Getting the Most Out of Friends-With-Benefits

by Erika Lust

How to Boost Your Solo Play as a Penis Owner

by Sara Brown

Ready for Dominance and Submission?

by Sara Youngblood Gregory

Top 5 moves to not end up K.O.

by Erika Lust

Exploring Trans Literacy

by Carla Hernando

Sex Positions (with Female Pleasure in Mind)

by Erika Lust

A Guide to the Ins and Outs of Sex Parties

by Erika Lust

How to Keep Your Sex Life Over The Holidays

by Erika Lust

How To Talk To Your Kids About Masturbation

by Erika Lust

Masturbation: Forget Coming, Try Becoming

by Justin Hancock

How a Friend Inspired Me to Masturbate for the First Time

by Leeza Mangaldas

The couple next door: fantasising vs. having a threesome

by Guillermina Torresi

Tracing Female Pleasure: What can we learn from our history?

by Erika Lust

Ho, Ho, Hoe! My Favourite Festive Confessions

by Erika Lust

Is It Unhygienic to Have Pubes? A Guide to Body Hair

by Avril Louise Clarke

Cheating in Paris

by Anonymous

The Lust Guide to One Night Stands

by Erika Lust

How to Prepare for Anal Sex

by Erika Lust

How to Peg Someone: An Explicit Video Guide

by Lola Jean

How to Deal With (And Enjoy) Your Partner’s Fetish if You're Vanilla

by Rose Stokes

Sexual Education & Disability: Sex with a Stoma

by GoAskAlex

Sex Toys For Couples & How to Use Them With Your Partner

by Erika Lust

Ask Lust: How Do I Support My Partner Through Cancer Treatment?

by Rebecca Stewart

The Dirt on Defilement Fetish: Getting Messy with Jet Setting Jasmine

by Jet Setting Jasmine

The Many Ways to Get Pregnant (When Sperm Isn’t Readily Accessible)

by Moss Froom

What is Giantess Fetish? What it's Like to Have Macrophilia

by Mae Ling

A Guide to Facesitting: Enjoy Oral Sex Whilst Queening

by Erika Lust

Men, It’s Time to Start Experimenting with Sex Toys

by Andy Jones

The Most Ridiculous Sex Positions You Tried This Summer

by Erika Lust

Ask Lust: How Do I Find a Third Person for a Threesome?

by Erika Lust

How to Make Consent Sexy: A Sexologist's Tips

by Avril Louise Clarke

To Swing or Not to Swing: Everything You Want to Know About Swinging

by Dr. Zhana Vrangalova

Road Trip: How to Have Sex in a Car

by Erika Lust


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