RICO RICO by Maximus Skaff

Content warning: this movie features knife play.The party's just getting started down in Puerto Rico and it's more than your average queer party. Diverse, hedonistic, unassailable — it's a haven for the Puerto Rican LGBTQ+ community and it's sexy as hell. Performers Teresa Karolina and Lembra hit the dance floor for a night of sexual empowerment in XConfessions release, Rico Rico.The movement, the beat, the sexual power — all create a fiery fusion of contagious erotic energy that will bring you to your feet. Returning XConfessions Guest Director Maximus Skaff conveys this energy from Puerto Rico to your screen in this badass queer erotic film that celebrates LGBTQ+ people through representation on & offscreen. He's proving yet again that trans and queer bodies have value, and the beauty of spaces where trans and queer individuals can take pleasure in feelings of acceptance and inclusion.