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The Wedding

The Wedding

A hot and hilarious rom-com
Erika Lust | April 07, 2023 | 5 min. read | Photos by Erika Lust

Think ‘My Big Greek Fat Wedding’, but sexier. ‘The Wedding’ is our most ambitious feature movie to date. With a total production cost of €306k, this directorial project is bound to be ranked among the most expensive porn movies of all time. Set to be released on Lust Cinema on April 7th, this explicit feature movie, written by Sally Fenaux Barleycorn and Edwin Osborne, features an all-star cast with Nicole Kitt, Dante Colle, Maria Riot, Jade Kush, Romy Furie, Andi James, Jason Steel, and Panterino.

With a total of 134 people and 16 different nationalities regarding cast and crew; a ratio of 108 people on set for the busiest shooting day; 5 sex scenes, and a jazzy original soundtrack, ‘The Wedding’ was created thanks to the work, creative contribution and perspectives of a mostly female crew, exploring pansexuality, non-monogamy, and the stigmas around them through the female gaze.

A wedding is a beautiful thing that symbolizes the commitment of two people to each other. But when the vows say "til death do us part," it's easy to forget that forever is a very long time! With a little bit of luck, a lot of sex, and a few jokes along the way, they'll prove that even the most unconventional of unions can still find their happily ever after. After all, it was no ordinary wedding but a wild, sexy gathering full of unexpected twists and turns.

In ‘The Wedding’, we follow the bride Diana (Nicole Kitt) and the groom Lucas (Dante Colle) enjoying their free-spirited relationship in all its beauty and hilarity on their special day. But as the secrets of their pansexuality came to light, it seemed true love would be tested in the most unpredictable ways. This fantastic couple shows us that, two's company but three's or more it's a party. After all, who needs a traditional wedding when you can have a three-way celebration with your partner.

Would this unconventional couple make it to forever, or would the traditionalists have the last laugh? After all, it's not often that a pansexual couple can make it to the altar without someone trying to stick their nose (or other things) in and ruin the wedding!

The hilarious rom-com continues as the guests set out to plan the wedding of a lifetime. As they prepare for the big day, they discover that the perfect wedding is not always what it seems. From crazy family members to hot plot twists, they must find a way to make their special day truly one-of-a-kind.

"The Wedding" will leave you in fits of lust and feeling like you need to break out in a hot room! We have pulled out all the stops to ensure this wedding is a memorable day.

