X-Femmes is here!: A New Film from Erika Lust Films

X-Femmes is here!: A New Film from Erika Lust Films

Erika Lust | August 14, 2012 | 3 min. read

Here you can see Erika Lust Films’s designer and video editor Noel Hortas holding his design of X-FEMMES, the next porn for women my company is releasing in Spain. I’ve loved this movie since I saw it for the first time, and the woman behind this project, Sophie Bramly, owner of Second Sexe, is a great professional and a good friend.

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HI-RES images here.

More information about the movie:

DIRECTED BY: Melanie Laurent, Blanca Li, Zoe Cassavetes, Anna Mouglalis, Arielle Dombasle, Lola Doillon, Laetitia Masson, Helena Noguerra, Caroline Loeb, Tonie Marshall

CAST: Samuel Benchetrit, Victoria Abril, Deborah Revy, Marc Rioufol, Karim Letifi, Laetizia-Venezia Tarnowska, Eliska Cross, Laureen Langendorff, Dominique Viger Axelle Parker, William Le Bris, Myke Glory, Laureen Langendorff, Fanny Krigh, Gianni Giardinelli, Sylvie Span, Alexandra Cheval, Beatrice Brunet, Milka Manson, Helene Fillieres, Valentine Catzeflis, Camille De Sablet, Pierre-Felix Graviere

SYNOPSIS: X-femmes is a collection of short, sensual and sometimes controversial films directed by women who have put their own intimate fantasies down on film. These women’s erotic imaginings are exposed with candor and provocation. Enjoy this fresh new approach to sex that shows that pornography is no longer only made by men, for men. Melanie Laurent, Zoe Cassavetes, Lola Doillon, Helena Noguerra and Tonie Marshall are among the prominent directors.

At Her Feet (Mélanie Laurent): A man pursues a femme fatale, on the trail of an inaccessible fantasy in which dreams and reality are blurred.

Caught in the Act (Lola Doillon): A young couple mimic the moves in a porn film they are watching, but they exhibit a complicity and sensuality that is absent from the coarse on-screen action.

What Do You Fancy? (Caroline Loeb): Two girls meet in a café. Their imaginations run wild until they find themselves alone with their shared desires and fantasies.

Sodomized (Laetitia Masson): Claire wants to become an escort-girl, but the idea of sodomy traumatizes her. To overcome this, she meets some experienced women who initiate her.

Peep-Show Heroes (Helena Noguerra): In a vivid, pop universe, peopled by superheroes, Super Girl leads her husband Wonder Boy into a peep-show to perform a devilishly sexual dance.

Saturday Night (Zoe Cassavetes): A couple switch roles. They swap clothes and find some accessories, while the women uses all her powers to make the pleasure last.

The Fair Sex (Tonie Marshall): A woman absently watches the television, touching herself dreamily. The phone rings: A man speaks to her in a confidential voice. He says he’s watching her and that he’s waiting for her, somewhere in Paris.

Les Filles (Anna Mouglalis): In a packed bar, a young woman meets a man. There’s an immediate chemistry between them. Behind them, the woman’s friends deliver a lewd commentary on what’s going on at the bar.

For Her (Blanca Li): On a train, the attraction is growing between a man and a woman. Upon arrival, the woman’s husband is waiting and suggests an erotic threesome to escape the monotony of the couple.

PRODUCED BY: So filles productions

YEAR: 2010 – 2009



LENGHT: 180 min // 9 Episodes


Paris Cinema Iff

Festival De Cinema Français Unifrance – Brasil

Viennale Iff

International Women’s Films Festival – Brasil

Clermont Ferrand Iff

Unifrance New-York Fff

Circuito Off – Venice Iff

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