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XConfessions: Pregnancy Sex Doc with Tiffany Doll

XConfessions: Pregnancy Sex Doc with Tiffany Doll

Erika Lust | June 20, 2019 | 4 min. read | Photos by Adriana Eskenazi

One of the most exciting times of my life is coming to an end. I’m in my 36th week of pregnancy and Bruno and I couldn’t be more excited. I cannot wait for the pregnancy to end so that I can meet the new love of my life but I also look forward to regaining full control over my body.

Many people have asked me if I worked during my pregnancy. Yes, I did but not like I used to before. I started webcamming and I also continued to shoot clips for Manyvids. I did not want to shoot very extreme scenes or shoot with anyone except my husband as I was very afraid of STD’s. But there is another reason for my decrease in work. The truth is, I did not receive a lot of good proposals during those 9 months and I refused a lot of shitty offers. I feel like pregnant women are not interesting to classic, mainstream porn sites.

I don’t think there are enough beautiful scenes or information about pregnant sex for women on the net. The only thing available is badly shot, often creepy amateur videos.

I think it is a pity that the beauty and sexuality of pregnant women is not represented anywhere. I noticed a lot of articles in female magazines about things like “Is it safe to make love while pregnant” or “The best positions for making love during pregnancy” and I thought, well it seems like a lot of women have questions about this.

Therefore, I feel the need to share my experiences about the changes in my body during pregnancy and the influence it has had on my desires, which is why I decided to contact Erika Lust to find out if she would be interested in making a movie about the sexuality of pregnant women. I want to talk about my new erogenous zones and those that are no longer erogenous. I want to talk about all these new sensations that I was not aware of before pregnancy. I want to discuss these wonderful things and help other people to understand their pregnancies and all the changes that come with it.

I knew that Erika would be the best person to shoot a beautiful movie about pregnancy sex that might change the common believe that sex and pregnancy don’t go well together. I want to show the world that it is very possible and completely ok to have a fulfilling sex life and to explore sexuality during this very special time.

Confession by Tiffany Doll on

I have wanted to address this topic for a long time. As a mother and director of porn for women I wonder, how come that we tend to see pregnancy and sex as so incompatible, even though pregnancy is a very natural state, born out of sex? Why do we deny pregnant women to be seen as sexual beings during this exciting time of their lives? I’m beyond excited to finally release my explicit documentary about sex and pregnancy featuring adult performer Tiffany Doll & her husband Bruno. They allowed me and my team to share some very intimate moments of Tiffany’s pregnancy with them which was an incredible experience I am very grateful for. The result is one of the most unique and special films I have ever shot in my career. Together with T & B and adult movie director, sex educator and mother Madison Young we dared to question and dismantle the dichotomy society creates between sex and motherhood. I hope you enjoy! Scroll down for pictures from the shoot and if you want to know more about pregnancy sex check out my expert guest writers!

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