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Masturbation: Forget Coming, Try Becoming

by Justin Hancock

Erika Says

'Masturbation Conversations' Mini-Doc: New Release on Youtube

by Erika Lust

In the mini-doc 'Masturbation Conversations', we feature people of different genders, sexual orientations, relationship statuses, and cultural backgrounds who have answered our call to discuss their pleasure journey openly.

How did you discover masturbation, and what were you taught growing up? How, when, and why do they masturbate? Do they talk about it with their partner, family, or children?

We invite you to join us in this conversation!

Masturbation Conversations: Naming Female Pleasure

by Catherine Harry

The Erika Lust Masturbation Month work perk: upgrading ...

by Erika Lust

The Couple Next Door: Masturbating Without You

by Guillermina Torresi


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