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Safer Vulva & Vulva Sex With Kali Sudhra and Katana

Safer Vulva & Vulva Sex With Kali Sudhra and Katana

Kali Sudhra and Katana | November 14, 2019 | 1 min. read

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We live in heteronormative societies and as a result the sex education that we receive often excludes safer sex methods for two people with vulvas by focusing only on penis-centric sex and how not to get pregnant. Even though unwanted pregnancies might not be on the table, people with vulvas who have sex with other people with vulvas also need to be conscious about their sexual health, because safer sex is important for everyone – regardless of your gender or sexuality.

In this instalment of The Lust Ed video series, two of our adult favourite performers and sex educators, Kali Sudhra & Katana, give us the low down on having safer vulva & vulva sex followed by an explicit demonstration that shows that safer sex is not just smart, but also hot AF!

Watch Kali Sudhra & Katana in action on XConfessions

Watch the two adult stars perform together in Female Pleasure Circle and 360º of Lust, or check out their individual adult movies on XConfessions now.

Kali Sudhra & Katana are two of XConfessions' favourite performers. They both live and work in Barcelona and have been in the industry for several years. Besides sex work, Kali Sudhra is a passionate social justice advocate with the mission to creat... Read More
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