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Pussy Pearls

by Erika Lust

Erika Lust has once again delighted us with a film set against the backdrop of a rooftop terrace. Have you ever daydreamed about an evening filled with passion, surrounded by books, art, and desire? Well, we've got just the film for you– it's titled 'Pussy Pearls,' directed by Erika Lust and featuring the remarkable trio of Asita, Migi, and Calita Fire.

Inspired by the timeless allure of 70s classics like Emmanuelle, this film captures the genuine camaraderie of real-life friends. Their chemistry is so palpable that you might find yourself yearning to join them for an unforgettable day on that cozy terrace, where the air is thick with a blend of artistry, and irresistible passion.


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Erika Says

Explorando la No Monogamia

by Erika Lust

A veces, las relaciones amorosas y sexuales no convencionales se ven como traiciones que pueden dañar las relaciones tradicionales. Sin embargo, también muestran la diversidad y riqueza de cómo las personas eligen amar y conectarse. Al mirar estas relaciones desde un punto de vista comprensivo, podemos ver sus aspectos positivos, como una mayor intimidad y comprensión en nuestras relaciones.

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Erika Says

Erika Lust Invites Le Haut Conseil to Ethical Porn Talk

by Erika Lust

I invite Sylvie PIERRE-BROSSOLETTE, Président du Haut Conseil à l’Egalité entre les femmes et les hommes, to a briefing on the mission and impact of ethically produced porn, as it was an area completely overlooked in the recent report, “Pornocriminalité. Mettons fin à l’impunité de l’industrie pornographique”

The abolitionists are out in full force, once again aiming to polarize the public and demonize porn as a whole rather than looking closely at the issue. The IFOP survey (commissioned by a VPN provider) followed hot on the heels of the HCE report to reinforce negative perceptions. Yet, our recent research shows that:

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