Sext, Swipe, Flirt: The Sexting Compilation by Erika Lust

Nowadays, sexting it's often a major part of modern romance, whether it takes the form of raunchy texts, dick pics, nudes, or sexually explicit videos. Sexting can help keep the passion alive in a long-term relationship. Or maybe even in a long-distance relationship. If you can't be together all day, you can always sext all day! And what about emojis? Emojis are one of the most used resources by social media users, both in sexting and posts. They have been around since the 90s, but their launch on WhatsApp took off the use of these icons in communication, turning them into a language understood by the whole world  😏🔥 🥵 🤤 🍑 🦪 🍆 ⛓Watch the Sexting Compilation and become an expert on all things sexting. It has never been easier to communicate in a creative and sexy way🔥 🔥 🔥

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