XConfessions Vol. 24 by Erika Lust

XConfessions is back with volume 24. Shot around the globe, Erika Lust and a selection of guest directors release six new adult short films adapted from your anonymous sex confessions.If you’re into time travel, then the futuristic sci-fi movie Hey Siro presents the real future of sex complete with AI sucking, licking and f*cking. Or if you’d prefer to use your tech for something closer to this century, Homesick gives us inspiration for the next time we’re working away from our partner/s. Bailo Conmigo was shot in Colombia and celebrates the eroticism of loving yourself while The Night We Met is a beautiful first time between two new lovers. Or if you’re craving being outside then Park Ranger and Lumberjack will satisfy your urge for a nature romp with a stranger in the forest. Finally, Erika Lust’s erotic documentary short film Ink Addiction blurs the line between pornography and art with a mix of interview, dance and of course, sex.

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