successful career as a successful modern adult filmmaker. This short film is now included in her 2007 feature film, Five Hot Stories for Her. The short film, a twist on the classic “pizza guy” porn, is about Alex (Claudia Claire) – a beautiful, smart, successful, and confident businesswoman. She is single and thinks a lot about sex, but rarely acts on her fantasies, which always seem too impulsive. It’s only after a conversation with a friend, who is infinitely more impulsive than Alex, that she is inspired to try something that a ‘good girl’ wouldn’t do. Best Short Film –International Erotic Film Festival, Barcelona (2005)