The Taboo and Fetish Compilation Vol. 2 by Erika Lust

Dive into the intriguing world of taboo and fetish desires with the second installment of our Taboo and Fetish Compilation. This fresh volume brings together a collection of steamy, daring, and provocative films, inviting you to explore your most private sexual fantasies. Whether you prefer the role of an intrigued observer or an active participant, these scenes are bound to reveal the depths of your desires.Embark on a scintillating journey with "The Cooking Show," where hot and delectable pleasures are served over the counter. Experience a satisfying birthday gift in "I've Been With A Male Escort," explore a hairy fantasy in "Hirsuite," venture on a blind first date where touch and smell intensify with "The Wild Smell of You," succumb to a forbidden yet desirable sin in "A Man of Faith," and meet a lustful torment that haunts a woman's dreams in "Nightmare Desire." Get ready for an exploration of desire that goes beyond boundaries.