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A New XConfessions Volume 17 is here!

A New XConfessions Volume 17 is here!

Erika Lust | March 22, 2019 | 4 min. read

Erika Lust’s prolific, award-winning series is back with Volume 17! This time featuring 6 films, five of which are directed by Guest Directors, but produced by Erika herself. Every story on this digital download is inspired by a confession submitted to Erika Lust’s site, where anonymous members of the public submit their wildest and most personal sexual fantasies.

XConfessions´ seventeenth volume is definitely one of the most beautiful collections yet. It has an incredibly diverse range of fantasies; lesbian erotica, a seductive femme fatale, two outdoor sex scenes and a dreamy Erika Lust original.

Buckle up for over 100 minutes of smart, fiercely erotic adult cinema in the 17th volume of XConfessions.

The shorts included in this compilation are Näkki – Spellbound, Hunger – Who’s in Charge?, La Fantasia di Beba, SP(L)IT, Madly in Love With my Best Friend and All Eyez on Me.

Watch the trailer below:

La Fantasia di Beba is both an ode and a satire to Italian erotic movies from the 70s and 80s. Director Lidia Ravviso captured the atmosphere and Italian charm of stories like ‘Paprika’ by Tinto Brass while challenging the narrative directors like Brass and Co. selected for sex workers during that era. La Fantasia di Beba is not only incredibly smart, it is also beautifully shot. Watching it made me feel the sun on my skin, the ocean breeze of the mediterranean sea on my face and the Italian ice cream on my tongue.

Madly in Love with my Best Friend goes out to all those who know how that feels and know how painful it can be to be so close, yet so far away all the time. Sometimes you think you just can’t hold in in any longer, but you stay quiet and hold it back because you know that saying it out loud will change everything between you forever.
Well, now imagine you could have one night without worrying about tomorrow, one night of blurring the lines between love and friendship, reality and imagination without any further consequences. Would you go for it?

Hunger is all about the thrill of putting yourself in a potentially harmful situation, the eroticism in tasting the fruit of the forbidden, even though that fruit might have a bitter taste. Watch Lucy and Parker get caught up in a dangerous affair they just can’t seem to stop.

Luna Kuu returns to XConfessions with Näkki – Spellbound! Her second movie is a mystical showcase of Finnish nature and spirituality, combined with a sensual shibari bondage scene and an ancient fertility ritual. I love Luna’s take on female sexuality through Finnish mythology. I think tapping into our own heritage and cultural background is a beautiful way of reconnecting with ourselves.

Shot in a secluded forested area nearby Vancover, SP(L)IT takes us into the wild to explore the connection between nature and sexuality, disgust and arousal, indulging in saliva fetish and outdoor sex with wonderful performances by real life couple Sif and Clint Blvck. This contribution by Julia Patey is as far from the mainstream as humanly possible and hard to compare to anything else we have on XConfessions so far.

All Eyez on Me is an incredibly well shot XConfessions short by Julia Schönstädt. In my opinion, lesbian adult movies are in desperate need of a revolution. Often mainly produced to please heterosexual men, instead of showing actual female, same-sex pleasure, lesbian love has been poorly represented in adult cinema for too long. Thank you Julia, for tackling this issue instead of accepting the status quo!

NÄKKI: Spellbound on XConfessions

Hunger on XConfessions

La Fantasia di Beba on XConfessions

SP(L)IT on XConfessions

All Eyez On Me on XConfessions

Madly in Love with my Best Friend on XConfessions

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