Estate Sale by Gordon B

While looking around an estate sale, Daisy Ducati uncovers a series of sexy, old photographs and immediately her curiosity and sexual desire ensue as she begins to think of all the ways in which she could recreate the world she sees before her. Suddenly, aroused by the thought of becoming a sexual re-enactor, like those people that re-enact a civil war, except instead of war and death she evokes sex, desire & raw human connection. As Daisy continues to search for more treasures at the sale, she discovers some accessories necessary for her re-enactment. Once all of her treasures have been collected, her new world is ready to be entered. She then enlists the help of her partner, Mickey Modd, and the two characters travel back in time together to the setting set in the photographs, whilst gender bending to play different roles, yet with precision so they maintain all the poise and integrity of their sexual muse within the photos. This explicit short film plays on the eroticism of taking old photos and bringing them back to life for a short moment in time before the river of time washes them away once more.