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My Moaning Neighbor: XConfessions’ New Release!

My Moaning Neighbor: XConfessions’ New Release!

Erika Lust | January 28, 2016 | 3 min. read

Dear loud sex people, today's release in XConfessions is all about you! The yellers, the moaners, the ones who just can't keep it down – don't worry, I'm looking at you with my best blessing eyes. Sex noises are part of the whole arousing game, and the moans are no different. They're actually quite fun, too! So turn up the volume and come enjoy My Moaning Neighbor!

Dear tenant of the 2nd floor,
The screams and moaning of your guests bounce off all over the inner courtyard day in, day out. I’m not complaining about your promiscuity, but about the timing. Would you be so kind to organize your sex schedule in order to fuck earlier? Some people have to work, you know. Next time I’m gonna call the police – unless you invite me to join the party.
Your next door neighbor.
PS. You owe me 20$. That’s what it cost me to buy a new frame for a picture that fell from the wall while you were banging against it.

Confession by Jamiejj

My Moaning Neighbor on XConfessions

As we all know, there are two types of people: those who fuck loud, and those who wish they could join.

If you live in an apartment you know exactly what I'm talking about. Especially if you live in downtown Barcelona, where the mixture of paper walls and hot weather make for the perfect rise of the most authentic Sex Orchestra! So when this confession came in I could totally relate to it (which type of person am I? You'll never know), and went straight to writing the script.

The whole idea was so fun and perfect that I had to make a film exactly like it – so be ready for a shot of humor and irony!

My Moaning Neighbor on XConfessions

Mickey Mod is trying to work from home, but he can't concentrate - his neighbor, a horny girl from the 2nd floor, makes sure to reach higher voices every time she has sex, "only once in a while". He has an army ready for war -a vacuum cleaner, a record of dogs barking really loud- but all he gets is the girl knocking on his door to ask for explanations from all the provocative random noises. He then gets ready for the fight… but who's there when he opens the door?

For this story, I had the perfect hard-working journalist in mind. Super polite and elegant, even when he needs to tell his loud neighbor to keep it quiet – he's got work to do! That man was Mickey Mod, wearing glasses and a blue pajamas. But who would play the orgasmic mermaid, singing her climax for the world to hear?

And then I thought of her: Vex Ashley. One of the best voices in today's adult film production, the brain (and body) behind A Four Chambered Heart. I met her during the Raindance Film Festival last year, and was looking forward for an opportunity to work with her. You can imagine how thrilled I was when she said yes to my proposal to perform for XConfessions.

My Moaning Neighbor on XConfessions

The result is a perfect mix of sexy and fun. Watch My Moaning Neighbor now in XConfessions. But first, let me know: What type of neighbor are you? Comment here or tell me on Twitter!

My Moaning Neighbor on XConfessions


Mickey is one of the performers I admire the most. I have worked with him several times (La Reine des Culottes, An Appointment With My Master and now in My Moaning Neighbor) and he has this great energy on set that I just love. During our first shootings together, we interviewed him about his life, his love for BDSM, his professional preferences and so much more… Press play on Mickey!

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