Lust Adventures Season 2 by Erika Lust

Lust Adventures returns with Volume 2, featuring three amazing outdoor and indoor adventures: Chanelle & Alex over the dunes, Roller derby with Kali, Juan & Sylvan and Nat & Zina off the climbing wall.We follow this pair as they go dune bugging and end up on a deserted Caribbean beach in Chanelle & Alex over the dunes. They take advantage of the fact that they are the only ones at the beach to have some outdoor sensual fun, culminating in skinny dipping in the sea.We can watch a dominant Kali teaching Juan and Sylvan how to rollerskate in Roller Derby with Kali, Juan & Sylvan. It is their first time rollerskating, and they do not succeed well enough. Kali decides to maintain the dominant dynamic at home later, with a little bit of punishment and pleasure.Nat & Zina off the climbing wall demonstrates how bringing a vibrator may make climbing even more enjoyable. View the ultimate climbing fantasy with a gorgeous and vigorous couple.

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