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International Fetish Day 💥

International Fetish Day 💥

Erika Lust | January 20, 2023 | 6 min. read

International Fetish Day is a day of celebration, learning, and exploration. People from all across the globe come together to share their unique fetishes, engage in conversations, and participate in activities designed to celebrate and explore fetishes from all walks of life. From kink to BDSM, International Fetish Day is the perfect time to learn more about the fascinating world of fetishism, express yourself, and create a supportive, accepting environment for everyone. Whether you're new to the world of fetishism or a long-time enthusiast, International Fetish Day is the perfect chance to explore and discover the joys of fetishism.

We offer a wide selection of films that cover a variety of fetishes, from foot to hair fetishes, and everything in between.

We will take you on a journey of exploration and discovery, filled with titillating visuals and intense pleasure. Let us show you the wonders of fetish movies, and help you gain a deeper understanding of the unique and fascinating world of fetishes.


1.Rubber Feel

Rubberists rejoice for this latex fetish short film.
Have you ever paid attention to the smooth touch of latex, listened to the sound it makes, or taken time to stop and smell the rubber? If you're not a rubberist yet, you just may well be after watching this fetish short film.
You'll be transported to an office late at night where two people with a taste for rubber find each other. This is more than an appreciation of the aesthetic, every sense will be activated as you watch Silvia Rubí and Juan Lucho explore their love of the smell, of the touch, and of having sex with someone dressed in latex.

2.Spit It Up

A Wes-Anderson-esque fantasy indulging in spit and bathroom sex
In a neon soaked, fantastically erotically charged, Wes-Anderson-esque restaurant, a couple are having dinner. But conversation turns sour, and before we know it she's spat in his face… so he leans forward, and lets a long trail of spit land on her food. The intense eroticism and gorgeous photography present in this cool, punk film are becoming key trends in Guest Director Adriana Eskenazi's work. "Spit It Up" is her second collaboration with Erika Lust and the XConfessions series.

3.Do You Find My Feet Suckable

From the XConfessions series: An ode to the foot fetish as two students abandon their studies to indulge in an erotic game.
Amarna Miller and Maximilian Gambero play two university students who find a shared passion, abandoning their studies to indulge in an erotic foot fetish game in the library.


An artist brings a man to tears to fulfill her fetish - Dacryphilia.
Dacryphilia means feeling sexually aroused by someone else’s tears. Silvia Rubi plays a visual artist whose work goes hand-in-hand with her fetish. Due to research, she's working on, she interviews Maximilian Gambero and smoothly directs the talk in order to bring him into the tears he’s trying to hold.


A Lynchian exploration of a woman's desire to watch her girlfriend with a man.
Adriana Eskenazi presents a David Lynchian short that examines the complexities of female desire. Split into three formats, the film follows a woman who pays to see her girlfriend having sex with a man while she watches through a peep-hole. We see what she sees, and we see the pupils of her eyes as she is aroused, enchanted, frustrated and enthralled. Adriana's flawless direction and creative genius make this an unmissable film from Erika Lust's XConfessions Series.


An erotic ode to body hair
Starring adult performer Dion de Rossi & first-time performer Brad Truckee this is an erotic ode to soft, hairy, furry bodies. Adapted from a real-life fantasy sent in by Furry Femme, an XConfessions member who longs for summer to get another glimpse of strangers with carpeted chests and velvet snail trails. This explicit short film will inspire one and all to let it all grow out.
So, whether you like to swoon over a hairy chest, a bristly mustache or a downy stomach, watch this indie adult movie and pay tribute to all of the hirsute men and hairy hunks out there.

7.Meow Kittens Orgy

Amber Nevada's fantasy is a playing a role play with four sexy and naughty other cats
In Amber Nevada's fantasy, she is playing a role play with cats. She wants to wear little ears and tails and the foreplay would be to scratch sofas, play with fluffy things, watch birds, and drink milk. From other girls cat´s bodies.

8.Smut on Speed

I like watching porn fast-forward, with the sound turned off. I find it incredibly arousing, to watch someone being drilled at high speed, or watching a girl rub herself, and sped up until her fingers blur.
The only problem is, I can't really find that much-fast-forwarded porn of any kind, and even less of any sort of quality. So I'm coming out of the closet as a Speed Fetishist. I'd like to see more porn videos sped up. Girls tickling themselves off in record time, Blowjobs like a woodpecker pecking at a tree, lightning-fast fucks from naught to cum in as little as 1 minute!
Now you might think that it defeats the object to speed up a fuck so much, that it would ruin the ambiance and turn this sacred act into little more than industrial-strength Benny Hill. Well, maybe that's where this little kink of mine originated.
And I'm not the only one. Through my travels on the internet, I've discovered other Fast Motion lovers, each with their own extras on the side, but mainly interested in speeded-up sex!

Lust Cinema

9.Safe Word

This LustCinema Original adult miniseries follows Christie (Mona Wales), an uptight theatre director who embarks on an unexpected journey into the world of BDSM when a new neighbor, Mickey Mod (played by himself), moves into her building and sparks a dormant desire within her. Unaware that Mickey is a well-known adult performer specializing in BDSM, Christie accidentally finds herself in his apartment one evening watching him dominate a blindfolded Julia Roca. Shocked by her arousal towards the scene in front of her, she decides to explore these new sensations and learn more about BDSM – first alone, and then under the direction of a Madame, played by the legendary Nina Hartley. With trust, communication, and respect, Christie finds a place to experience her deepest pleasures whilst showing that there is real power to be found in submission.

10.Everyday Encounters

Everyday Encounters is an explicit adult film series that shows the eroticism of everyday life. From vegetable deliveries to buying furniture, these innocent strangers won’t be strangers to each other for long. These porn movies are sure to inspire you to be naughty in every area of your life, no matter how normal or routine.

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