Lust Zine, the uncensored mag, is Erika Lust’s online publication where she and guests cover everything related to sex, kink, sexuality, intimacy, filmmaking, feminism and the adult industry... totally uncensored. We don’t believe that sex should be censored, which is why everything you’ll find here is honest and explicit.

Find articles and videos by Erika Lust alongside guest pieces by sex educators, adult performers, feminist writers, activists, and some of you too. Split into three categories, in the Sex section you’ll find free explicit sex ed videos, sex tutorials, sexual health explainers by professionals, and kink explainers. If you like reading about sex and sexuality from a sex-positive, feminist perspective then this is your place.

In Voices you’ll find opinion pieces by Erika Lust and experts. From filmmaking to feminism, the Voices category invites more people to Lust Zine to share their thoughts, their expertise and their questions. Plus, you now have the chance to ask Erika Lust anything in her agony aunt advice column Ask Lust. And you have the chance to meet people doing work and activism that Erika Lust loves in her interview feature, Lust Loves. Looking for playlists curated for you by musicians with music to have sex to? Read the interviews with the musicians and find out why they chose the songs they did right here.

Finally, in Entertainment you’ll find all of Erika Lust’s latest film releases complete with special behind-the-scenes content, trailers, photos and more. Plus Erika’s take on the adult industry and the entertainment industry. Read the Watch List to know more about the latest Netflix series Erika has been watching or to find a curated collection of movies that Erika thinks you need to watch.

Keep up with all of Erika Lust’s sex positive, feminist news right here on Lust Zine. Remember to subscribe to make sure you never miss an article again!

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