Lust Cinema Original Series ‘The Widow’

Lust Cinema Original Series ‘The Widow’

Erika Lust | November 26, 2019 | 4 min. read

Childless and alone at 60, recently-widowed college professor Magdalene (Magdalene St. Michaels) fears that there isn’t much left in life to look forward to. But a handsome young student (Michael Delray) has developed a crush on the brilliant older woman and is determined to find a way into her life. As their intellectual bond turns romantic, Magdalene is forced to confront the harsh realities of dating a younger man. Meanwhile, manipulative therapist (Dana Vespoli) crosses lines with a sexually-vulnerable male patient (Dante Colle) while seeking to thwart Magdalene’s newfound happiness.

Directed by Nica Noelle, The Widow is a porn for women that contains 4 episodes full of passionate sex with a story line that will suck you in.

Episode 1

The Widow on Lust Cinema

University professor Magdalene is going through a hard time in her life. She has had a successful career and a happy and loving marriage. But ever since her husband passed away, something inside of her has changed. Magdalene feels like she is watching her life pass her by. Being a widow has made her become acutely aware of her age. With the help pf her therapist, Magdalene is trying to find her new identity and to find a way to be happy again. The question she’s been asking herself the most is, will she ever find love again? Will she ever feel the warmth of a body pressed against hers ever again? That’s when Michael comes into her life. Michael is one of her students and he seems to be interested in more than just her insight on Tolstoy’s philosophy on death…

Episode 2

The Widow on Lust Cinema

Magdalene’s life has turned into a rollercoaster of emotions. An innocent student-teacher-dinner with Michael has turned into a passionate affaire. Seeing Michael sparked something in her that she thought she had lost when her husband died. She is feeling things she hasn’t felt in years, she can laugh again and best of all is: the sex is incredible.

Magdalene would have never thought that she could develop feelings for a men as young as Michael but she has to admit to herself that it is not just the sex that is keeping her interested…

Episode 3

The Widow on Lust Cinema

Therapists have a lot of influence over their patients lives. But what happens when this power is being abused? Vulnerable patient Dante is being seduced by his manipulative therapist who has been trying to get him to sleep with her since the beginning of their sessions.

Meanwhile, Michael can’t resist a dangerous temptation. When his classmate Daisy invites him to a college party, Michael accepts to not miss out on his normal college life apart from his affair with his professor.

Episode 4

The Widow on Lust Cinema

Michael is enjoying the party a lot more than he thought he would due to his sexy classmate Daisy’s flirting attempts. For the first time in weeks, he’s not thinking about Magdalene and it doesn’t take long until he can’t resist Daisy’s youthful charm any longer. Magdalene is suddenly faced with the harsh realities of dating a much younger men. Will their love prevail or is this the end of their affair?

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