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Fall for The Ski Instructor in my new XConfession!

Fall for The Ski Instructor in my new XConfession!

Erika Lust | April 20, 2017 | 4 min. read | Photos by Adriana Eskenazi

The Ski Instructor on XConfessions

My new release on XConfessions is a throwback to winter and fun, new flirtations! Starring two young, energetic and infectious performers, Anya Olsen and Tyler Nixon. Based on a confession about the tantalizing allure of winter resorts, the fresh air, bright sunshine and of course, the wine-fueled lust of the après-ski! Watch the trailer here!

Winter is my favourite season. I love everything about it.
Snowboarders and skiers, hot wine, fondue, chimneys…. everything is sexy in the mountains!

Boots and warm socks, helmets, wool caps, buffs, gloves and sunglasses. Tight ski outfits, girls with braids, sunburned smiling faces, penis shaped icicles. The heat under the warm clothes, the smell of sweat in the ski hire.

All the bars on the slopes, even a snowy food truck with champagne and oysters… winter at a ski resort is my paradise.

Red slopes, green slopes, black slopes, blue slopes. The ski-lifts where you are forced to sit next to a stranger, a hot stranger, those are some of my favourite things….

…. and by the way, let’s not forget the exciting challenge of getting laid with a sexy ski instructor!

From Poppy’s confession The Ski Instructor

The Ski Instructor on XConfessions

Following a recent break up, Anya Olsen is dragged up into the mountains for a frolicking weekend away with her best friend, our very own Kali Sudhra. Forced to take to the slopes in an effort lighten her mood, Anya meets a sporty, sexy ski instructor who finds her irresistibly adorable. Struggling with her skis and hating every minute of it, Anya clearly doesn’t feel the same…

However, when Tyler finds himself invited over to the lodge in a match making scheme later that evening, Anya starts to loosen up. The wine, fondue and conversation flow and the “love birds” are left alone to talk the night away, with a knowing wink from Kali. In the light of a roaring fire, the flirtation burns hotter and hotter… What happens next, you’ll have to watch and see!

The Ski Instructor on XConfessions

Tyler Nixon brings his bright, sporty, boy-next-door energy to this short like a match made in heaven! A well-known American performer, I just had to make the most of him being in Europe for a while and this seemed like another perfect role.

Watch his exclusive interview here!

The Ski Instructor on XConfessions

Click here for more of Tyler’s performances!

Working with Anya for the first time was incredibly motivating. As a mainstream performer, I wanted to show a side of her that’s usually hidden – her natural beauty, sense of humour and simple lust for life! The whole set descended into hilarity and giggles on many occasions, which is exactly what I wanted to show in this short. These real-life friends can’t keep their hands off each other, which is evident in how quickly and intensely they rip each others clothes off at the dining table!

They pair really showed off their acting abilities in this short. The dynamic between a grumpy girl and a boy who just can’t get her out of his head is so clear here. They vibe off each others energies! The flirtation, hair twirling and coy smiles are so real and electrifying that you wouldn’t be surprised at all to know these two are so close IRL. The sex between them is super reminiscent of the pent up anticipation of meeting someone new. It’s intense, sweaty, passionate and palpable. Of course, I always love to work with actors who respect and admire each other and Tyler and Anya are so sure of that. I felt their performance was the epitome of Lust Films; equal, exciting and most importantly real.

The Ski Instructor on XConfessions

The Ski Instructor on XConfessions

In XConfessions, people from all over the world share their sexual stories and fantasies. Every month I pick two and turn them into cinematic short films. Still not a member of XConfessions? Register now! Or share your sexual fantasy, and it might become a short film.

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