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The Science of Kissing

The Science of Kissing

Why do we kiss (and love it!)
Erika Lust | May 30, 2024 | 3 min. read

Kissing: that thing everyone loves and craves. When passion takes a grip, a kiss locks two humans together, and everything changes. A kiss is not only an exchange of emotions; it is also an exchange of saliva, bacteria, scents, tastes, compatibility, and much more. Actually, it’s very common for some people to find kisses more arousing than sex itself. Why so? Well, every person is different when it comes to arousal, but what can’t be denied is that kissing is very intimate, vulnerable, and hot! You’re face to face with one another with nothing to hide, caressing each other’s tongues and breathing each other in and out—a true act of intimacy.

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You probably noticed that humans are the only animals that kiss. Weird, right? But when did humans start kissing, and why?

One theory suggests that humans may be able to detect pheromones with their noses. From an evolutionary standpoint, the exchange of saliva during a kiss offers a subtle, subconscious form of mate evaluation. Saliva includes hormones such as testosterone, which can trigger or enhance arousal and signal sexual availability. It also contains genetic information about a person's immune system. When we kiss a potential partner, we may be unconsciously assessing their biological compatibility with us.

Another theory from the 60s argues that kissing might have developed from chimpanzee mothers' technique to feed their young, chewing food and then feeding them mouth-to-mouth with puckered lips. Our hominid predecessors most likely fed in the same way as chimpanzees, with time evolving into a way of expressing love and affection.

Whatever the origin of kissing is, we all love it, not only because it’s fun and sexy but because it holds many physical benefits for us.

Boost your immune system

Believe it or not, kissing can also have positive effects on our immune system. By exchanging saliva, our bodies introduce new microorganisms to strengthen our immune responses, potentially reducing the risk of infections.

Find out if you’re kissing your perfect match

Our sense of taste and smell contributes to the overall experience of kissing. Research suggests that we subconsciously evaluate our partner's compatibility based on their natural scent, which can play a role in attraction and partner selection.

Deepen your emotional connection

Kissing plays a vital role in building emotional intimacy. It helps us express affection, love, and desire for our partners. Our closeness and connection during a kiss can deepen our emotional bond.

Play with sensory stimulation

For some people, arousal is highly linked to sensory stimulation. Kissing involves the lips, tongue, and mouth, which are highly sensitive areas with many nerve endings. These sensitive areas can be incredibly arousing and pleasurable when stimulated. You can also add sensual touches, hugs, or hair-stroking—a feast for the senses.

Improve foreplay and build anticipation

Kissing is often a part of foreplay. The anticipation and teasing that kissing can provide can be incredibly arousing as it builds up sexual tension and desire. There is no better way to tease your partner than with a mind-blowing French kiss!

Talk about it afterwards!

After sharing a kiss, don’t be afraid to talk about what you liked or didn’t like! You can talk about sensations, emotions, or techniques that you found particularly pleasurable during the kiss. Communication is key!

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