Female provocateur and porn film director Erika Lust is creating a new world of indie adult cinema

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The Uncensored Mag

How a friend inspired me to masturbate for the first ti...

by Leeza Mangaldas

Erika Says

Introducing: Masturbation Conversations - a mini-doc by Erika Lust Films

by Erika Lust

*Masturbation Month is a worldwide celebration held for 26 years every May to protect and celebrate the right to masturbate and to adequate education about self-pleasure. I’m celebrating it this year with a **#MasturbationConversations** campaign and a new min...

The Porn Conversation steps in to provide free sex ed f...

by Avril Louise Clarke

The History of Pornography

by Almaz Ohene

Masturbation: Forget Coming, Try Becoming

by Justin Hancock


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