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Female provocateur and erotic film director Erika Lust is creating a new world of indie adult cinema

Hi! I’m Erika Lust.

I pledge to create new waves in adult cinema.

I want to show all of the passion, intimacy, love and lust in sex, where the feminine viewpoint is vital, the aesthetic is a pleasure to all of the senses, and those seeking an alternative to mainstream porn can find a home.

Lara Parker is an editor and writer at BuzzFeed and endometriosis and vaginismus advocate living in Los Angeles. Lara’s chronic illnesses are causing her daily pain and make it impossible for her to have penetrative sex. I’ve asked Lara to share her story with us and to tell us how she navigated her way from trying to get a diagnosis to starting therapy and to redefining what sex means to her.

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  • "A sensual and euphoric experience"
  • "Intelligent, innovative and thrilling"
  • "Erika Lust has broken the molds of adult cinema"
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