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'Use My Bed': New Erotic Audio on Else Cinema

'Use My Bed': New Erotic Audio on Else Cinema

With phone sex, masturbation, and a threesome... it doesn't get hotter than this
Erika Lust | November 02, 2021 | 2 min. read

Have you listened to the new Else Cinema audio erotica yet? It's hot, erotic, and best of all it's free!

Made in collaboration with BLAZE, the audio only stories use 360º sound to stimulate all of your senses and allow your imagination to run free! As there are no visuals, you shape the scenes that you want to see. Decide on what the characters look like, if you're in the story or not, what the setting is like… you're in full control of your own erotic experience.

Each of the Else Cinema audios are sex positive and safe. With a range of fantasies and sexual situations, there is sure to be something that gets you hot and bothered. We recently announced the first episode, Sexy Wine Taste, and this week it's time for episode two, Use My Bed. If you missed the first episode, read more about it here.

"I start to play with my pussy while I think about Adam licking my ass when I was on all fours. I start rubbing my clit and think about him lubing up my asshole… "

Introducing Episode 2... 'Use My Bed'

Clair is back in town and she's staying in her old apartment that she is letting out to three old friends, who just so happen to be occasional fuck buddies. She goes to her old bedroom, now lived in by her ex Adam but he's not there. The two start to exchange messages which soon turn into sexts and as she fantasises about what they did last time they saw each other she starts touching herself.

Lost in the moment of pleasure, she doesn't hear her two ex-roommates arrive home…

As the story moves from phone sex to masturbation to a threesome, you'll get up close and personal to the characters and listen to sounds of kisses, masturbation, oral sex, rimming and anal… This story is sensual, sex positive, and very very hot.

Erika Lust is an award-winning filmmaker, producer, and writer who's focus on female pleasure, cinematic values, and ethics in adult cinema have helped to change how pornography is consumed. Erika Lust Films was born in 2004 and since then Erika has ... Read More
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