Un'Ultima Volta (THE END) by Charlie Benedetti

An emotional & powerful erotic film that covers one of the most intense forms of sex – breakup sex. Claudia (Charlie Benedetti) and Elisa (Sara Brown) are a young Italian couple living together while on the brink of a breakup, yet they are still stuck fully immersed in the memorabilia of their happy relationship that once was. As the sadness, pain & extreme tension slowly flood the walls of their small city apartment, Claudia finds herself forming suspicion that her ex-girlfriend has been in contact with Elisa, which leaves her overwhelmed with jealousy and sadness. So, when a heated argument ensues between the former lovers, it becomes raw, passionate and overwhelming. But when the anger finally subsides, the young couple relishes in an erotic moment of rediscovery of their past love. This erotic film is about the moment in a toxic relationship when the end becomes inevitable.