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Erika Lust presents 10 kinky, fetishistic short films exploring the pain and pleasure of BDSM.

What’s your kink? Food, latex, spanking, shibari?

Whether a seasoned Master or just a fan of a little light spanking, this collection has it all. Including the most artistic film of the XConfessions series, Horny Beasts a blend of sex and contemporary dance – a delicate girl finds herself feeling an intense desire for the hybrid creatures around her. She is scared but horny, she wants to dominate them and be taken by them. Group sex at it’s most beautiful.

In a Parallel Universe a man submits himself to act as a piece of furniture for two alien women. Or perhaps you’re feeling hungry? Carne sees a man tied to a chair being teased and tormented with a piece of meat by his mistress. Or confused about whether you can be a Feminist and Submissive? Look no further.

Featuring the classics The Art of Spanking and Dominate Me, plus a couple of surprises, this is bound to be all pleasure and only a little pain…


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