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The XConfessions saga continues with volume number 14! With 4 new guest directed film s and two movies directed by Erika Lust herself, in total 6 brand new XConfessions makes this volume a lustful mix of diverse cinematographic styles and erotic fantasies.

‘PURE: Black Rabbit’ is one of your thrilling club-sex fantasies brought to the screen by Greta Isabella Conte. PURE stands out with it’s shady and dark underground vibe captured in the infamous Club Sisyphos!

Legendary gay porn director Bruce LaBruce returns to XConfessions with ‘Scotch Egg’ and a lot of black leather. Performer AJ from Scotland let us capture his first time sleeping with a woman EVER, performer Candy Flip, for this unique production. Spoiler Alert: Bruce also filmed XConfessions very first fisting scene for Scotch Egg!

Director KARIS debuts with a voyeuristic menage a trois called ‘Don’t Touch The Art Touch Me’. Two sexy strangers, played by performers Rooster and Daisy Steel, can’t resist the thrill of the forbidden, and give in to their electric
attraction to each other, despite the security cameras installed in a fancy art gallery. Luckily for them security guard Heidi Switch decides to lock the doors of the control room and treat herself to a private live show instead of calling them out for their irresponsible behaviour.

Montiel brings us ‘Amateur Tapes’. There is just something special about watching amateur porn..the bad lightning, the feeling of watching something forbidden, not meant for your eyes. ‘Amateur Tapes’ is the perfect fusion of the hot and relatable amateur vibe and undeniable cinematographic beauty.

Further, Erika Lust collaborated with the mysterious artist Apollonia Saintclair and directed an ode to erotic art with ‘Ink Is My Blood’. It was Erika’s first time working with animation effects.

On top of that, Erika Lust also directed ‘Gender Bender’ for this volume. Gender Bender is a beautifully shot black and white movie about the celebration of gender diversity. Performers Kali Sudhra and Dante Dionys enjoy a magical night of playing around with their gender identities outside and inside of the bedroom.

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