XConfessions Release: Another Sex Dimension

XConfessions Release: Another Sex Dimension

Erika Lust | December 05, 2019 | 4 min. read | Photos by Lucia Faraig

I had been waiting centuries for you to come and find me.

In my temple of concrete isolation.

At the touch of me, red arrows of desire shoot through your body.

Can you feel me?

All joy is due to me, can you see me?

Silent and starving, I hunger for you.

Just one more step.

Enter in my light and feel what it means to be free.


A group of old time friends get together at their usual spot, an abandoned house in the outskirts of the city. They meet there to dress up, play, sing, dance, talk about sex… basically to feel completely free in a safe and secret space.

While they are sitting in a circle talking, a noise becomes louder and louder. A sort of buzzing sound that comes from somewhere inside the house. They start searching the house for the origin of the sound and finally find it in a room: A rectangle on the floor, the size of a single bed, that emits a strong red light. They all observe it at some distance, Eric (Bishop Black) is the first one to approach it. As soon as the red light reflects on his skin, his hands start caressing his body, sensually, out of his control, and it becomes obvious that he has a huge erection under his pants. Leo (Bebe Melkor-Kadior) pulls him back catching his shirt, away from the light and his out-of-control movements stop. His erection disappears, he smiles: it was crazy and scary, but it felt amazing!

Convinced by his positive reaction, Leo approaches the red rectangle, getting even closer than Eric previously did. Her body starts moving, completely out of her control, in a very sensual manner, her hands touching her entire body, from her neck, to her boobs, under her shirt, under her pants, it’s frenetic. The two of them get a little freaked out and decide to leave. But their curiosity is sparked. The next day they decide individually to return to the source of the mysterious sound. Leo has just arrived to the abandoned house on her own. She is walking around the rooms. Listening for the buzzing sound, but also making sure that no one could see her or find her there. The house looks pretty scary at night and going solo. While she walks towards an open door, looking back to where she is coming from, she suddenly bumps into Eric! They both jump, startled, shouting, terribly frightened. But then start laughing their hearts out. Leo shushes Eric. She hears something: it’s the buzz. They both start walking towards it. They find the source of the sound. A room with an intense red light. Both of them feel magically drawn to walk into the light. Even though they are scared, they can not resist. Her feet are only a centimeter away from touching it. She keeps advancing, Eric shouts her name louder as he runs towards her and a second before his hand can grab her, her fit touches the platform and she disappears.

Suddenly Leo is in the corner of a room with intense red light. Completely naked. She still has no control over her body or hands, only her head and mind seem to still be owned by herself. Her movements are slower, deeper, sexier, more and more sexual. Her left hand moves in between her legs, starts touching her labia, her clit, two of her fingers penetrate her pussy. Her other hand is holding her neck, tight, suffocating her a bit. She can hear the sound of Eric’s voice, shouting her name, as if he was in a space far and close at the same time. In the same place but in another dimension. They are both out of control. They keep appearing and disappearing to each other, building towards a crazy ecstasis, going nuts every time they are taken away from each other, even if only for a few seconds.

As they both orgasm, their cries of pleasure resonate all over the abandoned house. They both re- appear back in the room. They are lying naked, on top of each other, kissing, caressing, back to being themselves, covered in sweat. The red light still beaming under their bodies.

On XConfessions, people from all over the world share their sexual stories and fantasies. Every month I pick two and turn them into cinematic short films. Still not a member of XConfessions? Register now! Or share your sexual fantasy, and it might become a short film.

Erika Lust is an award-winning filmmaker, producer, and writer who's focus on female pleasure, cinematic values, and ethics in adult cinema have helped to change how pornography is consumed. Erika Lust Films was born in 2004 and since then Erika has ... Read More
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