Salsa Queer

Salsa Queer

A new XConfessions release
Erika Lust | June 12, 2024 | 2 min. read | Photos by Erika Lust

Into dancing? Then you'll love our latest release Salsa Queer!

A Salsa DJ heats up the dancefloor with sexy rhythms and then joins in on the fun. The sultry sounds of salsa provide the backdrop for this XConfession come true in Erika Lust’s Salsa Queer. As the DJ builds the rhythm on the dancefloor, the temperature rises while the dancers tease and connect with one another. Celebrating the beauty of the Latinx experience, this fantasy goes from a salsa dance party to a sexy group encounter when the DJ joins in to revel in the freedom of fluidity and queer expression.

Salsa music is wildly sexy! The movement of the hips, the interactions between dancers… Its unique rhythm is such a beautiful mix of lust and desire. When Eriika read the confession of MissDJ, she knew she had to make a salsa music-inspired movie that celebrated the queer and Latinx experience within this music genre. You can feel the heat through the screen!

Ready to watch Salsa Queer? You can watch it here!

Read the confession this movie is based on:

Salsa has always been part of my life's playlist.
I always loved the rhythms, the sweat, the gazes chasing and teasing each other.
Bodies desiring, daring to cross a portal to an intense Latinx awakening.
I became a voyeur, and DJing was my way to provoke dance moves beyond heteronormative roles.
My fantasy is to join them one day when the dance floor is fully free and fluid.

by MissDJ

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