The Best Movies of 2022

The Best Movies of 2022

A year full of hot pleasure and exceptional performances
Erika Lust | December 27, 2022 | 6 min. read

With the New Year comes a time for change and exploration of new things. Watching adult movies can be an exciting way to spice up your sex life and add some fun to your routine. Our movies can allow you to explore your own sexuality, discover new fantasies and learn more about yourself. They can also be a great way to get to know your partner better and can add some spice and excitement to your relationship. Plus, they can provide a healthy outlet for exploring your own desires.

We have carefully curated a selection of movies that will leave you feeling aroused, and inspired.

From sensual to tantalizing, these movies have something for everyone. Get ready to experience the hottest scenes, the most passionate performances, and the most intense emotions.

So sit back, relax, and let these steamy scenes take you on an unforgettable journey.


1. Proof of Love

Proof of Love will take you on a passionate, thrilling, and intimate journey with real-life lovers and content creators James and Lola
Written, directed, and performed by James and Lola, an amateur couple based in Portugal, Proof of Love will take you on a passionate and intimate journey with real-life lovers.

We follow Lola as she battles uncertainty and roams the scenic roads of the Algarve in search of her elusive, mysterious lover. The days start blending together. Has she been dreaming of this secluded cabin and those arms around her? Is she still dreaming now? Yet this time should be different because she finally knows how to get proof that it’s all real.

The unique perspective of shooting without a crew in the same room will plunge you into the most authentic and passionate sex scene.

2. Hannah

Hannah embarks on a journey of self-exploration and discovers her hidden fantasies and desires—left with no choice but to embrace them.

Follow Hannah on a journey to her unconscious, where through looking at herself, she faces her fears, desires, and prejudices. The strange events accompanying Hannah's day lead her to explore her pleasure with a man and a woman. Hannah's journey is a journey of self-discovery merging real life and fantasy. Unable to tell the difference between her dreams and real life, Hannah learns to embrace their desires and let go of her inhibitions and fears.
In an enigmatic yet sensual cinematic style, we get into Hannah's head and attend a beautiful journey of self-exploration beyond pleasure. Life is meant to be enjoyed, isn't it?

3. Tulips

Rediscover the excitement of moving to a new city and exploring newfound sexual chemistry. Shot by and starring bombshells Nat Portnoy and Luna Silver X, this film tells the story of a runaway romance on the sunny streets of Amsterdam.

Luna has just moved to the city and is looking for someone to show her around so she meets Nat, a friend of a friend, in the park. They hit it off immediately and enjoy wandering the streets and taking photos of each other. Eventually, their adventure leads back to Nat's flat, where they begin to explore each other as well.

Lust Cinema

4. Going Up

It's the opening night of "The Voices Are Loud," the edgiest play the Curtis Theater Group has mounted in its 27-year history. The house is sold out. It's a few hours until curtain. Everything is set… until it isn't.

Chaos reigns and the clock is ticking as the cast and crew do everything they can to keep the show from falling apart. Going Up is a Lust Cinema original series directed by Casey Calvert, starring Seth Gamble, Maya Woulfe, Victoria Voxxx, Charlotte Sartre, and Tyler Knight, with Lilly Bell, Sonia Harcourt, Kira Noir, Derrick Pierce, Ryan Keely, Brad Newman, Anna Claire Clouds, Isiah Maxwell, and more. The show must go on! But will it?

5. Ashford Manor

In a playful homage to the work of Jane Austen, set in the Recency Era, Ashford Manor follows Annabel (Nicole Kitt) and her friend Beatrice (Jasmine Tea) as they pursue love and sexual awakening.

Adventure arrives in the idyllic countryside when Beatrice's friend Katherine (Nolina Nyx) visits with her husband Philip (Dillon Diaz) and their friend Graf Willhelm (Jonte). Will the budding tension between Annabel and Wilhelm bloom into romance? Meanwhile, Beatrice and Katherine explore their affections with each other…and share their adventures with Philip. Directed by Inka Winter, this historical series is full of romance, lust, and forbidden explorations.

6. The Affairs of Lidia

The Affairs of Lidia is a parody of the fashion world, a light comedy, and an erotic farce. Lidia discovers Michaelangelo (her husband) is having an affair with Sandro, a fashion photographer. She plots her revenge, including bedding Sandro and emotionally seducing Sandro's boyfriend, Piero. Also, she manipulates her best friend and mistress, Martha, into having sex with Sandro as well. When Lidia invites them all and her friend Xenia to a dinner party, the shit hits the fashion fan!


7. The Listener

When Nora moves into the old Victorian house she inherited, she can't believe how lucky she is, but it doesn't long until things get weird. One day, she realizes she can hear the neighbor's conversation in HD. Her newfound power is a mystery, but she soon starts embracing it! She enjoys listening to her neighbors' private lives and affairs … Until a murder upsets the neighborhood.

This erotic movie blends suspense and desire in a way that you've never experienced before!

8. Rubber Feel

Rubberists rejoice—Have you ever noticed the smooth feel of latex, listened to its sound, or stopped to smell the rubber? If you're not already a rubberist, you might be after watching this fetish short film.

You'll be transported to a late-night office where two people with a taste for rubber meet. This is more than an aesthetic appreciation; every sense will be activated as Silvia Rubí and Juan Lucho explore their love of the smell, touch, and having sex with someone dressed in latex.

9. Xocolate

Hailing from Venezuela, Lis Freimer brings us her first solo-directed XConfessions short film. Starring real-life couple Daniela Escalona & Manuel Melinkoff, Xocolat is a beautifully shot, intimate moment between a chocolatier and her cacao supplier.

Watch as Daniela and Manuel enjoy their chocolate-covered bodies as they release the sexual tension that has been building between them for months. This film is perfect for food lovers, romance seekers, and those longing for sexual adventures in faraway places.

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