Household Goods by Hunter S Johnson

Bishop and Serafina are tired; they've been cleaning their spacious apartment for hours and have nothing to show for it but the sweat on their backs. A playful flick of a towel leads them to a sexy, salsa dance-off, which can only be won by pleasuring themselves competitively with a series of unusual, ridiculous, but safe-for-insertion household objects.Brushes, mops, houseplants, the vacuum cleaner—nothing is sacred as they get each other hotter and hotter, playing with themselves and tantalizing each other. They find the perfect balance of salsa dancing and vacuum-fucking until the doorbell rings; it's a delivery. Serafina returns with a brand-new dildo… which is immediately thrown away as they head into the big dance number that brings them sweating and panting into the living room, ready to celebrate the end of their cleaning day with—and in—each other, until they both come to a finish better than anything they could have choreographed.