XConfessions Vol. 34 by Erika Lust

Welcome to XConfessions Vol. 34—a compilation of six all-new, original XConfessions movies inspired by anonymous public sexual fantasies.In "A Love Letter to All Those Men," we pay homage to the diverse array of men who have shared intimate moments, capturing the essence of connections that linger till dawn and those yet to unfold in a single night.Embark on a journey of sensuality with "Put Some Lipstick on It," where Nicole confidently embraces her allure, using bold lipstick and vibrant nails as symbols of sexual self-confidence, akin to a peacock displaying its feathers to attract a mate.Join Sally in "When Harri Met Sally" as she ventures to The City of Angels for a perfect weekend, exploring whether the city can live up to her expectations."Rain Goddess" follows Heidi, who eschews the crowded London Tube during rush hour, opting instead for a walk home in the rain. Despite the typical dampening effect on her appearance, today she discovers that rain can indeed be sexy.In "A Man of Faith," witness the delicate balance when lust intersects with a man bound by a lifelong vow to God and chastity. Picture a serene and elegant church, a place for reflection on faith and spirituality, where a woman confesses sins that the priest is not prepared for.Discover our latest release, "Nightmare Desire," where a woman finds herself tormented by a supernatural entity. Her sleep is plagued by erotic dreams and desires, and she soon learns that a succubus is the source of her haunting experiences. Enter a realm where nightmares and desire intertwine.