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by Erika Lust


Going Down

by Erika Lust

Erika Lust has surprised us again with a cool movie that takes place in an elevator. Have you ever had a fantasy 40 floors up? Well, we've got one for you – it's called 'Going Down,' directed by Erika Lust and starring Calita Fire and Leo Vice.

The story is about someone who works in a big office on the 40th floor. Every day, they ride the same elevator and keep bumping into a really good-looking guy. Just being in the elevator together gets them excited, thinking about what could happen if they were alone – kissing and, you know, hot sex.

The fun ends when they reach their floor, but they know they'll see each other again tomorrow, same place, same time. Wonder if the other person is thinking the same thing? Bet they are! The movie 'Going Down' reveals these secret thoughts and desires in a way that Erika Lust does best!

Watch Going Down directed by Erika Lust here

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