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Lust Entertainment

A Man of Faith

by Erika Lust

Imagine a solemn church - tranquil and elegant, a place to reflect on your faith and spirituality. A woman enters and sits at the confessional to confess. Yet her sins, the priest is not prepared for…
She tells him how she is consumed by rapturing lust for a man she cannot have, for he has promised himself to God and has taken a vow of chastity.

He is forbidden fruit - far and unattainable, and yet he is sitting right beside her, on the other side of the confessionary grille. He is listening to her speak. Little by little, he finds himself consumed by lustful desires. Will a man of faith resist against the temptation of desire? -By THEBIBLEGIRL

Watch A Man of Faith directed by Erika Lust here

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by Erika Lust

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by Sara Youngblood Gregory

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