New Guest Director: Are You Ready to get WET?

New Guest Director: Are You Ready to get WET?

Erika Lust | February 27, 2020 | 2 min. read | Photos by Meritxell Martz

“There was this time where my boyfriend and I attended a late summer wedding by a beautiful beach on the Mediterranean Sea, I had waited all summer for this event, but in the end, we fought the whole time even until the early hours of the morning until finally I left and headed to the beach. I remember feeling this longing to be next to the water, to find solace in the magical light of dawn, and to find comfort in the welcoming shore of the sea. I wanted to reconnect with myself and to the sensuality of nature. I fantasised that somehow on that shore my desires would be met. The sea is full of possibilities, and water flows where it wants to go.”

– by TheLittleMermaid

Prepare for a very beautiful film from first time XConfessions directors Norte & Sur. Walking along the beautiful mediterranean coast, Alma is enchanted by the pristine turquoise ocean and the sound of the waves crashing on the shoreline. As the beauty of the sea casts a spell on her she lies down on the sand and lets the waves envelop her body. But soon it’s not only the ocean that is touching her body…

This film feels like it’s come straight from a dream! There is a real sensuality to the setting; sex and nature, especially the water, always fit so perfectly together. I really love the slow motion shots, the sound of the waves crashing, the sand on the skin… Plus, we have a double whammy of Sylvan after his performance in the last release Impregnation Nation. He’s the perfect mythological sea god for Jane’s imagination in this film.

On XConfessions, people from all over the world share their sexual stories and fantasies. Every month I pick two and turn them into cinematic short films. Still not a member of XConfessions? Register now! Or share your sexual fantasy, and it might become a short film.

Erika Lust is an award-winning filmmaker, producer, and writer who's focus on female pleasure, cinematic values, and ethics in adult cinema have helped to change how pornography is consumed. Erika Lust Films was born in 2004 and since then Erika has ... Read More
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