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Top 10 Lesbian Movies

Top 10 Lesbian Movies

Reframing Representations of Lesbian Sex in Porn
Erika Lust | June 22, 2023 | 6 min. read

For a long time, porn often inaccurately portrayed lesbian sex. More than anything, it failed to restitute on-screen the intricacy and sensuality of two women having sex.
Today, things have changed - and thanks to increased awareness of the issue and the huge success of lesbian porn (the #1 porn genre across all viewer categories!), it has edged towards a more realistic depiction of the natural beauty of lesbian sex.
In Erika Lust productions - and our licensed content - we precisely do this and produce lesbian porn that is both sexy and faithful to reality. In all of our content, we ensure that the displayed pleasure is genuine, done in ethical conditions, and enjoyable for all our viewers, regardless of sexual/gender identity.

So without further ado, in this article, we pick up our favorite top 10 movies that feature “girl-on-girl” moments.

The intern on LustCinema

When her younger sister Maddie (Lena Anderson) goes missing in a foreign country after taking an internship for erotic filmmaker Erika Lust, Paisley (Casey Calvert) makes it her mission to find her. Leaving her hometown in the United States for the sensual streets of Barcelona, Paisley retraces her sister’s steps to find out where she’s gone. Starting with Maddie’s roommate (Michael Vegas) before moving on to her colleagues at Erika Lust (Paulita Pappel, Kali Sudhra), Paisley discovers much more about her sister than she bargained for. Will Paisley ever find her sister, or will she be lured into the heat of a European summer? This is a tale of sexual awakenings, erotic desire, curiosity, and pleasure; this is a summer of Lust.

Summer with Maria on XConfessions

The gorgeous Maisy Taylor and Bunnie Bennet star in this sun-soaked film by Joanna Slesicka.
Maisy escapes a rough breakup by renting a cabin on the lake for a few days. When she arrives, she's greeted by the beautiful Bunnie who's not afraid to reveal exactly what she wants. Set in the beautiful countryside of Poland this film will take you on a summer mini-break full of hazy pleasure.

Three on LustCinema

A couple is ready to leave the city behind and start their holidays in the countryside. As they get there, they are received unexpectedly; the landlord is a young Italian woman who is pleasuring herself next to the pool. The landlord (Ingrid) will also be their neighbour in the country house.Andrea and David cannot focus on work after the encounter, and they finally get to have passionate sex away from the city. The landlord keeps sending pictures and messages to a mysterious contact … Who's that woman?

Girl Crush on XConfessions

Sirena has a huge girl crush on Ariana. The only problem? She lives 4940 miles away.
Sirena and Ariana met online last year and have been talking ever since. They became so close that even with their distance, they managed to match time zones. As time goes by and conversations continue, feelings and attraction arise—until one day, Sirena can't take it anymore. She wants to explore these feelings in person, away from screens. Finally, Sirena decides to fly to Barcelona to visit the city—a perfect excuse to deal with all that sexual tension that built up over the year. When your crush is as intense as this one, distance is just an obstacle waiting to be removed.

Girl Friday on LustCinema

Inspired by Steven Shainberg's "Secretary" film, Girl Friday is a thrilling lesbian psychological drama that explores the intense relationship between a dominant lawyer and her obsessed new secretary. Charlie (Lena Anderson), is a young misfit who gets her first job in a law firm and finds herself obsessing about her new boss, Olivia (Mona Wales), after seeing her masturbating in the office on her first day. When Rachel (Maddy O'Reilly), the secretary that she was replacing, storms in the office a few days later, Charlie discovers the dom/sub relationship that Rachel has with Olivia. This makes Charlie angry and she decides to meet up with Monique (Demi Sutra), an old friend from college who offers her a massage after a few drinks. How far will Charlie's obsession with Olivia go?

Tulips on XConfessions

Rediscover the excitement of moving to a new city and exploring newfound sexual chemistry.
Shot by and starring bombshells Nat Portnoy and Luna Silver X, this film tells the story of a runaway romance on the sunny streets of Amsterdam.
Luna has just moved to the city and is looking for someone to show her around, so she meets Nat, a friend of a friend, in the park. They hit it off immediately and enjoy wandering the streets and taking photos of each other. Eventually, their adventure leads back to Nat's flat, where they begin exploring each other.

Sorrow Bay on LustCinema

Jack (Brooklyn Gray) and Alyssa (Kira Noir) have a great relationship, except for all the parts that don't work. They hope a road trip up the California coast with Alyssa's best friend Heather (Lilly Bell) will bring them closer together. But when they stop at the beach to see dolphins and meet Raidne (Victoria Voxxx), everything changes… Raidne is like no one has met before, and even the very straight Heather finds herself enthralled. Directed by Casey Calvert and also starring Aiden Starr, everything is different from what it seems in this Lust Cinema Original adult thriller. This visit to Sorrow Bay is spooky, scary, and very sexy.

Beso de Mezcal on XConfessions

Countryside smell, wildflowers, and mezcal: the perfect recipe for pleasure.
After a day full of sensations, the atmosphere filled with countryside smell and wildflowers, a ritual unites Julieta and her hostesses in an evening where they taste the magic of mezcal and learn the art of drinking it with kisses. This takes Julieta away, and she enjoys an evening full of joy and pleasure.

The listener on LustCinema

The Listener is a Lust Cinema Original, an erotic murder mystery set in London. When Nora (Maisy Taylor) moves into an old Victorian house left to her by an unknown Aunt, she can't believe her luck, but it doesn't take long for things to turn weird. As she is masturbating one evening, she starts to hear some strange noises. From the sound of teeth being brushed to kisses being stolen… she can hear each of her neighbors in HD sound. Her newfound power is a mystery, but it isn’t long until she starts to take advantage of it, listening to her neighbors’ private lives and fantasising in the process. That is until a mysterious murder upsets the building. Directed by Lidia Ravviso and starring performers Maisy Taylor, Romeo, Heidi Switch, Ryan Ryder, Effie Diaz, Honour May, and more, this comedic-thriller blends Cluedo and porn for a suspense-filled, cinematic, erotic movie that will leave you on the edge of your seat.

Eau de Pussy on XConfessions

Dip into the dreamy world of perfume adverts and stay until the very end as the three models lose themselves in the haze of each other's scent.
Have you ever wondered what happens once the camera stops rolling in those hazy, sensual perfume adverts? Well now you can find out as Alina Alie, Skye Blue and Odette frolic in the meadow, losing themselves in the haze of each other's scent.

Hope you enjoy! xx

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