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A Music Video with Explicit Sex – Finally!

A Music Video with Explicit Sex – Finally!

Erika Lust | September 15, 2016 | 3 min. read

Spanish pop magazines are going insane after the release of the videoclip of "Ritmo en la sangre" by Galician band group Novedades Carminha. And I'm thrilled!

What's all the fuss about the clip? They've decided to do something that no one had ever done in Spain before. That is to make a videoclip with explicit sex. Very explicit.

Still from Ritmo en la Sangre

Click here to watch the videoclip (in Spanish)

The title means “Rhythm in the Blood“, and it’s absolutely fun. Especially when you learn that the blood belongs to Amarna Miller‘s body (yep, her again. Wherever there’s fire, there’s Amarna Miller, ma friends). In the videoclip, she has some really hot and tender sex with Sylvan – also a performer – with the music as soundtrack. The group said that they wanted the public to know that their music is perfect for fooling around, and what better way than portraying exactly that?

It’s the first explicit videoclip in Spain and, for me, it’s a huge step forward in sex positiveness and sexual education. First, because it makes us think about sex on screen and sex in the media in a way we’ve never had before -at least the majority of us-, as a work of art, a cultural product. Second, because the actors are real sex workers, who until very few years ago were doomed to belong to the sex industry only, being unwanted in all other entertainment industries. And third, because it depicts a cute, well filmed, beautiful to look at sex. It’s realistic, catchy and arousing – pretty much the opposite of what comes to misinformed minds when they think of explicit sex films.

Not to mention how refreshing it is to testify something like this when the entire YouTube (and the entire music industry) is taken by chauvinist and violent videoclips where the rich singer call his women bitches and make them dance around like speechless puppets.

Things are changing, and for the best.

Still from Ritmo en la Sangre

Still from Ritmo en la Sangre

Pretty cool, huh?

Amarna has worked with me in a bunch of short films like An Appointment With My Master, Do You Find my Feet Suckable and Before the Guests Arrive, and she’s also the star in two new upcoming films in XConfessions: Latex Sessions and Sweet But Psycho (with Mickey Mod, Owen Gray and Vex Ashley).

She’s also directed 3 short films that are available for download in my store.

Watch the Amarna Miller Collection from XConfessions here

Watch an interview we did Amarna for XConfessions!

Know of any explicit music videos worth watching? Comment below!

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