The Wedding by Erika Lust

The Wedding, directed by Erika Lust, is her most ambitious feature film to date: a hilarious rom-com diving deep into pansexuality, open relationships, and the stigmas around them. Ever wished My Big Greek Fat Wedding was sexier? Well, The Wedding by Erika Lust is.Starring Nicole Kitt, Dante Colle, Panterino, Maria Riot, Andi James, Jason Steel, Romy Furie, and Jade Kush,  this unconventional wedding follows the bride and groom's story and relationship with their open-minded friends. Once the secret of the couple's pansexuality and the free nature of their relationship is out in the open, passions run high. Will the groom's mother accept her son's sexuality and lifestyle? Will other secret suitors take their chance with the newlyweds? Will the couple's family and friends finally get along?Forever is a very long time, and this unconventional couple wants to make sure they squeeze the most out of this once-in-a-lifetime wedding.

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