Dirty Martini Sex Party by Erika Lust

Directed by Erika Lust and based on a confession by Cara D., Dirty Martini delves into the world of sex parties in the 1960s.The 1960s and 1970s were the pinnacles of individual liberty. After reaping the liberties of the sexual revolution and the women's and gay liberation movements, sex became a safe haven for experimentation. Sexuality became an open area free of the tyranny of the 1950s, powered by a profound need for pleasure, self-expression, and the need for connection—and the results were beautiful. Dirty Martini delves into the world of 1960s sex parties, ending in a magnificent pansexual orgy. There are many different types of sex parties, and you should select the one that best meets your desires and define your limits. There are BDSM-themed parties, fetish parties, dance parties, costume and role-play parties, swinger parties, and many other options. And if you don't want to participate, you can just watch. During sex parties, there is no pressure, simply the freedom to enjoy yourself in whatever way you choose. This movie will undoubtedly put you in the mood for a dirty martini!