Sex Toy Story by Erika Lust

Are you a fan of sex toys? They're a fan of you too. Bootie Fem and their crew are a lively bunch of sex toys with distinct personalities and peculiarities. They're not mere objects; they have emotions too! After their mistress meets a new partner, Bootie Fem, a butt plug, finds themselves forgotten in a nightstand drawer for weeks. They can't help but remember all the intimate moments spent exploring the mistress's body. Meanwhile, their friends, Rabbit and Miss Bi, have resigned to being overlooked, teasing Bootie for believing in a unique connection. However, today, Bootie will discover that true love always finds its way back to you. Sex Toy Story offers a peek into the secret lives of sex toys, blending cute, steamy scenes with everything in between. It's the first animated porn movie you'll ever experience, focusing on anal pleasure."