The Lesbian Compilation Vol. 3 by Erika Lust

If you're seeking tantalizing lesbian movies, check out the 6 XConfessions movies that The Lesbian Compilation vol.3 includes. These are high-end sensual porn movies directed by Erika Lust, as well as by other guest directors in adult cinema, that can be enjoyed by people of all genders.This compilation, which is only available at The Store by Erika Lust, is a venture into sensuality and romance - with all six films being widely different and diverse stories, the main unifying factor is their beautiful and poetic depiction of female sexuality. Explore a collection of diverse and alluring stories. 'Witch' delves into a mystical forest where persecuted witches seek revenge through generations. In 'Tulips', Amsterdam's warmth fuels a passionate love story between two women. 'Girl Crush' unfolds in Barcelona as online friends meet, igniting an unpredictable connection. 'Summer with Maria' offers tranquility and hidden pleasures at a lakeside cabin retreat. 'Rico Rico' whisks you to a Puerto Rican beach paradise for a hedonistic queer party. Finally, 'The Narcissist' unveils an intense affair behind the glamour of a fashion photoshoot. These tales dive into desire, passion, and connection across captivating settings.You won't want to miss out on these!