XConfessions Vol. 29 by Erika Lust

XConfessions volume 29 brings you 6 more mind blowing movies based on your very own fantasies. We've got everything from dreamy perfume adverts to fantastically French role play.In Cosmic Connections, Anna Foxx fulfills her deepest cosmic desire with a past lover. Next up, Eau De Pussy transports you to a springtime meadow where you can see how those sensual perfume adverts really end. Then watch our groundbreaking film Wash Me, in which a woman rediscovers her desire after breast cancer. Erika's own The Cooking Show is a quirky, vibrant fantasy in which a young man gets lost in his lust for his favourite culinary star. Next travel to France, where two lovers role play and tantalise each others' senses in The Smell of your Flesh. And finally Scorpio Season finishes us off with a bang, or rather gang bang, in a carpark, under the pouring rain, with 8 (yes 8!) of our hottest stars. Need we say more?!

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