Original idea: Erika Lust
Written by: Sally Fenaux Barleycorn, Edwin Osborne
Script Development: Erika Lust, Jahel Guerra
Directed by Erika Lust
Starring Nicole Kitt as Diana, Dante Colle as Lucas, Jade Kush as Lexi, Romy Furie as Sophie, Andi James as Jenna, Jason Steel as Mick, Maria Riot as Melinda, Panterino as George
Extras Guests: Lucia Ruiz de Somocurcio, Diego Arregui Desolovich, Matias Damian, Elizabeth Montero, Alberto Faraggi, Alonso Cisternas, Martin Colombo, Federico Ceballos, Carolina Torres, Karel Mena, Paul Aime, Selene Chiquero, Juliette Robles, Eduardo Filippi, Cacao, Amelia Carmona, Sonia Lozano, Michelle Simone, Sebastian Sommaruga, Cecilia Bellorin, Lírico, Ann Castro, David Gonzalez, Joe Pallares, Olga María Cortes, Victor Benjumea, Luca Cechini, Silvia Ripoll, Paulin Ntonga, Adria Sirvent, Tereza Cristina Cardoso, Miquel Duran, Fiorella Vallejo, Monica Rodriguez, Marta Munne, Oscar Socorro, Jose Luis Lobato, Josue Mera, Antonio Manuel Lage, Hugo Mboume, Sara Rosich, Roberto di Coman, Irene Morillas, Carla Hernando, Vera Gaydinger, Isabel Kellemberger, Norma Mor, Candido Sage, Marina Horowicz, Teo Peña, Alfonso Diaz, Liubov Erofeeva, Liuboz Leitsikovich, Andrea Soler, Hector de la Rosa Amador, Caterina Lopez, Estela Jardi, Eva Miro, Priscilla Calonge, Silvia Sanfeliu, David Guerrero, Alice Hanako Dean, Katia, Violet Cherry, Elisabet Vila, Isa Marinas, Máximo Decimo
Supporting Cast Musicians: Federico Ceballos (bass player), Martín Colombo (keyboard player)
Executive Producers: Erika Lust, Pablo Dobner
Head of Production: Rebecca Stewart
Producers: Laura Segura, Marina Rull Valdivieso, Lina Frank
Runners: Ruben Ortego, Neus Gómez Fernández, Maka Aguado Pareja
Intimacy Coordinator: Avril Louise Clarke
Casting & Talent Manager: Jahel Guerra
Extras Casting Agency: A'G Agency Since 1996
Extras Casting Manager: Nusky
Assistant Director: Julia Hannud
2nd Assistant Director: Alejandra Gomez de la Torre
Script: Nerea Jordana
Acting Coach: Laura Yuste
Director of Photography: Thais Català
Gaffer: Alex Carvajal
Focus Puller: Pau Ollé Lorenzo, Marina Cano
Camera Assistants: Carmen del Val, Laura Rodriguez
Steady Cam Operators: Adría Escanilla, Axel Marín
Steady Cam Assistants: Gulcin Bekar, Enia Balagué
Key Grip: Stefano Aldighieri
Sparks: Jan Haase, Romà Cots Cole, Keko Garcia, Sergi Cervera India
Art Director: Lola Berardi
Assistant Art Director: Indra Zabala Martinez
Atrezzists: Sofia de Franco, Andres Berastegui, Juan Diego Thelien, Victor Valles Gimeno, Serafina Ventura
Art Trainee: Clara Mirabelli
Props Buyer: Lola Ybern Rubió
Food props master: Victoria Maria
Makeup Artist and Hair: Johnny Dean,mMechi Velasquez
Makeup Artist and Hair Assistants: Paula Rodriguez Carreño, Melissa Morena Saunier, Alejandro Jesusi Ascurra, Hanna Liepkova
Stylist: Otti Ramirez
Stylist Assistants: Inés Salari, Atena Pou, Elettra Piccorossi
Sound Recording: Nora Haddad
Sound Assistant: Andrea Ballesteros Beato, Marzo Tontodonati
Stills Photographer: Adriana Eskenazi
BTS: Martí Riu
Data Wranglers: Laura Moreno, Bianca Motto
Locations: Flowers by Bornay, Can Colomer
Catering: Galanga, Vegit
Post-Production Manager: Inés Gómez-Franco
Editor: Inés Gómez-Franco (AMMAC)
Colorist: Luna Sáez
Sound Mixing: Josefina Rozenwasser
Graphic Designer: Sofía Gómez
Original Music: Jose R. Madrid Alonso
Guitars, bass, keyboards & programming: Jose R. Madrid Alonso
Jazz Trio: Piano - Néstor Giménez Segura, Drums - Joan Terol Amigó, Upright Bass - Vic Moliner
Piano in Diana & Lucas Theme and “We love cake”: Adri González
Lead guitar in “Mum on the hunt” and “We love cake”: Pau Figueres
Percussion in “The Wedding Credits”: Israel Marcillo
Piano in “The Wedding Credits”: Néstor Giménez Segura
Harmonica in “Mum on the hunt”: Leon Van Egmond
Wind players “The Arrival” and “The Wedding Credits”: Flute - María Gil, Trumpets - Wifredo Terrades, Alto & Tenor Sax - Victor Alba, Trombones - Oscar Canosa, Bariton & Tenor Sax - Eduard Guardiola
Jazz trio recorded at Medusa Studio (Barcelona)
Brass quartet recorded at Bossa Records Studio (Lleida)
Live percussion recorded at Marcillo Music Studios (Quito)
Guitars, bass, flute, keyboards and programming recorded at The House of Polymath (Barcelona)
Music Mixing: Josep M. Bossa
Music supervisors: Jose R. Madrid Alonso, Inés Gómez-Franco

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