Youth, Hair, Cotton and Satin: Roy Stuart's Glimpse 15

Youth, Hair, Cotton and Satin: Roy Stuart's Glimpse 15

Erika Lust | August 21, 2015 | 2 min. read | Photos by Roy Stuart

This week's porn for women release at Lust Cinema is the latest volume of the Glimpse Series by the artist Roy Stuart: no less than 140 minutes of explicit images with a very unique approach. You can tell Stuart's photographer background because of the way he takes care of light, in an artificial and expressive way. His most cherished characters are young natural women, both sweet and perverted. He portrays them in very Parisian interiors (old big flats in downtown Paris with chimneys, wooden floors, vintage woodworks) and peculiar sex situations. His images have a distinctive underground flavor that I adore, mixing these fresh characters in girly underwear with some glam and fetish elements, such as heels or satin or something vintage pretending to be luxurious in their environment… A great contrast!

Number 15 is the first Glimpse with some sort of non conventional narrative thread, and it's built around the situations taking place in a psychiatrist's office. Other authors such as Ovidie in Pulsion, have already explored this environment and the profound ring roads in our minds where the most secret fantasies and desires are hidden.

Glimpse 15 by Roy Stuart on Lust Cinema

Roy Stuart started his career in the 70s in New York, and was a close friend of famous poets such as Allen Ginsberg or Nelson Villamor. Then in the 80s he moved to Europe, and lived in London before definitively establishing himself in France. Taschen has published several books about his work, and he can undoubtedly be considered a pioneer of some contemporary aesthetics: the erotica of the cheeky girl next door and its messy, realistic, natural surroundings.

Roy Stuart's Glimpse 15 on Lust Cinema

Glimpse 15 is the crown jewel, but in Lust Cinema you can also find volumes 13 and 14. We are very lucky, because Roy Stuart's films are very selectively distributed! Become a member of Lust Cinema and enjoy these unique arthouse sex films now! Don't miss the "Phone Sex" scene with one of the favorite girls and muses of Stuart. Really hot!

Roy Stuart's Glimpse 15 on Lust Cinema

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