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Sex, Kilts and More Kilts in My New XConfessions Release!

Sex, Kilts and More Kilts in My New XConfessions Release!

If you didn’t have a fetish before, you will now
Erika Lust | September 13, 2018 | 3 min. read | Photos by Adriana Eskenazi

In my new porn for women on XConfessions, “Men In Kilts“, the lovely Cintia Shapiro impersonates our confessor CubicalGRL. Cintia is a normal girl with a normal job and an unusual obsession. Ever since she learned about her Scottish ancestors, she can’t stop fantasising about Scottish men in traditional dress. Cintia, who is usually a focused and reliable employee, suddenly finds herself very distracted at work. To blame is her best friend who, after learning about her Scottish obsession, gave her a calendar for her birthday called “Men in Kilts” to brighten up the mood in Cintia’s little cubicle. What was meant to be a fun joke between friends, turns into the best birthday present in the history of birthday presents as Cintia’s fantasy gets out of control.

The sexy men in kilts are played by Hunter S Johnson, Romeo, Sylvan and Pablo D’Lacosta and god did we have fun shooting with them. Take a look at the pictures below and you’ll see what I’m talking about ?

Like any artist, when I start a new project, I browse the web for inspiration. When I went on Tumblr and Instagram I found that our confessor CubicalGRL wasn'tt the only one who finds men in kilts arousing. I was surprised to see that there are over 22,325 publications under the hashtag #meninkilts. So I went on a little semi-professional research mission to find out what it is about Men In Kilts that seems to stimulate the imagination of so many people. I found some hilarious fun facts online that seemed very convincing to me:

  1. Apparently it is proven that wearing kilts improves fertility because it lowers the sperms temperature. Did you know that sperm quality has been decreasing all over the world? So bring on the kilts and save humanity, boys!

  2. Kilts provide psychological benefits because they make men who wear them feel masculine and admired (Obviously with good reason!).

If you have a better solution to solve this mystery, please feel free to leave me a comment in the comment section ?

Until then, read the confession and watch the trailer below!

My biggest turn on is men in kilts. My obsession started when I was a young girl when my grandfather told me that our family had Scottish ancestors, and that the plaid of our family was green and blue. My obsession grew bigger as I grew older. I watched all the Scottish films and tv shows that I could find and read romance novels set in Scotland. I told my best friend about my Scottish obsession and she gave me a calendar for my birthday called “Men in Kilts”. Now these men come to me every night in my dreams, all muscly, strong, sexy and seductive… Especially one guy, he keeps on coming and coming and cumming on me…

Confession byCubicalGRL

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