Real Couples Compilation by Erika Lust

In the Real Couples Compilation, you'll find our most well-known real-life couples performing and directing their own movies. It doesn't matter if you are an XConfessions or Lust Cinema fan, here you'll find a bit of both styles: an XConfession short movie and an original Lust Adventure of every couple.Chanelle & Alex are a Venezuelan couple living in the country's capital, Caracas. They met three years ago and started creating adult content one year ago. Find them starring in Hamaca Sutra and Chanelle & Alex over the Dunes.Lola and James are a French couple who live and surf in the south of Portugal. Lola was James' surf teacher a year ago, and they've been shooting erotic movies together ever since. James & Lola will keep you hooked with their movies Proof of Love and Wild Surfing with Lola & James.Michael Vegas and Siouxsie Q met in the basement of a castle while shooting a movie. They struck it off immediately away and became lifelong friends before forging a solid personal and professional connection in 2017. Since then, they've performed, spoken, and taught in front of thousands of people and created groundbreaking content for their platforms and incredible studios like Lust Cinema and XConfessions. Siouxsie and Michael star and direct in the movies Monogamish and Snow Hunt with Siouxsie and Michael.

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