Erika Lust Films is part of a new wave of adult cinema made with an ethical production process challenging mass produced mainstream pornography. These are the principles we follow to adhere to this sex-positive mantra:

Equal pleasure

Women's pleasure matters. Our female characters have their own sex drive and desires, and are not passive objects focused primarily on pleasuring the men.


Represent all people equally and respectfully. Do not reduce performers to any primal feature, whether that be body shape, ability, age or ethnicity.

Fair pay

We pay every person fairly, from interns to performers. When you pay for your porn you ensure that everyone working on the movie gets the right pay.


We have nothing to hide because we are proud of what we do. Unlike the tube sites, you can see the name of every person involved in each part of making an Erika Lust film. Meet the team!

Safe sex environment

Every performer on every shoot must provide up to date STI tests & choose which method of safe sex they will use.

No surprises

Each part of the film is discussed and agreed upon with all performers well before the shoot.

Worker standards

All shoots include multiple breaks, food and a welcoming, relaxed atmosphere.

Fair comissions

Every director or studio featured is paid commission for the sale of their films.

To ensure that the production of all films follow the values listed above we have developed Guidelines for Guest Directors to Shoot for Erika Lust and the Erika Lust Performer's Bill of Rights. Both of which are a mandatory read and sign for all guest directors. If you would like to find out more you can read both documents below.