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Sorrow Bay

Sorrow Bay

Spooky, Scary, and Very Sexy.
Erika Lust | February 23, 2023 | 2 min. read

Sorrow Bay brings spookiness and sexiness together in an all-girl movie set on the beautiful coasts of California.

This explicit movie directed by Casey Calvert stars acclaimed performers Brooklyn Gray, Kira Noir, Victoria Voxxx, Lilly Bell, and Aiden Starr and follow their girls' trip along the coast over the summer. ‘Sorrow Bay’ isn’t just an all-relaxed movie with summer holiday vibes but a story filled with all sorts of tensions and unforeseen happenings in nostalgic atmospheres.

Jack (Brooklyn Gray) and Alyssa (Kira Noir) have a great relationship, except for all the parts that don't work. They're hoping a road trip up the California coast with Alyssa's best friend Heather (Lilly Bell) will bring them closer together. But when they stop at the beach to see dolphins and meet Raidne (Victoria Voxxx), everything changes… Raidne is like no one has met before, and even the very straight Heather finds herself enthralled.

As they are stuck after the car broke down, they find shelter in a house nearby, where the host (Aiden Starr) surprisingly welcomes them as if they were expected guests. Between the hospitality of that stranger and the unforeseen turns of the trip, the women are navigating through relationship tensions and unexpected affections between them. At the same time, everything only gets more and more spooky in the beautiful landscapes they are stuck in. Eventually, the movie ends by sharpening the scary happenings loaded with the latent sexual desires built up over those days.

Sorrow Bay’ is a thrilling movie that captures summer nostalgia and horniness, the desires between women, and the sex appeal of the unknown and the unforeseen.

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